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Top 37 Daffodil Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Seeking a flower tattoo to represent rebirth, renewal, love, or new beginnings? A daffodil provides a fantastic opportunity to combine beautiful flower tattoo design with a range of creative applications.  

The daffodil flower’s traditional bright yellow or white color and spring growth cycle give them an aura of positivity, providing those who ink in a daffodil tattoo the sense of optimism and vitality, love, or even a new beginning.  

Drawing a daffodil tattoo design – either singularly or in bunches – can display a range of emotions and feelings, with inspiration for rebirth, renewal, and regeneration chief among them.  

The Daffodil flower is a potent symbol across different cultures. They’re the national flower of Wales, while in other Western societies they’re used often in cancer charities. In many campaigns you’ll see a daffodil, or its cheerful yellow color, as the basis for a cancer ribbon.   

Birth flower tattoos and are also other prominent uses for the daffodil. With its link to springtime and new growth it represents March in the Northern hemisphere, and often linked to the corresponding Zodiac sign Pisces.   

Prominent Welsh holiday St David’s Day falls on March 1, the first day of spring, while the daffodil is also a motif in New Year celebrations for Chinese and Kurdish cultures.  

Check out the cool tattoos below for a range of bad ass and interesting daffodil tattooing ideas across numerous applications.  

1. Unique Daffodil Tattoos

Classic Violin In Brown Surrounded By Yellow Daffodils Unique Tattoo
Source:  @saraevetattoo via Instagram
Continuous Line Daffodil With Green And Yellow Watercolor Fill
Source: @neuhauser_tattooingc via Instagram
Delicate Black And Gray Hummingbirds Surrounded By Colored Flowers Unique Tattoo
Source: @cassienobleskinartist via Instagram
Poniard Snake Entwined Daffodil White Ink Flourishes Unique Tattoo
Source: @melissawyldetattoos via Instagram
Small Single Strip Rectangle Wallpaper Blue Yellow Daffodil Unique Tattoo
Source: via Instagram

Flower tattoo design often features great juxtaposition of color and black line. There are a fantastic range of yellow shades in this daffodil ink, deployed in a wide variety of styles. The yellow daffodil when meshed with subtle watercolor of green or bright saturation works beautifully contrasted against fine black continuous linework, or the grayscale image of a bird in flight.  

There’s even a narcissus flower tattoo connotation through links with the fine drawing of serpent and sword amongst beautiful white splashed black and gray flowers.  

The beautiful wallpaper daffodil tattoo design melding bunches of crisp yellow flowers backed by a beautiful ocean blue, is a fine example of unique, contemporary ink drawn cleanly against the skin.  

2. Delicate Daffodil Tattoo Design

Almost Calligraphy Side Piece Large Daffodil And Stem Delicate Tattoo
Source: @nabestiaccia via Instagram
Beautiful Bunch Of Bright Yellow Daffodils Red Ribbon Tie Delicate Tattoo
Source: @tattooist_suf via Instagram
Beautiful Inside Forearm Horizontal Lightline Daffodil Delicate Tattoo
Source: @brittany_tattoos via Instagram
Daffodil Flowers Inside Geometric Circle And Line Framing Delicate Tattoo
Source: @ashleytysonart via Instagram
Inside Forearm Small String Of Linework Daffodils Delicate Tattoo
Source: @ashleytysonart via Instagram
Right Wrist Vertical Continuous Line Daffodil Delicate Tattoo
Source: @pinzy.bespoke.tattoos via Instagram
Very Lighly Inked Black And Gray Pair Of Daffodils Delicate Tattoo
Source: @rickiestattoo via Instagram

Using delicate application to create a suitable tattoo design is fundamental for flower ink ideas. Daffodil tattoos differ from many other birth flower tattoos, such as a rose tattoo or lily of the valley – because usually it’s just the flower and petals displayed.  

These delicate daffodil tattoos do an excellent job incorporating the leaf and daffodil plant into many of the examples for depth and framing. There’s tremendously subtle color and linework used to augment the traditional black and gray, bold white, or yellow daffodil flowers, etched with fine linework, precise flourishes of shade, or even calligraphy like sweeping strokes of ink.  

3. Abstract Daffodil Tattoos

Classical Face Pulled In Half Surrounded By Flowers Abstract Daffodil Tattoo
Source:@viktoriachulok via Instagram
Flowing Yet Compact Design Negative Space Leaves Deatiled Abstract Daffodil Tattoo
Source: @sophiemoonbasetattoo via Instagram
Middle Part Negative Space Badge Below Detailed Abstract Daffodil Tattoo
Source: @ichan018 via Instagram
Single Stemmed Thick Black Side On Abstract Daffodil Tattoo
Source: @foxtailinkworks via Instagram
Skull Inside Flower And Script Abstract Daffodil Tattoo
Source: via Instagram
Triangle Of Bird And Clouds Inside Circle Of Flowers Abstract Daffodil Tattoo
Source: @wongplacewongtime via Instagram

Flower tattoo design can be arresting when the shackles are taken off, and stranger aspects or symbolism provides inspiration to the artist. Some subjects inked with these abstract designs have knowledge of death aspected symbolism linked to the Narcissus flower.

Narcissus refers to the genus of the daffodil family but also its ties to Greek Mythology. The split head of a Grecian woman, or a daffodil flower with skull inked into the center make for a good Narcissus tattoo idea.  

Other images in this section use more traditional daffodil tattoos, with minor changes to the design aspect, placement, or framing shapes used. In particular, the tattoo artist’s use of negative space to create differentiation between linework and message is done with clarity and skill, while heavy black ink for animals or frames adds interest to each, drawing attention to parts meant to section off the artwork.  

