Best Frohawk Hairstyles for Men

17 Best Frohawk Hairstyles for Men in 2020

The ‘90s were characterized by some of the punkiest men’s hairstyles, and nowadays, we are seeing some of those hairstyles come back. For instance, the Mohawk hairstyle was considered one of the trendiest and fiercest hairstyles of that time.

Today, it is hard to walk on the streets without spotting several men rocking a Mohawk. However, wearing a long strip of hair on top and clean shaved sides isn’t only the way to embrace the ’90s vibe.

There is an updated look that bridges the gap between the ’90s punk styles and today’s modern look for black men; the frohawk men’s hairstyle.

What Is A Frohawk?

Basically, a frohawk is a Mohawk suited for black hair. It is a combo of Mohawk and Afro locks ideal for black men. While the traditional Mohawk is quite rigid when it comes to styling, a frohawk is quite different. It is incredibly versatile, benefiting a lot from the features of black manes and revealing them in extraordinarily fresh ways.

The combination of a Mohawk and Afro allows you to rock various variations of haircuts, ranging from subtle styles appropriate for office to astonishingly bold and attention-grabbing styles.

Frohawk haircuts are excellent transition options for men who want to change from dreadlocks or braids to different styles. Instead of cutting your entire hair or untangling all your dreads, you can opt to cut the hair on the sides and retain your old style as a frohawk ‘stripe’. With frohawk haircuts, the styling options are pretty endless.

The Benefits of Frohawk

One straightforward reason that makes black men choose frohawk over the other ‘hawk’ styles is that it is quite versatile when it comes to styling. You don’t have to trim or style the hair in any specific way. This implies that you can style it into a punk style appropriate for weekends and rock a more conservative look on Monday when heading to your office.

The frohawk can also be rocked in almost all places of work. It doesn’t surprise people as the typical Mohawk does. Most athletes with curly hair also prefer it since it keeps manes away from the face while involved in sports.

It is easy to learn how to style a frohawk. The only aspect that you may find daunting is getting adequate bobby pins in place to offer the right hold. Using inadequate bobby pins increases pressure on them and causes them to strain, which can eventually end up breaking, relaxing the hair to fall on the sides, and thus not achieve the desired look.

Best Frohawk Hairstyles for Men

1. Short Frohawk Fade with Design

A frohawk hairstyle featuring long hair on top and faded sides with stylish designs

This frohawk faded hairstyle features cleanly faded sides and a long stripe of hair on the top, starting at the hairline to the nape of the neck. The fluffy appearance of the hair on top is the first option for young black guys this year since it makes the entire hairstyle look voluminous. Besides, to make the hair on top even more voluminous, you can style it using a wax cream.

However, it is not the voluminous nature of the hair on top that makes this frohawk hairstyle for black guys standout. Rather, it is the artistic design on the faded sides that make this frohawk unique.

2. Faux Frohawk

A complete faux frohawk men’s hairstyle with ‘fro hair on top and shaved sides. It is a great transitional hairstyle for men with braids

The faux frohawk is the right option for guys with dreadlocks or braids and considering to change to short hair. The ‘fauxhawk’ style is nowadays common among ladies, so if you have a female friend with one, this could be the right time to get a helping hand from her. If you don’t have one, there are tons of YouTube tutorials that you can use to help you achieve this temp look.

For guys with braids, you would want to start by unbraiding the braids at the top but retain the braids on the sides. Comb the unbraided hair on top to give it some volume and get your Afro on the trail. And for the guys with dreadlocks, you would want to create buns with the dreads on the top of your head where you wish to create a stripe of ‘fro. The tightness and the amount of locks on top are instrumental in determining the height of your frohawk.

After you have created your ‘fro, the next step would be to work on the braids or dreadlocks on the sides. To keep them in control, pull them to the back, flatly and tightly. Secure the strand and any stray hair to the back using a hair tie. This temporary styling will give you a frohawk look that might help you choose whether to make it permanent or style a different look by cutting the hair on the sides after sometime.

3. Burst Fade Frohawk

Frohawk hairstyle with a burst look around the ears

This variation of afro fade is gaining a lot of popularity among the black guys. The fading of hair in this hairstyle is circular, creating a ‘burst’ impression of sunlight shining around your ears. This sunburst impression makes the fade conspicuous and enhances the height of the Afro. It is a great look for guys who don’t want to embrace full frohawk but need a frohawk look that is less attention-grabbing. A burst fade is an excellent cut to pair with your frohawk to reduce its fierceness.

4. Messy Frohawk Paired With a Taper Fade

A shaggy frohawk hairstyle for men matched with a taper fade

If you are looking for a men’s hairstyle with a lot of volume, you cannot go wrong with this frohawk paired with tapered sides and extended messy hair on top. You would want to rock it with a pair of sunglasses and a full beard to add some flair to it and rock a more standout style. It is a great look for guys who like embracing every hair trend that comes up, but still being low maintenance.

5. Blonde Frohawk

A frohawk haircut for black men with blonde hair on top and faded sides

Want a hairstyle that is attention-grabbing, chic, and sophisticated? This modern modification of frohawk is suitable for men with huge afro hair. The top hair is shaded blonde and paired with a high taper fade, which enhances its length. Undoubtedly, the shade locks on top add the cyberpunk feel to the entire hairstyle.

6. Curly Frohawk

A frohawk with highly textured hair on top paired with clean-shaved sides

Frohawk hairstyles are all about keeping texture on the strip of hair on top while cutting the hair on the sides very short. This curly frohawk haircut is a great option for men who like to experiment with varying frohawk looks. Extended and spiky frohawk styled on afro locks and paired with entirely faded sides offers you an attention-grabbing hairstyle. To tame the spikes, you would want to apply some gel.

