Mens Leather Bed Stu Hoover Ii Protege Boots Review

Men’s Leather Bed Stu Hoover II and Protege Boots Review

Few companies focus on making exceptional products while also not losing sight of their overall impact. The principles which drive BED|STÜ bond them to achieve these priorities exceptionally.

Initially started in LA and now located in Bedford Stuyvesant, NY, BED|STÜ is a family owned and operated business.

Craftsmanship is their art and leather their canvas. As true artists, BED|STÜ takes an in-depth look at what they are doing, how they are doing it but also what this means for the world they are in.

Sustainable products which do not last aren’t always very sustainable by principle. BED|STÜ makes it their mission to produce goods which are also made to endure sustainably.

By utilizing components that are as natural as possible, BED|STÜ footwear is committed to being a leader in sustainable footwear.

From the most beautiful full grain leathers to the softest suede, their boots and shoes are made without chrome, have organic tans and are of top quality. Right now they offer boots, shoes, sneakers, accessories, and bags. Also, they have a Made In Italy line as well.

Quality leather goods are increasingly more difficult to find. These products which are also sustainable are even rarer. BED|STÜ is really a beacon of sustainability for the leather products industry.

If handcrafted, well-made leather goods strike your fancy you need to read below on our experience with BED|STÜ, what we thought and how their Hover II and Protege boots performed. We thoroughly enjoy and highly recommend this brand.


Quick Highlights:

Hoover II

Guys Leather Boots Bed Stu Hoover Ii Review

– Available in black handwash and teak driftwood color finishes
– Chrome-free, vegetable tanned leather (plant-based dyes)
– Handmade construction
– Cushioned leather insole
– 5-inch shaft
– 1.25 inch cemented rubber outsole
– Full leather lined
– Odor resistant



Bed Stu Protege Guys Leather Boots

– Offered in 5 finishes including black lux, graphite dip dye, dark scarlett rustic, tan rustic white BFS, and tiesta di moro rustic.
– Supple chrome-free, tanned vegetable leather
– Handcrafted construction
– Rear YKK zipper for effortless on/off
– Soft leather lining with a breathable insole
– Goodyear welted outsole
– Resoleable construction
– 7-inch shaft height
– 1.25-inch heel featuring stacked leathers
– Heavy traction plate


Teak Driftwood Men’s Bed Stu Hoover II Boots Review

Mens Bed Stu The Hover Ii Boots Shoe Box

Bed Stu The Hover Ii Boots Leathet Tag

Top View Bed Stu The Hover Ii Boots For Men

Mens Fashion Bed Stu The Hover Ii Boots

Bed Stu The Hover Ii Boots For Men Leather Inner Lining

Comfortable Leather Insole Bed Stu The Hover Ii Mens Boots

Heel Detail Mens Bed Stu The Hover Ii Boots In Teak Driftwood Leather

Mens Leatherbed Stu The Hover Ii Boots Rear

Mens Style Footwear Bed Stu The Hover Ii Boots

Outsole Tread Pattern Guys Bed Stu The Hover Ii Boots

Side View Bed Stu The Hover Ii Boots For Men

Stiching On Side Mens Bed Stu The Hover Ii Leather Boots

Teak Driftwood Mens Bed Stu The Hover Ii Boots

Workshop Vegtable Tanned Leather Boot Tounge Mens Bed Stu The Hover Ii

Famously handmade by real people, the Hoover II Boots strive not only for maximum comfort and durability, but also for originality, authenticity, and uniqueness. With a sleek, one of a kind look, you can wear these boots for casual, everyday events or for special occasions.

Comprised of chrome-free and formaldehyde-free vegetable tanned leather in rich colors and one of a kind finishes, you are bound to find the perfect pair for you. Dyed with plant-based dyes, each and every color and finish is unique, possessing its own backstory and originating from a continuously evolving color palette. Variations are what make each pair special. You can choose a pair that truly reflects you and your own uniqueness. Always striving for quality and authenticity, you can be certain that you’ll be wearing only the very best of the best.

