Top Best Places To Get A Tattoo For Men

Top 15 Best Places To Get A Tattoo For Men – Masculine Body Art Areas

A tattoo makes up the body’s story; it is a chapter unto itself, sometimes solo, other times one of many.

A tattoo is something to take pride in, to show to the world without shame or hesitation, and there are specific places on the body that spotlight your works of art for the ultimate effect.

Tattoo arm sleeves are the most surefire way to draw attention and awe from peers and passersby alike. The arms are arguably the most exposed part of one’s body, and some of the most stunning tattoo designs can be rendered along the length of a bicep and forearm. Tattoo sleeves compliment nearly every style and fashion statement, punctuating personal taste and completing a man’s overall ensemble.

For a more understated but expansive canvas, the back and shoulders provide an equally dramatic backdrop for numerous designs and memorable creations. For those living in warmer climates or pursuing athletic lifestyles, back, shoulder, and torso designs emphasize maximum muscle and tone.

More subtle but no less of a signature, tattoos on the fingers, hands, and neck send out a more understated message, that some men don’t need to make a dramatic entrance in order to leave a lasting impression.

Wherever you choose to showcase your ink, be confident in letting the world know that you yourself are a work of art, and with many more stories to tell.


1. Chest

Chest Best Place To Get A Tattoo For Men

If you want to look tough, a chest tattoo will give you that. The area is big enough to allow for an imprinted picture or a big design. You will be dying to take your shirt off every chance you get, and you can guess the reaction of the people around you, especially women. The area is not painful too. You need to avoid the collarbone though because it can be pretty painful.


2. Ribs

Rib Cage Side Of Body Guys Best Place To Get A Tattoo

Thinking about getting a rib tattoo? You’re in luck because you can get a full body canvas ink or just a small design. However, be prepared for some grueling experience on that chair. The area has many nerves and close proximity to the bone. They are among the painful because there are numerous bones, and the padding is not the best. This should not deter you from getting the tat though. As long as the artist is not heavy-handed, it will be done before you know it.


3. Leg

Where Is The Best Place To Get A Tattoo For Men On Leg

From Instagram street stars to catwalks, leg tattoos are gaining popularity. Instances of leg tattoo have not been given much attention in the past, but with ink attitudes changing, you should get some pins and needles there.

This is a prime location, especially if you want to stand out. Not many people get tats on the legs; the more reason to get one here. You can be sure that you will stand out in a crowd where many people have been inked on the popular places like the shoulder, back, and arms.


4. Biceps

Best Place To Get A Tattoo For Men Bicep

Just flex those biceps and let the world read the message! Is there a better place than this to get a tattoo? Probably not. You can hide the tat if need be. Also, it is not painful to get a bicep tattoo, and it is on another level of sexy. The area is perfect for tribal tattoos, quotes, scripts, inspirational phrases, and names.

You need to get your biceps in shape for the design to look great. The beauty of having a tattoo on the biceps is to accentuate how toned the muscles are. Everyone at the gym will be commenting on how great the tat looks, and you will never have to worry about wearing tank tops.


5. Back

Best Places To Get A Tattoo For Men On Back

This is a classy place to get a tattoo for men. The designs dictate where the tattoo will be. It can be in the middle, across the back, between shoulder blades or across the shoulders. If you are working on the formal setup, you can easily hide the tat. It is masculine and sexy, and the back has enough space for you to fit your big tattoo ideas.

Almost every man who loves tattoos will have one on the back. Due to the large space, you can add finer details on the design, and everyone will notice them. Another perk of the site is that the pain is minimal.


6. Forearm

Forearm Guys Best Place To Get A Tattoo

The forearm is one of the well-toned parts of the male body, which makes it a flattering, and attractive site for a tattoo. You can have small subtle designs a well as have the entire forearm inked. You can easily conceal the tat by wearing long-sleeved jackets, or shirts.

