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39 Mountain Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

When it comes to overcoming obstacles, climbing Mount Everest is no easy task! Out of the 4,000 who have braved the climb, 240 have never made it back down the mountain.

Imagine being trapped 20,000 feet in the sky and left to freeze to death.

Regardless of how much your team wishes to save you, at certain heights it becomes near impossible.

The climb can be quite dark when it goes wrong, however the symbolism of mountains is quite positive and naturally beautiful.

For starters, there’s the idea that mountains can represent major challenges in life. In order to succeed, we must reach the top and that means making progress one step at a time.

Some associate them with more spiritual meanings such as literally rising as you reach new heights in the life. As generally isolated places, they can serve as a reminder of the difficulty in reaching things when we feel as if we are all alone. In other words, loneliness would be a great way to describe it.

When you consider that mountains are practically immovable, it symbolizes stability in life too. Not to mention, thanks to science we know that eighty percent of all fresh water originates from the mountains. In a sense, they are givers of life since we must drink to survive.

In a moment here, I’m going to take you up some 29,036 feet in the Himalayas to look at the highest peak in the world. These top 40 best mountain tattoo designs for men will also take your inspiration to new elevations. When you come back down, you’ll have numerous great ideas for your next adventure at the tattoo shop!

1. Realistic Mountain Tattoos 

Here are some great examples of how a talented artist can create lifelike high-altitude tattoos.  

Arm Mountain Side Tattoo On Men

This is an incredible piece that uses black and gray ink and a well-planned composition to create a stunning landscape that realistically captures the trees and river of a valley fading into the distant mountains topped by constellations in the night sky.  

Knee And Legs Mountain And Forest Men's Tattoo

An interesting design, this artist uses black ink and gray wash shading to capture the pine trees leading up to the towering peak as well as including details like a soaring hawk to make for a more dynamic tattoo. 

Arm Outdoors Nature Mountain Tattoo For Men

Here, a realistic approach is applied to this clean black and gray tattoo that looks to be directly inspired by a photograph of a snowboarder barreling down a snowy peak. 

Back Masculine Mountain Tattoo For Men

This piece uses color ink to create a montage effect that allows the artist to capture the outdoor activities and mountains that hold a deep enough significance to the wearer that he got them permanently adorned across his entire back.  

Bicep Men's Japanese Mountain Tattoo

Here, the artist uses clean black and gray work to create depth and create a scene complete with stands of fir trees and towering mountains that are quintessential of the alpine wilderness.  

Mountain Tattoo Ideas For Men On Back Shoulder

This is an excellent design that uses subtle nuance of gray tones, as well as negative space and saturated black to increase contrast in this stunning ode to the unmistakable and sacred Japanese peak of Mt. Fuji.

Tattoos, like any other artistic medium, are made up of dozens of different styles and aesthetics that let artists create the pictures they see in their minds; and these different styles appeal to different people. Some enjoy abstract renditions with vibrant colors and loose lines, while others prefer more realistic interpretations. Though not necessarily to everyone’s taste, realistic tattoos are a popular style that can demonstrate an artist’s skill and the client’s patience, and mountain scenes make great subject matter for these technically demanding pieces. 

Alpine scenes can be incorporated into great realistic tattoos thanks to the near limitless potential for creativity they hold. Want to create a tattoo that has multiple levels of depth and perspective? The different layers of forest, mountains and clouds are perfect for this. Would you like to incorporate different plants and animals? Mountain scenes are excellent designs that allow an artist plenty of room to add just these sorts of details. A black and gray Ansel Adams inspired piece? No problem. Vibrant colors? That works too.

2. Illustrative Mountain Tattoos

The following pieces are great examples of what is possible when an artist approaches a design with a less than realistic method.  

Sleeve Mountain Tattoos For Men

In this mountain inspired design, the artist has added a large sun at the top of the piece, complementing the existing black and grey alpine scene on the rest of this clean, mountain tattoo sleeve.  

Cool Men's Mountain Tattoo On Upper Arm

Blue Campfire Mountain Nature Tattoos For Men On Thigh

This is a lovely piece that uses vibrant colors and excellent composition to create an ode to the wilderness and the wearer’s love of spending time in the great outdoors. 

Camping Rocky Mountain Tattoo For Men

Here is another piece that creates a balanced composition and employs an informed use of color to create a great tattoo inspired by nights spent under the stars, sat around a roaring campfire in the shadow of towering peaks.  

Chest White Mountain Tattoo For Men

This artist took an illustrative approach to this design and uses cool blue tones to create these slightly abstract peaks, while applying just enough ink to capture the essential lines of the mountains without getting bogged down in small details.  

Colorful Mountain Tattoo Designs For Men On Forearm

This is a great piece that intelligently uses bright colors and limited line work to create a tattoo that brings to mind the stained glass windows of cathedrals, perhaps a nod to the wearer going to “church” in the mountains.  

Forearm Men's Holy White Mountain Tattoo

This piece uses excellent line work as well clean whip shading on these craggy peaks, bringing them to life with a subtle use of white ink.  

