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Top 29 EST. Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

To most people, an Est. tattoo is nothing more than the abbreviation of the word ‘established.’ To others, this acronym means a lot more.

Some people associate their birth year with this particular abbreviation, but this is not always the case.

Tattooing a birth year on the skin is a way to show the world that you were born, but adding the ‘Est.’ to that year gives it a distinguishable meaning. The year of birth is no longer something that just happened and was simply recorded. The wearer chose to recognize this year as the year he was established. This man reclaimed something that some might see as chance, and he is now taking control of it.

The man who wears this tattoo is not here to live by chance but rather takes on life without remorse or fear. This type of man is going to forge his own life.

The tattoo could also be used by a person who wants to recognize a specific year or time. This year or time could be the moment that he feels marked the beginning of a new life. This man might have a story to tell, and it might start with that Est. year that he chose to tattoo on his skin. The tattoo can surely be a conversation starter.

1. Forearm EST Tattoos

Cool 1995 Negative Space Guys Est Outer Forearm Tattoo

Inner Forearm Banner Est 1993 Mens Ornate Tattoo Ideas

Manly Mens Est 1996 Outer Forearm Tattoo With Negative Space Numbers

Mens Est 1986 Forearm Tattoo

The forearm is a tattoo location that has gained popularity in the last ten years, with more and more people choosing to ink this part of their arm. It is great location for a number of different styles and designs, although it is perfectly suited to the ornate script of these Est. tattoos. The natural lines of the muscles in the forearm allow text to flow across the arm perfectly, while the ability to cover the ink with long sleeves gives the wearer a level of discretion regarding the visibility of the piece.  

2. Bicep EST Tattoos

Mens Script Ornate Est 83 Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo

3d Stone Mens Est 1978 Arm Tattoo

Inner Arm Bicep Mens Negative Space Est 1996 Tattoo

Man With Amazing Est 1996 Arm Tattoo With Script Design

The bicep has been one of the most popular places to get ink for decades, and for good reason. The larger size in comparison to the forearm makes it ideal for bigger and more detailed designs, while the placement further up the arm gives the wearer even more control over who does and doesn’t get to see their tattoo. Thanks to this larger size, the bicep is well suited for the elaborate filigree and intricate designs that many of the scripts utilize in these unique Est. tattoos. 

3. Back EST Tattoos

Upper Back Script Lettering Est 1986 Tattoo Designs For Men

Negative Space 1989 Est Mens Back Tattoo Ideas

Clouds With 1994 And Est Script Lettering Guys Back Tattoos

By far the largest canvas on the body, the back is a great choice for those that want to go big with their ink. While it is not the most easily visible location for tattoos, when at the beach or gym and the shirt comes off, these striking, large pieces are sure to turn heads. The broad expanse of skin on the back means that even more intricate details can be utilized in the complex scripts that these tattoos use. The back is also a great choice for the ability to incorporate other design elements into the tattoo further down the road.  

4. Chest EST Tattoos

Cool Mens Est 1990 Tattoo On Chest

Est 1995 Guys Chest Tattoos

Established 94 Mens Script Lettering Chest Tattoo

Guys Old Font Est 1969 Tattoo On Upper Chest

The chest is a popular place for tattoos and has been for decades. One reason that many people choose to get tattoos on their chest is the size of the canvas: a high level of detail can be used in these designs, while big bold lines can ensure that the piece will stand up to the test of time. Like back pieces, chest tattoos may not be visible in daily life—which many people prefer—but once the shirt comes off there is no missing these impressive tattoos.  

5. Shoulder EST Tattoos

Est 1973 Mens Shoulder Tattoo Designs

People have been getting tattoos on their shoulder for about as long as people have been getting tattoos. In the modern tattoo world the clichéd images of “Mom” tattoos have been replaced by intricate designs and mind blowing script. While most people choose to get tattoos on the outside of their shoulder, running down the arm, this is not the only part of the shoulder that can be used. As this tattoo demonstrates, the top of the shoulder is a unique and eye catching place to apply ink.  

6. Stomach and Rib EST. Tattoos

Masculine Script Est 1992 Mens Lower Chest Tattoo

Mens Decorative Black Ink Outline Est 1983 Tattoo On Stomach

Old School California State Outline Est 1990 Tattoo For Men On Ribs

Besides the back, the stomach and ribs are one of the largest canvases that can be utilized for tattoos, and while these parts of the body are notoriously painful this can be used to demonstrate the wearer’s resolve and dedication to their art. The variety of lines of the ribcage can also be incorporated into designs that can help a tattoo pop and make for a more dynamic piece. As these Est. tattoos demonstrate, the torso is a great location for ink. 

7. Calf EST. Tattoos

Mens Leg Calf Old English Est 1996 Tattoo

Shaded Black And Grey Ink Male Est 1985 Tattoo Design On Leg Calf

The calf is an interesting place where more and more people are choosing to get tattoos. The prominent musculature of the calves makes them an excellent choice and the location provides the wearer a greater amount of visual discretion than do the arms. Recent studies have also shown that the calves are general indicator of overall health and one of the body parts that women subconsciously respond to when searching for a mate…why not add a little ink? 

Est. Tattoo FAQs 

What does an Est. Tattoo symbolize? 

In the simplest of terms, Est. refers to the beginning of something or someone. Originally drawn from the business world, Est. was often inscribed on the door or signage of a shop as a way to display their time in the industry and in the community. Practically every tattoo shop in the country proudly sports their Est. sign and the year they opened. This simple little abbreviation has much more significant meanings than this however.  

Many people choose to accompany an Est. tattoo with the year they were born. For some this may seem insignificant, pointing out the obvious, but being born and being established are not the same thing. To be established is to be recognized as being valuable. Someone who is established is a force to be reckoned with.  

These tattoos proudly display that the wearer is a fixture in the world; they are not going anywhere and they are not someone to be underestimated. 


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