Celtic Knot Tattoos For Men

Top 101 Celtic Knot Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Celtic knot tattoos serenely capture the Iron Age’s most prominent tokens of prosperity. Their remarkable brilliance is being diligently preserved through the marvels of modern ink.

Celtic knots are illustrious emblems that can unite every tattoo cognoscente on the planet.

These grandiloquent patterns are filled with sentimental meanings that can be traced back to the height of Medieval Europe. Each interwoven creation comes with its own ascribed mystique.

The winding curvature is an undying representation of immortality. These lavish loops innately showcase the perpetual essence of infinitum. Beyond this universal value, each individual Celtic knot is imbued with its own specific energy. There is a design for almost every purpose. Options include wisdom, love, inner strength, artistry and luck.

For an extremely arcane dose of chivalry, there are some serendipitous Celtic knots that are equipped with more specificity. These variations include the Shield of Destiny and the Eternity of Nature. Of course, no incarnation can compete with the prevalence of a Celtic Cross. This particularly poignant emblazonment infuses pagan worship with Christian theology.

While a special amulet can get misplaced, this ink shall remain forever. To access the invaluable aura of a Celtic knot tattoo, check out our rampantly ravishing assortment right here!

1. Black Ink Celtic Knot Tattoos

Small Simple Guys Celtic Knot Leg Calf Tattoos

Bird Celtic Knot Mens Forearm Tattoo

Traditional Celtic Knot Mens Small Upper Chest Tattoos

Black Ink Outline Celtic Knot Forearm Sleeve Tattoo On Man

Abstract Celtic Knot Back Tattoo On Male

Inner Forearm Interlacing Celtic Knot Tattoo Design Ideas For Guys

Black Ink Celtic Knot Interlacing Tattoo Ideas On Chest

Negative Space Tree Celtic Knot Mens Full Back Tattoos

Black Ink Negative Space Paint Splatter Guys Small Celtic Knot Tattoos On Arm

Mens Celtic Knot Outer Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Tattoos are as varied and diverse as the people who choose to wear them, and as such, it is no surprise that the styles and approaches utilized better suit some people more than others. This is just as true of Celtic inspired designs as any other style and for some people black ink is the only way to go.

Thankfully, the intricate loops and endless knots of these pieces provide more than enough detail to make up for a lack of color. The opportunity for detail that these knot work designs provide ensures that a talented artist will never get bored inking these powerful symbols of Celtic heritage.  

2. Traditional Tribal Celtic Knot Tattoo Sleeves

Dotwork Full Sleeve Male Celtic Knot Tattoo Design Ideas

Cool Mens Full Sleeve Celtic Knot Tattoos

Guys Celtic Knot Cool Full Arm Tattoos

Amazing Celtic Knot Mens Full Sleeve Tattoo Design Isnpiration

Blackwork Celtic Knot Mens Sleeve Tattoos

Tribal Forearm Celtic Knot Mens Tattoo Ideas

Mens Full Sleeve Celtic Knot Armor Plate Tattoo

Half Sleeve Guys Celtic Knot Tattoos

Art is always changing and evolving and the designs that were groundbreaking one day are passé the next. Despite this endless innovation, for many people an approach that honors the heritage and tradition of a style is more closely aligned with their attitudes and personality.  

This is especially true for these knot work pieces that most commonly serve as commemorations to the wearer’s Celtic heritage. These traditional knot work designs are great examples of the style and will remain just as compelling twenty years down the line as they are today.  

3. Technical Celtic Knot Tattoos

Leg Sleeve Celtic Knot Mens Tattoo Ideas With Black Ink

Man With Stone Celtic Knot 3d Tattoo On Wrist

Dotwork Guys Celtic Knot Wrist Tattoos

Shoulder Mens Celtic Knot Tattoos

Mens Celtic Knot Shin Tattoo Ideas

Celtic knot work tattoos are powerful symbols of cultural pride, and many people choose to get them as a way to display their Celtic heritage; they also happen to be beautiful designs that provide artists with endless opportunities to stretch their technical muscles.  

The depth of intricacy in these knots can be mindblowing and the best of these tattoos can leave the observer’s head spinning when trying to follow the endless loops and knots.  

These excellent tattoos also demonstrate the variety of approaches that can be incorporated into Celtic knot work designs: from fully saturated black ink, to a meticulous application of fine dots to create depth and shading, these tattoos are more versatile than one may expect.  

4. Illustrative Celtic Knot Tattoos

Upper Arm 3d Mens Celtic Knot Armor Tattoo Designs

Full Back Mens Blackwork Celtic Knot Tattoo Ideas

Full Back Cool Celtic Knot Mens Tattoo Ideas

Realistic 3d Mens Celtic Knot Armor Tattoo On Arm

Warrior Celtic Knot Full Back Tattoos For Men

Upper Arm Guys Chain Mail Celtic Knot Tattoo Ideas

Mens Celtic Knot Star Stomach Tattoos

Manly Celtic Knot Mens Half Sleeve Tattoos

Amazing Celtic Knot Armor Plate Mens 3d Tattoo Ideas

The only limits on tattoos are the skill of the artist and the creativity of the client, and because of this freedom of expression Celtic knot work can be utilized in some surprising ways. Many artists take an illustrative approach to tattoos that can make for unique and mindblowing designs. S 

ome of these tattoos use knot work as a decorative feature on realistic armor applied to the shoulder, while others use the knot work itself to produce images reminiscent of stone carvings. These excellent Celtic tattoos are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is possible with knot work designs.  

