Top 20 Best Places To Get Tattoos That Can Be Hidden

Top 16 Best Places To Get Tattoos That Can Be Hidden

A tattoo is nothing less than a work of art, but some works of art aren’t conducive to certain professional environments.

Corporate, office, education, and medical settings are just a few places that might prohibit showing off one’s tattoo design.

And yet rest assured some of the world’s most successful people sport equally impressive ink, albeit the tattoo placement is hidden safely out of sight.

A more conservative profession shouldn’t deter one from getting inscribed, and there are a number of ideal hidden tattoo spots to get a design that won’t draw unwanted attention. A chest tattoo, stomach and rib cage, back, shoulder tattoo, upper arm and legs can sport a number of elaborate tattoo pieces and just as easily be concealed under standard work attire.

What’s more, your secret tattoo spot will be safe even if you have to remove a jacket or roll up your sleeves.

More discreet regions of the body also mean more detailed, expansive designs that the standard forearm tattoo, hand tattoo, sleeve, ear or neck tattoo idea can’t always contain. While the need to hide a tattoo can seem restrictive, it is in fact an opportunity to be twice as bold and unapologetic if you find the perfect spot for your tattoo placement. If you know you have to conceal it, why not make it doubly rewarding for the lucky ones that get to see your tattoo art?

There is always more than meets the eye where the multi-dimensional tattoo is concerned. It may be the corporate world’s loss to be barred from this tattoo legacy, but it will most certainly be the gain of those closest to him. So, don’t be afraid to research your tattoo idea, the perfect spot and tattoo artist for your next tattoo.

1. The Butt is a Great Spot

The butt is pretty meaty, and you will not experience a lot of pain. You will, however, experience a burning sensation. Pain tolerance is of importance here, and it might be just walk in the park for you. The butt is perhaps one of the areas that you can easily hide. Unless you are a female in a bikini, your clothes always do hide the tattoo.

If there was any person who would have been against your tattoo, you could hide it in your butt. Being larger, you can place bigger tattoos. It might take a bit longer to heal through with optimal care; you will be okay soon.

2. Inner Arm Tattooing

Inner Arm Good Places To Get Tattoos That Can Be Hidden

The inner arm offers a soft place to have a tattoo. With the inner part of the arm being hidden, it makes a good place for a tattoo that should remain a secret. Unless you lift your hands up while on a sleeveless, no one will see them. The soft tissues offer you the opportunity to have a tattoo with less pain. Healing does not take much time. Be a bit gentle when using the hand and you will be proud of your tattoo.

3. Bicep and Upper Arm Body Art

Bicep Places You Can Hide Tattoos For Men

If you want a tattoo and don’t want to show it off, you can have it on your bicep. Depending on how big it is, you have the opportunity to have a big tattoo. Several people have their tattoos placed in this place. Its muscular tissues and how much it pains will depend on the artist. Some artists are slow and gentle making you comfortable with the exercise. It is a good place to hide a tattoo if you are not a regular gym goer.

4. Back Tattooing for Large to Small Tattoo

Back Best Places To Get Tattoos That Can Be Hidden

The back is perhaps one of the most sensitive and painful parts of the body for a tattoo. However, it offers a good place to hide your tattoo. Unless you have visited the spinal doctor, no one will ever note your tattoo. The lower back is less painful while the upper back is more sensitive as compared to other places. This is due to the enormous concentration of nerves on the back and more as you go up.

5. Spine Tattoo Art

Places To Get Tattoos That Can Be Hidden Spine

The spine is the house to the nervous system and has high sensitivity. It, however, offers you a good place to hide a tattoo. Since the spine is a bit bony, the needle will feel like a jamb. Hold your fist tight and let the artist work the way up and you will have a secret tattoo on your spine.

Most people who prefer to have the emblem on the back are pain tolerant. It is a good place to hide the tattoo while you want to remain employable.

6. Hip and Top of Thigh Tattoo

Places To Put Tattoos That Can Be Hidden For Men Hip

The hip, always under cover will give complete secrecy for your tattoo. Your artist will work on the tattoos as you rest and wait for the great tattoo. Perhaps, you would need to look yourself in the mirror to see the tattoo yourself, seems curious right?

Two hips for the tattoo. Regardless of how wild the tattoo is, it can always fit here.

7. Leg: Caves, Shin, and Thigh

Places To Get Tattoos That Can Be Hidden Leg Calf

The leg is perhaps a funny place to place your tattoo and expects to hide it. Nonetheless, there are specific spots that can conceal your tattoo. This will mostly depend on the type of wear you prefer.

With most men wearing trousers at all times, the whole leg could be a great place to conceal your tattoo. If you often have to stay in a short dress or mini skirt, the upper leg could be a great place.