7. Twists and Braids

A frohawk hairstyle with twists and braids on top matched with faded sides

A frohawk offers an excellent platform for black guys who want to rock twists, braids, and min-dreads. With twists and braids, you can experiment with your skills, or if you need something serious, you can tell your stylist to style it for you. It is effortless to untangle a strip of Mohawk than an entire head of mini-dreads or braids, so experiment with your new hairstyle by discovering looks you hadn’t rocked before.

To complete this look, pair with faded sides and make sure the hair on the sides is cut as close as possible to the skin around the ears.

8. A Frohawk Haircut with an Undercut

A frohawk look paired with an undercut for contrast and definition

With undercuts, you can pair it with many different hairstyles, and when it comes to the frohawk, the combination offers you a look that is out of this world. The undercut provides the right contrast and definition between the afro hair on top and the faded sides. Try this afro hair with an undercut and rock a killer style.

9. Texture Frohawk Waves

An afro Mohawk with textured wavy hair

For a frohawk hairstyle full of texture and definition, opt for this textured style, which adds a wavy motion to your hair. The haircut also features a mid-fade that continues to the skin fade and unifies the entire haircut. It is an office-appropriate frohawk.

10. A Frohawk with Platinum Blonde Hair

An afro Mohawk hairstyle with platinum blonde hair

If you want to rock platinum blonde hair shade on your frohawk hairstyle, then this is the right frohawk variation to opt for. This is a great haircut for guys who don’t like wearing one haircut for a long time but want to change things and try new things now and then. By choosing platinum blonde for your frohawk, it allows you to experiment with bold colors such as pink and violet.

11. Shades of Blue Frohawk Hairstyle for Men

A two-toned frohawk with faded sides

If you want to rock a different hair shade but at the same time maintain your natural hair color, then you cannot get it wrong with this frohawk with shades of blue. To rock this hairstyle, you would want to cut your afro hair into a Mohawk and pair it with a high fade that starts at the top and fade to the skin near the ears.

To maintain your natural hair color, you should apply the blue shade only on the hair on top, starting at where the fading of long tresses begins. This will leave a long section of black hair on both sides of the head, starting at the hairline to the nape of the neck where the blue shaded hair ends. This is a great look for guys who like experimenting with shades.

12. Curly Frohawk with Patterns

A curly frohawk haircut with beautiful patterns

Black men with naturally curly locks can style it into a frohawk and complement it with decorative patterns on the sides where the hair is faded. This is an ideal frohawk hairstyle for black guys who want something more than just a typical Afro Mohawk. To rock this hairstyle, you would want to start by choosing the patterns you would want to design on the sides, as well as the length of locks on top and whether you would shade them or not. To give your hair volume and some hold, use styling products such as pomade and gel.

13. Rainbow Men’s Frohawk

A frohawk haircut for men featuring faded sides and rainbow shades on the strip of hair on top

With frohawk, men can experiment with a wide array of colors, including a whole rainbow of shades. However, a look like this is not for all men. It is for the few brave men who are ready to rock bold hairstyles. It is an ideal look for black men ready to experiment with their hair. However, this is not the kind of hairstyles that you can do at home. To rock this look, visit your barber and tell him to style Afro Mohawk and dye the textured hair on top with all the colors of the rainfall. When you come out of the barbershop, all eyes will be glued on you!

14. Flat Top Frohawk Haircut

A frohawk hairstyle featuring clean-shaven sides and an afro hair with flat top

You don’t have to rock a full afro to style it into a flat top. If you love styling your hair with a flat top, but you don’t want to wear a full afro, then you should opt for a frohawk with a flat top. Ideal for straight and textured hair, this hairstyle doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, and once you style it in the morning, it stays together until evening. However, to enhance its hold and give it an African-American Frohawk vibe, use texturizing products.

15. Extended Frohawk with Bleached Ends

A long frohawk with the tips of the hair on top bleached

This long and wide frohawk is attention-grabbing even though it doesn’t utilize neon shades. The bleached tips in this faux Mohawk are essential features when it comes to customizing your frohawk and making it truly yours. Tell your stylist to cut a sharp hairline to open up the front and make the temples conspicuous.

The hair on the sides in this haircut is faded to the skin, and this creates a sharp contrast between the long Afro on top and the clean sides. If you don’t want an office look, you can pair this haircut with full beards.

16. Turquoise Green Frohawk Paired With Beard

Bold frohawk style with top hair dyed in turquoise green and paired with beard

Shades and afro Mohawks are two inseparable things, and this Turquoise green color is a new hue and unique. In this hairstyle, the natural kinks are created on top and then dyed in turquoise green. The sides are tapered from top to bottom around the ears, where it ends into skin fade. The edges are also perfectly done to give a flawless look when paired with flawlessly styled facial hair.

17. The Molded Frohawk

A classic frohawk featuring tall and textured hair on top, tapered sides, and clean hairline

There is no doubt that among all the frohawk hairstyles for black men we have mentioned here, this features the tallest hair. To rock this look, you would want to grow out your hair to long length, usually three to four inches, and then create a Mohawk. The long and textured hair on top creates the right distinction between the two lengths. To complete this look, give it a clean cut along the hairline.

Frohawk hairstyles for black men allows for a lot of versatility when it comes to styling. Make 2020 your year by choosing one of these unique and astounding frohawk styles that men without textured hair can only dream of wearing.

There are styles for all hair lengths and preferences. Besides, you don’t have to worry about cutting the hair on the sides. Your hair will proliferate first and change your haircut if you don’t like it. By sporting the right frohawk, you can create the statement and look unique. Don’t be afraid to rock the look that suits your tastes and preferences!

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