5. Small Black and Gray Celtic Knot Tattoos

Star Celtic Knot Mens Thigh Tattoos

3d Mens Small Center Of Back Celtic Knot Tattoos

Circle Star Celtic Knot Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Abstract Guys Celtic Knot Tattoo On Back

Armband Celtic Knot Mens Tattoo Ideas

Small Guys Shoulder Celtic Knot Cross Tattoos

Small Simple Celtic Knot Trinity Tattoo For Gentlemen

Gentleman With Trinity Celtic Knot Tattoo On Chest

Some people use large designs with bright colors to demonstrate to the world their vibrant personality, while for other people such elaborate work can seem gaudy and extravagant. For these folks small, black and gray designs are the perfect choice and Celtic knot work provides an excellent opportunity for this approach.  

The intricacy of the knots means that even small monochromatic designs won’t seem boring or over simplified and the ability to use knot work to create different shapes and designs—notably crosses and the three pointed shape known as the triquetra—provides artists the ability to utilize knot work in unique and creative ways. These tattoos are great examples of just how compelling small, black and gray knot work piece can be. 

6. Celtic Knot Tattoos Incorporating Crosses

Mens Celtic Knot Cross Leg Calf Tattoos

Back Of Leg Calf Guys Celtic Knot Tattoo With Cross Design

Black Ink Celtic Knot Upper Arm Mens Cross Tattoos

Celtic Knot Cross Mens Bicep Tattoos

Upper Arm Celtic Knot Cross Tattoos For Men

Dotwork Celtic Knot Mens Cross Tattoo On Back Of Leg Calf

One interesting element that is common in these designs is the Celtic cross. This unique Christian image has an interesting past: many people believe that St. Patrick himself introduced this cross to Ireland on his mission to convert the people of the island to Christianity. While this is a lovely story, the reality may be a bit more complicated.  

The Celtic cross is more likely a blending of a pagan symbol that represented the sun with the Christian cross. This is a common practice when converting populations that has happened around the world throughout history. This complex past adds even more significance to these uniquely Irish symbols that serve as excellent elements in a variety of Celtic tattoos.  

7. Black Ink Based Celtic Tattoo Sleeves

Tribal Mens Celtic Knot Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Lower Leg Celtic Knot Negative Space Mens Tattoo Ideas

Forearm And Elbow Mens Celtic Knot Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Awesome Celtic Knot Forearm Sleeves Tattoos For Guys

Forearm Sleeve Guys Black Ink Negative Space Celtic Knot Tattoos

Mens Celtic Knot 3d Forearm Tattoos

Male With Celtic Knot Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Design

Inner Arm Guys Celtic Knot Black And Grey Tattoos

Forearm Sleeve Guys Celtic Knot Black Ink Tattoo Ideas

Interwoven Mens Celtic Knot Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

In the past, full sleeves were considered extreme and outside of sailors, convicts and tattoo artists, not many people sported these large tattoos. In today’s world, tattoos are far less controversial and having a fully inked arm won’t elicit the gasps and slack jaws that it once did. Sleeves, whether on the arm or the leg, are a great choice for large designs and Celtic knot work pieces are perfectly suited for this approach.  

Arm sleeves in particular, make for excellent knot work canvases thanks to the pronounced musculature of the arm and the natural lines that a tattoo artist can use to enhance a design. Even using a strictly black ink approach, the Celtic knot sleeves are sure to turn heads wherever they go.  

8. Large Size Color Celtic Knot Tattoos

Dragon Celtic Knot Mens Upper Arm And Chest Tattoos

Realistic Celtic Knot Armor Plate Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo

Upper Arm Mens Celtic Knot Tattoo Design Ideas

Red Ink Celtic Knot Rune Mens Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

3d Celtic Knot Mens Upper Arm Tattoo Ideas

For some people the only way to truly express the vibrancy of their personality is through large, full color tattoos. While Celtic knot work may not be the first thing that comes to mind when hearing “full color”, thanks to talented artists and clever designs, these tattoos demonstrate the way color can be successfully incorporated into Celtic knot work tattoos. By utilizing different design elements—especially stylized shoulder armor—these pieces prove that there is more to knot work than just black ink. 

