Peaky Blinders actor Cillian Murphy with hairstyle made famous by the show

5 Best Peaky Blinders Hairstyles in 2020

Today we get you into a time machine and transport you back to the 1920s, and our first destination is a popular crime drama known as Peaky Blinders. There are so many aspects that we like concerning Peaky Blinders. Apart from the electrifying plotlines and an exceptional cast, there is so much that this crime drama offers to guys when it comes to style motivation.

Set in England after the First World War, the crime drama incorporates several gagster styles of the ‘1920s. While everything about this show is undoubtedly amazing, there is an aspect that we all love about this show: the hairstyle. From fantastic flat caps to the haircuts, we like how the Peaky Blinders crew, commonly known as Birmingham boys present their styles.

So if you are reading this piece because you want to transform your looks by rocking a new haircut, why not look to Arthur and the clique for motivation? In this piece, we have assembled some of the best peaky blinders hairstyles for you. Read through them and choose the best one that suits your face shape and hair type. Take a peek.

What to Ask For From Your Barber

Looking at the cast crew, you will be able to get an idea of the style that will flatter your hair type and your face shape. Luckily, Peaky Blinders is such a popular show, and you might be lucky to find out that your barber knows the style you need. Generally, Peaky blinders feature an undercut without a fade.

However, before you choose any of these hairstyles, you should ask yourself whether you are ready to shave your hair on the sides and back to an extremely short length. Also, choose how you want to style the hair on top; you may choose to sweep it to the back or forward. Besides, you can style a short fringe in the front.

1. Tom Shelby: An Undercut with Texturized Top

Tom Shelby's peaky haircut featuring an undercut, texturized top, and number three shaved sides and back

It will be great to start with the leader of the family, Tom Shelby. Played by Cillian Murphy, Tom is the ring leader and exudes unparalleled style. Though Tom wears a cap most of the time, whenever he is not wearing his cool newsboy cap, his beautiful hairstyle is the center of attention. His haircut, which has never changed since the ’20s, is an undercut paired with texturized hair on top, with short shaved hair at the back and the sides. His undercut style features a little hair length in the bottom, but the hair on top is relatively longer.

At the top, the manes are textured, and some layers added to give it a wavy look. The long hair on top is then styled forward and to the side. This comes up with a short fringe that covers some sections of the forehead.

How To Style Tom Shelby’s Undercut

This hairstyle doesn’t need rocket science knowledge or skills to accomplish. You can achieve this look effortlessly and look incredibly stylish, as long as you have the right face shape required to rock this look. Specifically, this hairstyle is suitable for the guys with oval faces or well-defined cheekbones-just like Cillian Murphy.

However, that doesn’t mean if you have a different face shape, you cannot rock this style. Using different proportions and texture, you can customize this haircut to fit your face shape.

If you need the vintage Tom Shelby haircut, tell your barber to give you number three cut on the sides and back. On the hair on top, tell him to give it some texture and leave a portion of long hair at the front. To complete this look, your barber will brush and blow-dry your hair forward and then style your short front fringe to one side, though he can still leave it straight.


2. Arthur Shelby: The Disconnected Undercut

A disconnected undercut paired with clean-shaven sides and back and slightly longer hair on top

It seems Arthur Shelby wanted to follow the footsteps of his brother Tom. He, too, rocks an undercut, but with a small variation. Arthur Shelby, played by Paul Anderson, has his hair shaved to a short length on the back and the sides. Unlike his brother’s haircut, Arthur’s style is a more contrasting and salient look.

Another noticeable difference is how the two brothers style the manes on top. While tom’s hair on top is blow-dried and swept to the front, Arthur’s hair on top is slicked back, which is effortlessly accomplished due to his long and straight hair.

Generally, the hairstyle of Arthur looks defined with an edgy look. So that explains why this haircut has witnessed a serious renaissance in the recent past.

How To Style Arthur’s disconnected Undercut

If you wish to wear Arthur’s stylish haircut, tell your barber to style for you a disconnected undercut featuring shaved back and the sides cut to grade one. However, make sure that there is enough hair length left at the top for you to slick back. When styling the hair on top, ensure that it will be able to maintain its shape throughout the day by blow-drying the base of the locks to the back after shampooing it.

To ensure it remains in place, using your hands, apply little gel or pomade at the top. Complete your look by brushing it backward to create a sleek look. This will give you a polished and secure style, still maintaining a natural and soft vibe.


3. Michael Gray: Side Parting

A peaky blinder haircut variation with a side-part on top paired with tapered sides

A cousin to Shelby siblings in the Peaky blinders, Michael Gray, rocks a side-parted hair. As opposed to John, Tommy, and Arthur, Michael doesn’t wear an undercut. Rather than following the undercut trend, Michael decides to cut his hair and style it into a neat and defined side part.

The haircut incorporates neatly trimmed sides that are tapered into a relatively long hair on top. Among all the peaky blinders hairstyles, the side part is the most formal haircut. It is the best option for guys who like to rock tidy and stylish styles. The side part style looks flattering when matched with a suit.

However, a smart casual outfit also looks dapper with this hairstyle. The best aspect about this haircut is that you can rock it naturally if you don’t want to style it every day.

How To Style Michael Gray’s Side Part Hairstyle

Though Michael Gray is the cousin to John Shelby’s, the two actors who play their roles are actually brothers. Well, you may not know this, but that is the truth. Finn Cole, who plays Michael Gray, is the youngest brother to Joe Cole. However, apart from their blood relationship, both actors and characters have a flattering hairstyle.

