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23 Best Textured Haircuts for Men In 2020

If you follow men’s haircut trends, there is no doubt you have noticed how the textured haircuts are gaining popularity across the world. While there was a time when people considered textured haircuts defiant, since then, the perception of many hairstyle enthusiasts has changed concerning this haircut, and now they are considered some of the most fashionable and trendy haircuts in the world.

Whether you are in search of a long or short textured haircut, there is a myriad of superb styles and cuts to choose from. If you opt for short tresses, you would want to pair it with an undercut or a fade on the sides and a textured hair on top. You can also create a spiky style with your short hair.

And for the guys who don’t want to cut their medium or long hair, they can opt for a messy style, comb-over, pompadour, or a textured quiff haircut. Either way, you will be rocking a head-turning style that is sure to cause envy among your peers.

And to make this possible for you, we have researched and compiled some of the hottest textured haircuts for you. Continue reading below and choose a style that suits your personality and brings out the unique vibe in you.

1. Textured Quiff Haircut

Classic Skin Fade Cut

There is no doubt that quiff haircut is the most popular haircut for men, and that is why we have decided to start with it on our list. It is easy to style and maintain. That is what exactly what men want. However, for this haircut, you should tell your stylist to add layers all over the lower part of your hair for maximum volume.

2. Waves Textured Haircut

Wavy Hair Men Cut

This is one of the best hairstyles for guys with afro-textured manes. Popularly known as 360 waves, the haircut creates an impression of ripples on your hair. And as such, you achieve a lot of definition and a modern haircut.

3. Textured Crop Top Cut

Fade Slick Back Cut

This is a modern take of the old-fashioned bowl haircut that was quite popular in the early 80s and late 90s. The crop top hairstyle is ideal for gents with short and thick manes. By incorporating faded sides and back and short tresses on top, the crop top gives you a seamless style that is effortless to achieve.

4. Textured Fade

Textured Fade Cut

You want to make sure that your hair is short or a mid-length to rock a textured fade haircut. This haircut requires the use of a scissor to create a flawless blend.

You should make sure that the top hair is slightly longer compared to the hair on the back and sides so that the two lengths don’t crash.

As a reserved business professional cut, the textured fade appears great with all modern styles.

Just remember that you can choose which fade you need. From low, medium, and high fade, there will be one ideal for you.

5. Caesar Texture Crop Cut

French Ceasar Crop Cut

If you are in search of a low maintenance textured haircut, then look no further. The Caesar textured haircut is known for its hustle free nature when it comes to low maintenance. Also known as “Caesar cut,” it is a crop haircut featuring short bangs across the hairline.

6. Messy Textured Cut

Trendy Messy Hair Cut

This has gained a lot of popularity for the last decade, especially among men with wavy and curly hair. However, it is not as messy as the name suggests. You will need to spend a few hours styling it.

This haircut can be styled on short, medium, and extended locks. It involves sectioning your locks to come up with s ruffled style for a natural finish.

For guys with thick hair, you would want to use wax or clay to achieve the messy effect. For guys with mid-length hair, a matte pomade would do all the trick and those with long hair; you would want to utilize light cream that provides subtle hold and little shine.

7. Hard Part Textured Haircut

Razor Lining Hair Cut

Be the rock-star you have been wishing to be by rocking this hard part cut. This men’s hairstyle incorporates a shaven part one side, and that is where it gets its name from. When complemented with a textured top, you get an ultimate style for a contemporary guy.

8. Modern Textured Fringe

Blunt Fade Hair Cut

This is a must-have haircut this year. It suits best men with wavy or curly tresses. The modern textured fringe usually features extended hair on top paired with short back and sides. You can either go for a low or high taper fade or create a side-swept or messy fringe. The choice is yours; nevertheless, whatever option you go for, you will have a killer style.

9. Spiky Textured Cut

Sharp Spiky Hair Cut

This is one of the most sought-after men’s haircuts in 2020. Despite the fact that this haircut has been around for decades, it never loses its vibe, thanks to continuous improvements that are done on this style.

Rather than rocking a style that makes you appear as if you are an ardent follower of pop culture, or the worst, one of them, now you can have a spiky style that resonates with the current trends.

10. Textured Undercut

Orbit Hair Style

Undercut are irrefutable haircuts for textured tresses, especially if you want to rock a brush-up, comb-over, or a slick back. These styles look great for men with thick manes that are at least 2 or 3 inches long on top.

To rock this haircut, you should start by creating the undercut by cutting the hair on the sides to a shorter length. Leave the locks on top long. And if you need more contrast between the hair on top and the sides, you can go for a disconnected undercut where the back and sides are completely buzzed.