9. Upper Arm Celtic Knot Tattoos

Upper Arm 3d Interlacing Celtic Knot Shield Tattoo On Man

Four Leaf Clover Celtic Knot Male Tattoo Ideas On Upper Arm

Chain Mail Mens Celtic Knot Shoulder And Half Sleeve Tattoo

Inner Arm Celtic Knot Mens Tattoo Designs

Mens Armor Celtic Knot Upper Arm And Shoulder Tattoo

Ripped Skin Guys Celtic Knot Arm Tattoo With Blackwork Design

Rune Celtic Knot Mens Upper Arm Tattoo

Blackwork Guys Awesome Tattoo Design Of Celtic Knots

Modern Celtic Knot Dotwork Guys Arm Tattoos

Upper Arm Celtic Knot Tattoo On Gentleman

The upper arm has been a popular place for tattoos for decades: for many from older generation this was the place to get ink. It remains a great location for tattoos to this day, and for good reason. The prominent muscle of the biceps and triceps and the larger size of the upper arm compared to the forearm mean that bigger designs can be applied here.

The location higher on the arm also provides the wearer an added level of discretion concerning who can and cannot see their ink. As these excellent pieces demonstrate, Celtic knot work tattoos look great on the upper arm.  

10. Celtic Knot Chest Tattoos

Shaded 3d Mens Upper Chest And Collarbone Celtic Knot Tattoos

Shield Knot Mens Celtic Upper Chest Tattoos With Dotwork Design

Shield With Celtic Knots And Clouds Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Mens Shield Celtic Knot Tattoo On Upper Chest

Cool Shaded Black And Grey Guys Celtic Knot Upper Chest Tattoo

Another popular location for tattoos, the chest is a great choice for knot work designs for a few reasons, the first of which is size. The chest is one of the larger canvases on the body, only surpassed by the back and pieces that utilize the entire torso. This large size means that more intricate and stunning designs can be applied – and this goes for Celtic knot work tattoos as well.  

There is also a powerful significance to tattoos placed on the chest. There is no better way to demonstrate the deep significance of an image or design than placing it directly over the heart, and these pieces are great examples of how this placement can be utilized for Celtic knot work tattoos.  

11. Small Color Celtic Knot Tattoos

Trinity Celtic Knot Mens Small Upper Arm Tattoo Ideas

Small Celtic Knot Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Green Ink Celtic Knot Cross Mens Outer Forearm Tattoos

Shield Celtic Knot Mens Wrist Tattoo

Small Guys Celtic Knot Shield Tattoo On Upper Chest

Watercolor Celtic Knot Trinity Mens Hand Tattoos

While the large designs that people apply to their chests and backs are perfect for some, many people choose to commemorate their Celtic heritage with smaller, more personal tattoos. This more subdued approach uses small color pieces and is the perfect way to produce some of the powerful Celtic shapes like the Shield of Destiny and Eternity of Nature knots. These self-contained designs are prefect for standalone designs and these pieces expertly incorporate these patterns into their designs. 

12. Celtic Band Tattoos

Mens Finger Celtic Knot Ring Tattoos

Trinity Celtic Knot Mens Armband Tattoos

Mens Simple Celtic Knot Armband Tattoos

Leg Sleeve Guys Celtic Knot Black Ink Tattoo Design Ideas

Masculine Celtic Knot Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo On Male

One trend that has gained popularity in the tattoo world uses Celtic knot work to create bands that wrap around a portion of the body. The intricate details in these pieces and the way the patterns can be continually repeated make them the perfect choice for arm, leg or finger band tattoos.  

These wraparound designs can also be incorporated into larger pieces and act as “straps” on which other emblems or designs can be “mounted”. These pieces are great examples of the versatility of these Celtic knot work bands.  

13. Celtic Knot Tattoos Featuring Animals

Leg Celtic Knot Black Crows Tattoos

Upper Back Amazing Mens Bull Celtic Knot Tattoo Ideas

Tribal Bear Celtic Knot Mens Half Sleeve Tattoos

Wolf Celtic Knot Mens Upper Arm Tattoo

People have been tattooing animals on their bodies for centuries and these different creatures are the perfect additions to Celtic knot work designs. While realistic animals can incorporated in designs that feature knots, another way to work animals into these designs is to use the knots themselves to create the creature. These excellent tattoos demonstrate how successful this approach can be.  

14. Celtic Knots Featuring Mjolnir

Thor Hammer Celtic Knot Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

Black Crow With Celtic Knot Hammer Mens Chest Tattoos

Hammer Mens Small Celtic Knot Tattoo On Lower Leg

Thor Hammer Celtic Knot Mens Stone Upper Arm Tattoos

Insane Dotwork Mens Upper Chest Celtic Knot Tattoo Ideas

Male Upper Arm Celtic Knot Black Ink Tattoo With Dotwork Design

Dotwork Guys Celtic Knot Upper Chest Tattoos

While the intricate knot work that we have seen in these tattoos is most often associated with the Celtic peoples of Ireland and Scotland, a very similar artistic tradition has its roots in the Norse peoples more commonly referred to as the Vikings.  

One common element in these knot work designs is Mjolnir, the Norse god Thor’s hammer. This distinct design can be incorporated into designs with numerous different elements, from animals and dragons, to the God of Thunder himself. These pieces demonstrate the appeal of this mythical hammer of the gods.  

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