If you want to rock Michael’s statement hairstyle, tell your barber to style a cut with slightly tapered sides and leave long hair on top. And if you want to DIY this hairstyle at home, wash your hair and create a defined side part. If you have natural curls, it will be easier for you to style it into Michael’s sleek wave on top.

However, for the guys with straight hair, you would want to start by blow-drying your manes and then brushing them to create twists and curls. To complete the look, gently brush your manes and apply lightweight hairspray to hold it in place.


4. Alfie Solomons: The Voluminous Beard

A man with a well-groomed full beard

For all the Peaky Blinders characters we have mentioned here, the attention is on their hair. However, when it comes to Alfie Solomons, it is quite different. The attention is on the beard, and this is Alfie’s statement hairstyle, which defines his appearances. Solomons, played by a very handy looking guy, Tom Hardy, keeps voluminous and messy beard that may motivate you to keep yours.

However, if you are considering to maximize on classic facial hair, remember to style it in a modern way. While beards are currently trending, those that are perfectly styled with tidily cut edges are significantly appreciated.

Besides grooming your beards well, you should also ensure that your hair is kept neat to make sure everything is in harmony and that you don’t project a caveman look.

How To Style Alfie’s Full Beard

If you like Alfie’s voluminous beards and you want to style them, then be ready to commit to them. To rock the modern-day Alfie full beard, you should always keep them well well-groomed as well as your hair. And it is not all about maintaining your beards, growing them needs a lot of patience. The best thing is that once you have grown them to the right thickness and length, all you need to do is taken care of them, and this doesn’t take a lot of time.

To accomplish this, you would want to trim your beard around the edges regularly and maintain them looking tidy and modern. Also, don’t forget about the health of your beard. To keep them looking healthy and thick, wash, comb, and condition them routinely. This will make your beard look soft and keep its smooth feel.

5. John Shelby: The Undercut Crop

A Peaky blinder haircut featuring skin shaved sides and back, contrasted with subtly long hair on top with a deep-part

John Shelby’s hairstyle resembles in many ways the haircut rocked by Arthur and Tom. The haircut, which is a typically disconnected undercut, incorporates sides shaved to the skin. On top, the hair is straight like that of Arthur but trimmed a little bit shorter.

The skin faded sides, and relatively longer hair on top makes this hairstyle look neat and also effortless to maintain. In short, the haircut doesn’t need a lot of styling, which, without a doubt, makes it the best choice for men guys today.

However, note that if you choose this Peaky Blinders hairstyle, you will want to visit your stylist for regular touch-ups. Shaggy, grown-out manes on the back, and the sides of the head are unentertained when it comes to sharp John Shelby haircut.

How To Style John’s Undercut Crop

Want to wear John Shelby’s haircut that will make Joe Cole proud? You would want to have get the hair at the back and sides shaved to the skin. The hair should be shaved short enough to reveal skin, but still, have some hair color visible.

On top, create a short crop. Remember, the hair on top should be maintained short enough to stay in place even without applying hair products, but long enough to be able to sweep it to the side.

Once you have achieved the right length, you can apply a little amount of pomade or wax to smooth your manes into a deep side or on one side. However, be cautious when applying pomade or wax. Applying a lot of it may make your hair look dull and sticky.


What Is The Peaky Blinders Hairstyle?

When we first encounter the gang leader, Tom Shelby (Cillian Murphy), he is coming back to Birmingham from the hades of the trenches. He has styled his hair in a texturized undercut style that is extremely short and sharp. This look borrows a lot from the hairstyles rocked by hooligans (sloggers) from the 1890s.

While most of the Peaky Blinders haircuts feature shaved back and the sides, the styling of hair on top varies. Some rock the Peaky Blinders hairstyle with a side-part, some with a quiff, some with slick-back, and some with texturized hair on top. This versatility, without a doubt, is the main aspect that has made Peaky blinders so popular and relevant even in modern times.

However, there is a side you should know about Peaky Blinders haircuts. After the WWI, the era when the ‘Peaky world’ was set, guys shaved their heads to avoid lice infestation. Yes, this stylish haircut that you see today, had a practical function when it came to the prevention of spreading of lice between the troops and between the majority of poor people in the rural areas.

However, that wasn’t the reason why the Peaky Blinders haircuts were chosen, especially for the show. They were designed so that people could only see the skin when below the hat. As such, one could only understand the character of the boys when they remove the hat. This style would also serve to make it difficult for a witness to recognize a thug when cornered.


How to Get the Perfect Peaky Blinders Hairstyle

  • Tom Shelby: Choose an undercut and pair it with number three sides. Make the long hair on top texturized and style it into a short side fringe.
  • Arthur: Opt for a disconnected undercut and pair it with number one sides. Slick the hair on top to the back. You can apply pomade to achieve that.
  • Michael Gray: Rock this formal and modern look by side-parting your hair and pair it with a cut tapering from low fade into long and sleek waves on top.
  • Alfie Solomons: Be patient and wait until your beard grows out to full length. For a modern look, ensure they are always tidy.
  • John Shelby: Shave the hair on the back and the sides to zero and crop the hair on top to a short length and leave just the right length to sweep it to the side.

Though they have existed for the last hundred years, Peaky blinders are still very stylish and cool hairstyles for men. With these main Peaky blinders hairstyles, you can easily choose the style that suits your face shape and hair type.

You can DIY these hairstyles at home, but for a perfect look, we recommend that you visit your barber to style your favorite option for you. Good luck as you explore your next haircut!

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