8. Ankle Tattoo

Places To Hide Tattoos Ankle

The ankle position is not apparent to many. Most men will have socks meaning that no one will look at the ankle to notice the tattoo. The footwear will undoubtedly influence the visibility of the ankle tattoo. 

It, therefore, means that your visible tattoo can be hidden. It is a pretty painful position since it is bony. The fattier the tissue is, the least painful place it becomes. Expect more pain if you have a tattoo on less fatty tissues and more son on the bony parts of your body.

9. Foot Tattoo (top and bottom of foot)

Places To Get Tattoos That Can Be Hidden Foot

The foot bottom is one place that your tattoos are perfectly hidden. Do you walk barefooted? If you answer no, then, your foot tattoo will never be seen unless you wish to show them off. While it is not meaty, the skin is pretty tough and will absorb the pain; you will feel like there is a hot scratch on your foot.

While a top of the foot tattoo does not offer equal concealing, it does its job well. It has bony tissues, and you expect some jabbing sensation. This tattoo spot will also hold up much better over a long period of time, due to less wear and tear.

10. Chest Tattoo

Chest Best Hidden Places For A Tattoo For Guys

The chest offers a large space to draw your image. Men would certainly find the chest a great place to hide their tattoo. Unless you are a bodybuilder, no one will ever see the concealed tattoo. Bodybuilders like showing off their packed bodies with amazing tattoos. Nevertheless, a cool person who knows the importance of that specific symbol will hide it close to the heart; this is in the chest.

This is perhaps one of the places where the tattooing process is relatively at ease. You may be nervous to see the artist tear deep into your tissues and see blood and plasma oozing out. You will love the tattoo sooner it is done.

11. Stomach Tattoo

Places To Get Tattoos That Can Be Hidden Stomach

The stomach is always clothed and full. If you fear the tattoo pain, the stomach could be a great place to draw the hidden tattoo. Experts say that taking your tattoo after having a large meal will thwart away the pains and you will watch the artists using the needle to make way for the drawing.

The stomach tattoo can be as large as you wish due to the sheer size. It has more tissues and therefore not very painful. You can get inspired by some other celebs that have their hidden tattoos on their stomachs.

12. Knee Tattoo Design

Places To Get Tattoos That Can Be Hidden Knee

If you want a tattoo down there on your knees, it can easily be drawn by an expert. While the knee is one of the painful parts of the lower body, your tattoo will be through as soon as possible. The symbol on the knee is hardly noticeable to many people. Even celebs put some of their hidden tattoos on their knees. If you are on long wears, in most cases, your tattoo will be less obvious.

For your knee tattoo, it should not be one that you really want to remain secret but something that you wouldn’t mind showing off sometimes. If they do, why not you?

13. Inner Lip Tattoo

Simple Straight Edge Tattoo Chrissnelgrove
Source: @chrissnelgrove via Instagram

The inner lip tattoo offers space to draw a small tattoo or minimalist tattoo design . While the internal lips tattoos are good, they often fade quickly despite being in a perfect spot. This is because they are always wet and the lip cells are rapidly being replaced due to the high friction in the mouth.

Even if they fade away, it is comfortable and pain-free to have them redone. You could even let the tattoo face and apply another style to your lips.

14. Armpit Ink

Armpit Top Places To Get Tattoos That Can Be Hidden

An armpit is pretty, a nice place for hidden tattoos. Unless you are going with a strapless ensemble, it is easy to conceal. Nikki Reed has a tattoo on her side that is only seen when it is peeking. Honestly, the armpit has dense nerve network, and some pains will be experienced. Nevertheless, the experience is not as you would think at first.

15. Rib Cage Tattoos

Places To Get Tattoos That Are Hidden On Rib Cage

Ribs are bony structures, the deeper the tattoo goes, the higher the sensation. It is nice to keep on reminding you that a painful experience is not bad at all since it is only for a short time.

The needle will be jabbing your skin, and soon you will have a great tattoo to conceal. You can show it at any time you wish. Miss Millay has tattoos on her rib cage which was done some years ago. It is a painful place but tucks away under most ensembles.

16. Triceps and Upper Arm

Places To Get Tattoos That Can Be Hidden Triceps

Your triceps are unquestionably a beautiful place to hide some fancy tattoos. They can be cute and lovely. They are masculine, and pain is relative. Pain tolerance will determine how one considers the experience.

Someone may make it a big ordeal that you even develop a phobia for the triceps tattoo. However, the pain is not as much as might expect and you would certainly love the hidden tattoo.


One thing to remember: you can always make a test run for your ink idea by (in most cases) getting a temporary tattoo before heading to the tattooist. A temporary tattoo is useful for style, size, and tattoo placement concerns you might have in the lead up to getting your first tattoo or making a tattoo appointment for your next tattoo.

Did you enjoy these hidden tattoo spots? Click on the links below for galleries of awesome body art you can leave hidden or make into brilliant visible tattoo designs.

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