23 Best K-Pop Hairstyles for Men

23 Best K-Pop Hairstyles for Men in 2020

Who knew, seven decades later, after the end of the Korean War, South Korea, and specifically Seoul, would be known as a trendsetter in the world of beauty? Undoubtedly, no one could have imagined that, but that is the reality currently. Korean skincare, cosmetics, and hairstyles are found all over the world, and they are gaining a lot of acceptance in the western world.

Heavily impacted by the Korean Pop culture, there are new and stylish K-pop hairstyles that are so cool and modern. So, if you are here because you want to transform your looks by rocking Korean hairstyles, sit down, relax, and check out these fresh and contemporary K-pop hairstyle trends for guys.

1. Top Knot Paired With Shaved Sides

When it comes to Korean men’s hairstyles, man buns aren’t trendy. However, they have been replaced by a small top knot, and it seems this style fits Korean men perfectly. To create a sharp contrast and complete the look, the sides are shaved, and the long hair on top is slicked backward and styled into a small top knot. If you wish, you can also rock a loose and side-swept look for a fresh and asymmetrical style.

2. Deep Brown Locks with Mahogany Highlights

If you need an attention-grabbing k-pop hairstyle that is also office-appropriate, this is the best haircut to choose. To create this look, twist small sections of the manes and then add aurum-brown stripes of hue. You will get a complete look, full of texture and depth.

3. Extended, Side-Parted Look With White Blonde

Calling this Korean hairstyle just a mere k-pop hairstyle will be an understatement. This haircut shouts wisdom and style. When you rock this look, everyone will respect and adore you.

This retro k-pop haircut features long side-parted locks that are made vibrant and lively with white-blonde color. It is an excellent haircut ideal for almost all skin tones, highlighting olive and tan skin tones excellently and contrasting perfectly with dark skin tones.

4. A Dramatic Mini Mohawk with Platinum Blonde

Who said that a Korean guys could not rock a Mohawk style? If you have lived all your years knowing that, this hairstyle will prove you wrong. This mini Mohawk with platinum blonde is fresh and modern, and one can rock it in a myriad of ways.

To rock this look, you would want to grow out your locks to a long length and then shave the hair on the sides, leaving a long strip of hair running from the front to the nape of the neck. Sweep the locks in front to fall on the forehead for a more dramatic and edgy look. However, if you need something softer, leave the hair flat and tousled. Complete your look by coloring it in platinum blonde.

5. Short and Spiky

This k-pop hairstyle has endured the test of time to become one of the most sported hairstyles by Korean men. With short and spiked hair, this classic hairstyle for Korean men is here to stay. You would want to use hold pomade to enhance the texture of your hair if you have styled straight spikes. However, if you opt for a swept-back style, you would just need to apply minimal hair styling products to achieve a sleeker and more polished formal look.

6. Tousled White Blonde

This is another updated version of the two-block hairstyle. To rock this look, you would want to tousle the hair on the top. Rather than creating straight fringe and layers that cover the temples, the hair on top is given a messy texture and slightly parted in front to give a chic and stylish Korean look. This haircut is quite popular among K-pop idols. So, if you are a fan, this is an ideal haircut to rock.

7. Toc Paired With Pomp Bangs

If you don’t like it when your medium length hair interferes with your sight, then this is the right haircut to tame those tresses, especially on those greasy hair days. To achieve that, pull the bangs backward and style them into a quiff style and then create a mini top knot with the hair on top.

8. Two-Block Hairstyle Paired With an Extended Fringe

This is, without a doubt, the trendiest k-pop hairstyle trend right now. The hairstyle can be rocked in different styles depending on the occasion that you are attending. Basically, the two-block haircut is a modern take of the undercut. In this hairstyle, the hair is trimmed at the lower back, and the sides are shaved. The manes on top are kept long. What differentiates this two-block k-pop haircut from the other variations is the addition of choppy layers in the front and fringe covering the entire forehead and eyes partially.

9. An Undercut Matched With Long Purple Spikes

This is not the type of haircut you would want to style at home. For a great and killer look, get it from your barber. To rock this look, you would want to grow out your hair to mid-length and then create an undercut, but don’t shave the hair to the skin. The long and spiked hair on the top should then be shaded purple. To make the look more pop-appropriate slightly sweep the hair in front forward.

Pairing long and shaded spikes with an undercut makes them stand out, specifically because there is no sharp graduation between the short black hair on the sides and back and the long purple hair on top. Undoubtedly, it is a cool, masculine k-pop style.

10. Long Half-Up, Half-Down K-Pop Haircut

This k-pop hairstyle features perfectly laid back medium length hair. A section of locks on top are tied up to create a half ponytail, while the rest of the locks below the ponytail are kept untamed, reaching the shoulders. It is a ridiculously effortless hairstyle to create and also to manage. Ideal for men who don’t have much time to spend on hair styling and maintaining their hair.

11. Modern Rounded Haircut with Lots of Texture

This rounded k-pop hairstyle featuring a front fringe that covers the entire forehead and the eyes slightly is on-trend right now. Besides, the haircut incorporates a lot of layers at the top that enhances the volume and lift of the entire hairstyle. This gives the haircut depth and definition and makes the dark hair more conspicuous. Appropriate for both office and casual settings, this is a must-try k-pop haircut this year.