The innovative organic vegetable-tanned leather contains natural antimicrobial properties, which make keeping it clean and looking brand new a breeze. With these boots, you’ll know that you’ll always arrive in style.

Built for maximum comfort, the boots feature full leather lining, a cushioned leather insole, and a five-inch shaft, along with an impressive 1.25-inch cemented rubber outsole. So, instead of sacrificing comfort for fashion, you can combine them and wear the Hoover II’s all day and night, without a worry or a strain.

For a special, convenient, added bonus, the boots cover every base and are even odor resistant as well! The Hoover II’s are definitely the entire package and a must have for your wardrobe.

They are available in two stylish colors, black and brown, and in sizes eight, eight and a half, nine, nine and a half, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, and 13. One day in these boots and you will quickly realize that they are your new favorite pair.

Bed Stu Hoover Ii Mens Boots Review

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Mens Bed Stu Hoover Ii Leather Boots Review

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Tan Rustic White BFS Men’s Bed Stu Protégé Boots Review

Bed Stu Mens Protege Boots

Bed Stu Mens Tan Rustic Mason Bfs Vegtable Tanned Leather Upper Protege Boots

Bed Stu Protege Boots For Men Outsole

Bed Stu Protege Boots Vegtable Tanned Leather Lining

Bed Stu Protege Guys Boots Leather

Bed Stu Protege Mens Boots Rear Full Zipper

Heel Stiching Details Bed Stu Protege Boots For Guys

Leather Tag Details Bed Stu Protege Boots

Mens Fashion Bed Stu Protege Boots In Tan Rustic Mason Bfs

Mens Stylish Boots Bed Stu Protege In Tan Rustic Mason Bfs Leather Finish

Rustic Bed Stu Protege Boots Outsole Detail

Side View Mens Leather Boots Bed Stu Protege

Tan Rustic Mason Bfs Guys Bed Stu Protege Boots

Top View Mens Bed Stu Protege Boots Tan Rustic Mason Bfs

Ultra Soft Inner Lining Made Of Leather Bed Stu Protege Boots For Men

Vegtable Tanned Leather Insole Mens Bed Stu Protege Boots

The beautiful lux finish is what gives these boots their flare and fame. Inspired by the way bakers sprinkle flour on bread and then dust it off, the Protege Boots’ intriguing finish continues to patina over time, and as you wear them, you actually create your own individual and special pattern.

Available in five unique and stylish colors, and all with a stunning vintage finish, they come in black, weathered black, dark brown, light brown, and red. Each with its own special look, you can choose from an eclectic palette of options, a pair that best represent you, your wardrobe, and your personality. And no matter which you select, you’ll know that you’ve chosen wisely.

In addition to style and fashion, the Protege Boots also strive for comfort, durability, and longevity as well. From heel to toe, they provide remarkable comfort and protection for your feet and ankles. Starting with one of the most important parts of the shoe, the heels are comprised of layers and layers of stacked leather, which are then shaped and molded individually for a perfect customized fit. A method that originated centuries ago and has always been a symbol of exceptional quality and craftsmanship, the stacked heel offers maximum strength and support for comfortable and long lasting wear and tear.

Built to perform and endure, the leather is comprised of chrome-free and formaldehyde-free, vegetable tanned leather. Not only extremely resilient, the vegetable tanned leather is naturally antimicrobial as well, so keeping these boots clean and looking new is easier than ever. The boots feature a sturdy heavy-traction plate for maneuvering through the roughest of terrain without slipping. They include Goodyear welted outsoles and are made to be resoled in the future if necessary, so you can truly wear them for years and years to come.

Handmade by real people in Leon, Mexico, the Protege Boots feature leather lining with breathable insoles and rear YKK zippers for slipping on and off quickly and easily. They have a seven-inch shaft, 1.25-inch heels, and are available in sizes eight through 13.


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