The area is easily accessible, and it is among the areas which are less painful to get a tattoo. To test your pain tolerance, be sure to get a few words written first, or a small design.


7. Thigh

Best Place To Get A Tattoo For A Guy On Thigh Of Leg

Besides being the easiest to conceal, thigh tattoos are not painful due to the area being well padded. However, you need to stick to the outer part. The inner thighs are very sensitive because of a high number of nerve endings which makes it a painful place to get inked.

If you are a fan of shorts or an athlete, you can make a statement with your tat wherever you go. However, it will be easy to conceal your tat if you are attending a family gathering or work issues. Due to the large space, it is perfect for inking larger designs.


8. Upper arm

What Are The Best Places To Get A Tattoo For Guys Upper Arm

It is one of the most preferred tattoo sites especially for men who have been hitting the punching bag hard. You do not even have to walk naked to show off your unique ink design. On the other hand, you can easily conceal it if you wish. You can always get a shirt, jacket, or t-shirt that covers the entire design, and it doesn’t have to be long-sleeved. The area is less painful because it is muscular.


9. Inner wrist

Inner Wrist Best Places To Get A Tattoo For Guys

Think your wrists look too empty? A carefully selected tattoo design might add charm to the area. There isn’t much space to work with here and your design should be small. Even though wrist tattoo pain is high on the scale of the painful tattoos, you should rest easy because the small designs lessen the time you will be in the chair.


10. Outer shoulder

Mens Best Place To Get A Tattoo On Shoulder

The outer shoulder is a prime location for tattoo lovers. There are two reasons which make it enticing. First, it has ample space, and your choice for designs will be limitless. The other reason is that you can easily expose or cover up the area. You can get creative in your design, and a t-shirt will get you sorted in covering it up. When you are in a flashy mood, don on a tank top and heads will be turning.

This is one of the least painful sites because it has fewer nerve endings, and it has a lot of muscle. Thus, it is a common site for people getting a tat for the first time. Actually, this is the ideal site if you want to gauge your tolerance to pins and needles. You can also ask the tattoo artist to use analgesic cream if you are afraid of pain.


11. Stomach

Best Place To Get A Tattoo For Males On Stomach

A well-built man with sleeve or chest tattoo will arouse curiosity in women, with many wondering how far down the tat goes. It is always a sexy surprise if it extends down the stomach. The area is big and you can continue your chest designs up to the site. To drive people crazy, you only have to lift your shirt! Additionally, it is one of the least painful places to get inked.


12. Hip

Best Places To Get A Tattoo On Hip

The hip does not have much space. Thus, getting a tattoo here means you will have to limit your choice to small designs or get a design that extends down the torso or leg. Because it is not heavily padded, the pain might be significant. This is not only a sensual area for men to get a tattoo but also attractive. Concealing it is not a problem.


13. Triceps

Tricep Best Place To Get A Tattoo For Men

Triceps tattoos are always on trend. You will always have people turning their heads to follow just how far the triceps ink goes. Given the masculinity of the area, you will automatically look more rugged, which is a big plus for men. It has good padding hence the low pain. Also, you can have big designs which extend to the ribs, shoulder, or abdomen. Covering or exposing triceps tattoos has never been an issue.


14. Shin

Shin Best Place To Get A Tattoo For Men

Many people shy away from getting inked on the shin due to the associated pain, but this varies from one person to the other. Thus, this should not deter you from getting a shin tattoo. You can easily conceal the tat with long pants, and easily expose it by wearing shorts. The designs you can fit here are varied, and some can be an extension of the thigh tattoos.


15. Inner arm

Inner Arm Guys Best Places To Get Tattoos

The beauty of getting inner arm tattoos is that you choose who sees them, and when. Because they are not always exposed, people will be left dying to take a second look. People make different impressions on people with tattoos, and the fact that you will be in control on who sees them and the occasion at which you flash them, you will have the upper hand. They are great for working people, and even though painful, they are worth it. However, avoid the armpit.

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