4. Color Daffodil Tattoos

Black And Gray Flowers Watercolor Green Yellow Fill Color Daffodil Tattoo
Source: @keronmchugh via Instagram
Bright Bunch Of Watercolor Flowers Andkle Tattoo Daffodils
Source: @louiseflynnart via Instagram
Forearm Beautifully Colored Realistic White Ink Daffodils Green Plant Color Tattoo
Source: @___soil via Instagram
Gold And Orange Lined Daffodil Green Plant Color Tattoo
Source: @liekdoro via Instagram
Outer Left Wrist Single Orange Daffodil Color Tattoo
Source: @silvia_smart_tattoo via Instagram
Single Plant Multiple Greens White Ink Flowers Daffodil Tattoo
Source: @nimketattoo via Instagram
Sleeping Grayscale Fluffy Fox Asleep Amongst Yellow Daffodils Color Tattoo
Source: @max_wood_art via Instagram
Yellow Flowers Black And Gray Plant Orange Butterfly Color Daffodil Tattoo
Source: @183ink via Instagram

The brilliance of daffodil flower tattoo is best exemplified through use of various color aspects. There’s truly amazing range in the yellow ink – it ranges from a washed out, hazy watercolor through to bright realistic, flaming orange, or even a banana bright colored flower tattoo.  

These different flowers are fantastic, conveying different meanings of the daffodil tattoo through color subtlety, supporting images of leaf and stem, or even incorporating animals. The degree of realism created by applying detailed white ink – both as a focal point to some flowers, or as a highlight to others – are the biggest standouts.  

Other images use color to augment black linework or traditional grayscale images to make cool tattoos matching the contrast in tattoo design.  

5. Linework Daffodil Tattoos

Awesome Use Of Versatile Lines Large Bunch Of Daffodils Linework Tattoo
Source: @calebcolpitts via Instagram
Epic Grayscale Daffodil Framed By Diamond Dotwork And Line Tattoo
Source: @secretsocietytattoo via Instagram
Geometric Shape In Purple Complemented By Black Single Line Daffodil Linework Tattoo
Source: @hollyandersonart via Instagram
Matching Pair Of Daffodil Bunch Linework Tattoos
Source: @tattoosbynicki via Instagram
Small Alice Large Daffodils Linework Tattoo
Source: @adbitch_7.7 via Instagram

It’s amazing that the tattoo artist’s interpretation of a short line, or use of lines together, or the thickness of a long line design inked just so into the right place, can completely change the features of a daffodil tattoo. These linework flower tattoo examples show fantastic precision, or deliberate disfunction and line disruption to show off innovative styles of black line ink.  

The only ones missing from these examples are a henna tattoo style pattern or daffodil based mandala tattoo to round out the collection of fantastic lines, swirls, shapes, and accents that the best linework brings out of floral ink.  

6. Black and Gray Daffodil Tattoos

Back Of Calf Flower Arrangement Black And Gray Tattoo
Source: @la_ligne_de_vi via Instagram
Daffodils And Daisies Shoulder Tattoo Black And Gray
Source: @ashleemshar via Instagram
Hatchwork Background Animal Skull With Daffodils Black And Gray Tattoo
Source: @johnhansentattoo via Instagram
Side Piece Trio Of Daffodils Well Scaled Black And Gray Tattoo
Source: @lemmytattoos via Instagram
Single Daffodil Full Plant With Bee Feeding Black And Gray
Source: @malloycreations via Instagram
Trio Of Daffodils Cut Held By Dainty Hand Black And Gray Tattoo
Source: @valkyrie_tattoo via Instagram

There’s nothing quite like drawing a floral tattoo in black and gray with the style and substance to make it look like an old school photograph. These flowers work simple elements of line and shading to create beautiful daffodils in numerous styles, sizes, and gradient variations.   

I can’t say that I’ve seen too many animal skulls flanked naturally by a birth flower – the sight of a blissfully buzzing bee is more commonplace – these simply arranged black and gray tattoos are wickedly crisp pieces of body art.   

Daffodil Tattoo FAQs  

What do daffodil tattoos symbolize?  

Daffodils are an overwhelmingly positive tattoo idea. They are utilized that way in the body art choice of individuals choosing the image – usually depicted in bold white or its classically cheerful yellow hue.   

While the Greeks had a comparatively dim view of the Daffodil to other cultures (see below), for many different cultures the daffodil has a different meaning. The flower is most often a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. Given its cultural ties to spring, other emotions and feelings likened to the daffodil flower include optimism, love, vitality, friendship, and positivity.  

Why are daffodils sometimes called the Narcissus Flower?  

Narcissus, in Greek, means numbness. The daffodil family’s bulbs contain a toxic chemical that when built up cause numbness, hence the name Narcissus was chosen for its genus.  

In ancient Greek Mythology the Narcissus flower was tied to the underworld – referenced by Homer in the Elysian fields of Odyssey. The Goddess Persephone was said to be picking the daffodil when summoned to the Underworld.  

The beautiful hunter Narcissus was punished by vengeful Goddess Nemesis for his blind self-regard, after callously spurning the nymph Echo. Narcissus died from starvation after being cursed to be unable to tear himself away from his own reflection in a pool of water. He turned into a daffodil after death.  

For Greek culture enthusiasts the daffodil can have both a modern take – the rebirth of Narcissus into a flower – or the mythological take of the death aligned Narcissus flower tattoo emphasis. 

Did you enjoy these daffodil flower tattoo ideas? For more floral tattoo inspiration click on the links below for more galleries:  

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