Mountain Tattoo Designs For Men

40 Mountain Tattoo Designs For Men – Climbing To The Highest Peak

When it comes to overcoming obstacles, climbing Mount Everest is no easy task! Out of the 4,000 who have braved the climb, 240 have never made it back down the mountain.

Imagine being trapped 20,000 feet in the sky and left to freeze to death.

Regardless of how much your team wishes to save you, at certain heights it becomes near impossible.

The climb can be quite dark when it goes wrong, however the symbolism of mountains is quite positive and naturally beautiful.

For starters, there’s the idea that mountains can represent major challenges in life. In order to succeed, we must reach the top and that means making progress one step at a time.

Some associate them with more spiritual meanings such as literally rising as you reach new heights in the life. As generally isolated places, they can serve as a reminder of the difficulty in reaching things when we feel as if we are all alone. In other words, loneliness would be a great way to describe it.

When you consider that mountains are practically immovable, it symbolizes stability in life too. Not to mention, thanks to science we know that eighty percent of all fresh water originates from the mountains. In a sense, they are givers of life since we must drink to survive.

In a moment here, I’m going to take you up some 29,036 feet in the Himalayas to look at the highest peak in the world. These top 40 best mountain tattoo designs for men will also take your inspiration to new elevations. When you come back down, you’ll have numerous great ideas for your next adventure at the tattoo shop!


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