Caesar Haircut For Men

Caesar Haircut For Men – A Timeless Roman Empire Hairstyle

Veni, vidi, vici, or in translation I came; I saw; I conquered. Those popular words weren’t all Julius Cesar left behind, in reality his Roman haircut has been forever remember by the rest of the world.

If you’ve ever watched the movie Gladiator with actor Russell Crowe, I’m sure you’ll recognize the style fairly easily.

However, you might be surprised to know the real back story behind this cut. In the 1st century BC, Julius Caesar didn’t sport the style because it was fashionable or even stylishly prized during the time period. The truth is, he was dealing with a serious case of baldness, which left him uneasy from all the enemy taunting.

To combat his grooming woes, Julius Caesar brushed his hair forward from the crown of his head into the style you still see today. If you’ve ever wondered why he took such great pleasure in wearing his laurel crown, there’s your answer.

The original look: A short length hairstyle with even sides and hair pushed forward to the front. It’s best suited for males with straight to slightly wavy hair, with either thin or thick hair being acceptable. To acquire the classic, you must have at least one to three inches on the top.

The modern look: The top length hasn’t changed much over the years, however the sides have. Instead of being even in terms of length, many modern men are electing to go with a taper fade on the sides. Some are experimenting with the undercut as well for an even bolder approach.


Explore this style:

With that in mind I’ve put together a collection of Caesar haircuts for men below to help show you what the style looks like. You’ll get a better idea of the classic Roman cut plus discover some more modern, trendy variations.

Just remember, the cut is definitely low maintenance and requires little to no grooming, however if you want, using a light styling product to keep any unruly hair down will help considerably.


Classic Caesar Cut Hairstyle For Guys

Classic Guys Haircut Caesar With Thick Sides

Debonair Low Cut Caesar Haircut For Guys

Guys Classic Caesar Haircut Straight Combed

Manly Mens Caesar Haircut

Masculine Mens Caesar Haircuts

Medium To Long Hair Caesar Haircut For Men

Mens Julius Caesar Haircut

Modern Caesar Haircut For Men With Short Length Top

Neat Curly Short Caesar Haircut For Men

Old School Low Length Guys Caesar Haircut

Popular Modern Mens Low Caesar Haircut

Short Modern Caesar Haircut Men

The Caesar Haircut For Men Classic Style

Traditional Male Caesar Style Haircut

Trendy Long Caesar Haircut With Undercut Style On Sides

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