11. Frohawk Haircut for Guys

Frohawk Fade Cut

The chances are that if you are considering this haircut, you are an African-American guy, and the best thing is that you already have the needed texture, so creating texture to rock this look is out of the subject. That is a plus to you.

However, the frohawk haircut will emphasize your hair texture. In a nutshell, this haircut pairs an afro and a Mohawk. The resultant haircut is elegant, and one to cause envy.

12. Side Combed With Fingers

Side Comb Hair Cut

Men like easy to create and maintain hairstyles. That is what this hairstyle offers you. The best thing about this haircut is that you can create it whenever you want, wherever you are, since the only tool you need is your fingers. You can brush it backward or to the sides. The choice is yours.

13. Dyed Spiky Hair

Spiky White Hair Cut

One thing that outs textured haircuts on the front line is the seamless contrast that they create. However, if you want to enhance the texture of your hairstyle, you can go ahead and apply light dye. The outcome will be eye-catching.

14. Shoulder-Length Textured Haircut

Messy Hair Style

This textured haircut caters to the guys who aren’t into the idea of rocking short hair. So, for men with long hair, this is a superb idea for you this year. I you have shoulder-length locks, all that you need is to add texture to the ends. To achieve that, tell your barber to incorporate lower layers in your style.

15. French Crop And Faded Sides

Crop Fade Hair Cut

This is classic men’s haircut, where some texturing does all the trick. The added vibe from those relaxed and haphazardly placed layers on top enhances the bold character of this cut.

16. Textured Angular Fringe

Nice Angular Hair Cut

If you like rocking the unkempt look, then this hairstyle should be in your list of the best hairstyles to rock this year. The hair on top is kept super messy, and then the fringe is swept to one side.

17. Short Cut for Guys with Curly Hair

Cool Curly Hair Cut

The best thing about men with curly hair is that they don’t have to worry about creating texture since that is what characterizes their hair type. However, maintaining the ringlets can prove daunting sometimes.

However, there is an easy way out. Tell your barber to crop your hair to approximately an inch. Pair that with a taper cut, and wherever you go, people will be complimenting you.

18. Textured Mohawk Cut With a Color Dye

Purple Cool Spiky Hair Cut

Mohawk haircuts for men usually come into different facets. However, the two common looks are fauxhawk and punk styles. Stay true to your sub-culture and tell people the values you stand for by rocking this fanned and dyed Mohawk cut.

You can choose to use two different shades on either side to enhance the vibe of your haircut. One thing you might have noticed or you already know is that most Mohawk haircuts are not for the men with an office, but they are suitable for casual men.

19. Side-Swept Textured Cut

Modern Hair Style

It is no secret that side-swept textured haircut is one among the most sought-after styles for men this year. If you don’t want to cut the textured top section of your locks, then the side-swept haircut would be the best style for you.

To rock this look, you would want to grow out your locks to about 5 inches long. Once you have this hair length, you can create tapered back and sides or create an undercut.

20. Black Men’s Textured Haircut-High Top Fade

High Top Fade Cut

You cannot go wrong by choosing high top fade if you are a black guy. The styling of this hairstyle is minimal and won’t take much of your time. The hair is usually maintained short and near the nape of the neck (you can also choose to bald or buzz your hair) while the hair on top is kept long and polished.

It is an ideal textured haircut for guys with afro-textured tresses or curly hair. The tapering of the hair begins slightly above the ear and continues some few inches according to the hair length you want to keep on the top.

21. Comb-Over Textured Cut for Men with Fine Hair

Nice Textured Over Comb

You don’t need long locks to rock a comb-over haircut. With your short or medium hair, you can achieve the look you need. As a matter of fact, guys with fine hair will be well-positioned when they choose a short haircut. Subject to this, you can rock a picture-perfect look by adding minimal layers and combing the top hair to the side.

22. Side Bangs Texture Men’s Hairstyle

Black Short Dread Hair Cut

This is a great look for guys wanting to soften their looks. Adding bangs and creating a side part will help you achieve a soft appearance that is quite adorable.

The style doesn’t appear so much flashy as a hard part looks. By creating the side-part bangs, you are able to bring the look together with a little bit of elegance. For more texture, include some light layers spread across the entire hairstyle.

23. Short Dreads Textured Cut

A black man wearing short dreads and with textured cut

Styling short dreads is another sure-fire way of highlighting texture within your haircut. If high maintenance is not something that bothers you when it comes to choosing a haircut, then you can start with long dreads.

Alternatively, if maintenance is a major factor, you would be much better off if you opt for short dreads. Create disconnected undercut and pair it with a high fade or medium fade and leave short dreads on top.

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