Quiff Haircut For Men

Quiff Haircut For Men – 40 Manly Voluminous Hairstyles

When it comes to this 1950s hairstyle, its high volume hold makes a considerably bold statement that’s hard to miss.

Sure, it comes from the 50’s during the period of rebellious rock and roll, however this cut is surprisingly professional.

Needless to say, it grabs your attention in a good way.

Perhaps, that’s why it’s become such a popular style among many gentlemen today. Any man can easily adjust the front to either pump up the volume or lower or it down. Just a bit of length is all it takes and your doors when it comes to be fashionable are wide open. With some many variations, there’s a lot to like.

The original look: Medium length hair in the front (longer) with short length hair on the sides and back. Hair is brushed upwards in the front by the forehead.

The modern look: While many men still follow the classic style, a more recent trend has included longer length cuts with significantly more volume.


The history:

Just take a trip back to the 1950s and you’ll discover this rockabilly hairstyle in all its glory. Within the time period of rebellious greaser fashion and rock and roll, the quiff’s appearance in the spotlight was well, quite fitting. When you think about it, this haircut combines a mix of the pompadour, flat top and others. Though, you could also view it as a mix of the ducks ass and crew cut or ivy league too.

Regardless of how you pin point the start, it’s still big on attitude with a presence felt deeply thanks to plenty of volume in the front. In other words, when you think of the 50’s it represents the time period quite well. Yet, when it comes to celebrities sporting the style you’d find it being worn by everyone from Elvis Presley to Chris Isaak.

While it’s true the style did lose its peak after the 50’s, it did however, hop back in the spotlight during the 80s. In today’s times this hairstyle has become more popular than ever. One way or another the quiff has managed to find its way into all sorts of styles from classic to trendy.


How to style a quiff:

Surprisingly, this cut looks harder to style than it really is. Start by taking a shower and getting your hair wet, then let it dry until it’s semi-damp. Go ahead and reach for the mousse and apply it with your fingers throughout your hair. Once finished, reach for the blow dyer and dry your air in the opposite direction in which is grows.

At this stage, you’ll be able to visually see the high volume look that comes with the quiff style. Your hair should be flexible and shape-able to the touch. It will feel loose, however relax this is normal. To solve, apply either pomade, wax or a hybrid like cream with your fingers.

Just remember, it’s best to know what type of hair you have first, for instance oily or thick before going with any one product! Not to mention, you’ll have to decide on how much shine you want to go with too. Just consult the pomade vs. gel vs. wax guide if your unsure, it will save you a lot of trouble and hassle.

By now, you should be able to continually shape your hair until it reaches your idea of perfection. Understand, that the quiff style shouldn’t be rock solid in terms of hold, as you may want to restyle it a bit throughout the day.

Note: If you’re having trouble with your hair staying up or too low of volume, start using a brush or comb. If that doesn’t work, step back for a moment here and consider the length of your hair. If it’s super short in the front you’re going to struggle. Not to mention, another common problem you might run into is a lengthy front but too short of a middle at the top of your head.


Explore the cut:

With that said, go ahead and explore these top 40 best quiff hairstyles for men below. I’ve included a handful of different ideas ranging from the original classic to longer, and more trendy modern styles with some serious volume.

Just remember, the quiff is a unique cut with plenty of character, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. In reality, it ends up being originally unique to every single man out there.


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