12. Blorange Side-Parted K-Pop Look

There is no doubt that the k-pop culture has had an immense influence on the Korean hairstyles. This k-pop-inspired look features side-parted mid-length hair shaded in bright blorange. Bear in mind that shaded hairstyles are very common among the k-pop stars, and when you rock this look, you will undoubtedly stand out as one. And to make the statement, make sure to choose one of the on-trend hues of the moment, which is blorange.

13. Trimmed Sides Paired With Slicked Back Lengths

When it comes to style and sophistication, this k-pop hairstyle gives it all. The styling of this haircut offers a great contrast between the closely trimmed sides and back and the extended combed back locks on top. If you wish, you can make your style unique by coloring it in blue or any other vibrant shade. If you have a tattoo on the neck or close to the sideburns, this will be a charming detail to pair with this hairstyle and give it a standout twist.

14. Two-Bock Haircut Paired With White Blonde Spikes

This haircut is a real definition of pop culture. It is yet another variation of two-block haircuts that exudes edginess and rebelliousness. To make the haircut a little bit messy, add choppy layers on the top to enhance its texture and then create some spikes. The white-blonde hue, matched with the black trimmed manes on the sides, adds to the rugged and modern touch of this haircut.

15. Pastel Rounded K-Pop Haircut and Dark Undertones

This is a typical k-pop hairstyle for Korean guys. Most Korean hairstyles are rounded thanks to their round-shaped faces. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot look unique. Though this haircut is rounded, the multiple colors of icy blue complemented with black undertone makes this haircut stand out from the rest. The icy blue accentuates the top layers to give you a personalized look.

16. Mid-Length Layered K-Pop Haircut

Looking for a k-pop hairstyle with a lot of definition and depth? Well, you should opt for this medium-length haircut. The depth and definition in this hairstyle is attributed to the immense layering through the hair on top. The bangs are maintained long, covering the entire forehead and skimming the eyebrows. However, for a perfect face-framing, the tips of the bangs are trimmed. If your hair is thick, the layers will come in handy to reduce its weight. However, for guys with thin locks, opt for minimal layers, as a lot of layers will weigh down your hair and make it look inappropriately cut.

17. Faux Hawk K-Pop Style with Shaved Sides

If you are looking for something more than a k-pop hairstyle, then opt for a faux hawk look that is sophisticated, but cool and fresh. The hair on the sides has been trimmed short, leaving a long strip of hair running from the nape of the neck to the front. However, the hair on the front is considerably longer compared to that on the back. This k-pop hairstyle is not office appropriate, so you will rock it in casual events only. Nevertheless, it is an attention-grabbing look that will guarantee you several head-turns.

18. Extended Asymmetrical Tresses Paired With Shaved Sides

When it comes to hairstyling, everything is possible, and you can play with your hair to rock any style you wish to. This k-pop hairstyle is an excellent example. The haircut features extended, asymmetrical tresses swept to cover one side of the forehead and eye. The long locks are given significant movement and texture. To complete this look, apply a little hair pomade on the long hair and scrunch it, teasing the strands to enhance the texture and add some messiness.

19. Two-Bock K-Pop Hairstyle with Long Back and Front

There is one unique aspect when it comes to two-block Korean k-pop hairstyles; versatility. This allows men to rock this hairstyle in a myriad of ways. For instance, this modern variation of two-block haircut features shaved sides and long back and front. As opposed to the other typical hairstyles where the top hair is kept long, this haircut takes a different route and keeps the hair at the back and front longer compared to that on the front. This is an ideal hairstyle for guys with thick hair since it eliminates a lot of weight.

20. Two-Block Haircut Matched With a V-Shaped Fringe

This is yet another stylish and modern take of the typical two-block k-pop hairstyle. This is basically a short haircut but with an addition of a v-shaped fringe, which is essentially the main aspect of this haircut. The angular edge added by this v-shaped cut is on-trend. However, you will need to trim it regularly to maintain the fresh look of this haircut.

21. Fresh Asymmetrical Two-Shaded Haircut

When it comes to k-pop hairstyles, the addition of colors plays an essential role. Besides, Korean guys aren’t afraid of experimenting with even brightest colors such as white or blue. And if you can be a little bit more courageous and pair two bright colors, then this sleek asymmetrical two-toned cut will be all yours. To rock this look, cut the hair on one side to short lengths and shade it platinum blonde. Leave long locks on one side and shade them in chocolate and side-sweep them to one side, reaching the ear. This is a killer look that will get you noticed whenever you go. A great look for k-pop idols!

22. Two Block Haircut with Wavy Hair

If you have wavy hair and you are wondering about the right k-pop hairstyle to rock this year, this two-block k-pop haircut got you covered. This hairstyle is ridiculously versatile and suits most hair textures and lengths. To rock this look, tell your barber to leave long hair on top and taper the hair on the nape of the neck to reveal the natural waves excellently. Besides being easy to style, the haircut doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

23. Asymmetrical Bangs Paired With Deep Lines

This is hairstyling taken to another level. This k-pop hairstyle is all about innovation. After all, that is what Korean hairstyles are widely known for. This asymmetric hairstyle features extended side-swept bangs and stylishly cut deep lines on the shaved side. The long bangs are styled to cover the forehead in the middle, reaching the eyebrows.

Knowing these k-pop hairstyles is essential since you will be able to choose the appropriate one for your hair length and texture. We hope you have found one or more to rock this year and embrace the k-pop culture, which is a global trend right now.

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