Not everyone prefers realistic designs; in fact, many people feel that more stylized interpretations are better suited for tattoos. For these people tattoos are an opportunity to display works of art that don’t need to adhere to a strict visual interpretation of reality. Instead, an artist can be given a higher degree of control, creating an interesting piece that is visually appealing and at the same time perfectly captures the essential elements required to understand the image.  

Mountain scenes are excellent subjects for these illustrative designs. The soaring peaks, towering trees and cascading streams provide plenty of creative fodder for a talented artist to create moving pieces of art. Whether utilizing a loose, gesture style approach that utilizes fine line work to create the impression of peaks and valleys fading in the distance, or bold lines and vibrant colors to give the effect of hand painted sign boards, these creative pieces demonstrate the potential of alpine scenes to make striking tattoos.  

The following pieces are great examples of what is possible when an artist approaches a design with a less than realistic method.  

3. Dotwork Mountain Ink

Mountains, with their endless potential for depth and layers, make perfect subjects for dotwork tattoo method, and here are some great examples. 

Forearm Mountain Tattoo Designs For Guys

In this great piece, an incredible level of detail and depth is created using an impressive application of tiny stippling that is a testament to both the skill and the patience of the artist. 

Mountain Tattoo Sleeve For Men On Chest

This piece uses subtle stipple work along with precise lines in the hatching to create a mountain scene that brings to mind 19th century lithographs and perfectly completes the existing script work in this chest tattoo.  

Men's Mountain Scenery Tattoos On Inner Forearm

Here, a more abstract approach is taken, with the alternating tones in the geometric mountains created using dense stipple work that eventually fades to negative space in the top of the tattoo. 

Mountain Tattoo Designs For Men On Bicep

This clean tattoo is executed using limited line work and stipple shading in conjunction with an informed use of negative space and an interesting placement on the inside bicep.  

There are many different ways to create the dark and light tones that produce the depth that makes for interesting tattoos. When using color ink this effect is achieved through blending different colors with white and black to create the variety of tones that create the impression of objects appearing at different distances. In black and gray tattoos this is usually done in a similar way by creating a progression of gray tones and shading them to create depth.  

A growing trend in the last several years in the tattoo world is the use of stipple work to create this variation in tonesStippling, or dot work, is the method of applying dense layers of single dots to create a cohesive design. The different densities of these single points can create the variation of tones that makes a tattoo pop. This technique, when expertly applied, can create tattoos that are reminiscent of hand etched lithographs.  

4. Surreal Mountain Tattoos

The following tattoos are great examples of what is possible when a talented artist takes a surrealist approach to mountain inspired tattoos.  

Face Mountain Top Tattoos For Men

In this piece, the artist uses contrasting styles—realistic in the patterns of the cap and shirt, with a more surreal interpretation of a mountain skyline filling the face—to create a one of a kind tattoo that perfectly conveys the importance of mountains to the wearer. 

Men's Wilderness Mountain Tattoo Designs On Legs

This artist uses a realistic approach to create the different elements in this forest scene, while the disjointed composition incorporates these elements into a dreamlike tattoo that is reminiscent of a surreal, black and gray painting.  

Vivid Sky Manly Men's Mountain Tattoos

This is a great tattoo that demonstrates the way that a simple concept can come to life with the help of a talented artist and a clever use of color, black ink and negative space. 

Mountain Men's Tattoo Inspiration On Forearm

This piece, no doubt a tribute to the wearer’s time on the slopes, uses an application of color that is reminiscent of watercolor paintings, along with bold black lines to create the outline that defines this dreamy, mountain tattoo.  


Here we will examine some tattoos that take this surreal approach to interpret these powerful symbols of freedom, the natural world and man’s place in it. 

As we have seen, tattoos are limited only by artist’s imagination and skill, which means that almost anything is possible with the right tattoo artist. To be surreal is to contain elements that can be hard to interpret, having a dreamlike quality that can blend seemingly disparate concepts into powerful art. Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso are probably the most famous artists of this dreamy school and their works are some of the best examples of the style. 

Surreal tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years as the boundaries of what is considered possible with this ancient artistic outlet are continually shattered by some of the best artists in the industry, like Pietro Sedda out of Barcelona and Massachusetts’s Kelly Doty.

5. Mountain Landscape Painting Inspired Tattoos

The following tattoos use bright colors and expert application to create dramatic mountain landscapes that would look just as appealing hanging on a wall at a ski resort as they do on skin. 

Mountain Tattoo Inspiration For Men On Bicep

This is a beautiful piece that uses fully saturated colors to perfectly create an alpine scene, complete with snowy peak, tree covered hilltops and the entire scene expertly reflected back in the ripples of mountain lake.

Wilderness Mountain Tattoo For Men On Arm

Here is another colorful mountain landscape created using a gradation of tones and application of ink that give this tattoo the impression of being painted on the skin: you can practically see the brush strokes in the forest at the bottom of this excellent quarter sleeve tattoo. 

Tattoos Of Mountains For Men

Realistic Men's Arm Tattoo With Mountain On Arms

Forearm Male Japanese Mountain Tattoos

This is an interesting forearm piece that uses black, blue and white ink to create a forest scene that is notable for the way the artist incorporated white ink in order to backlight the trees, improving definition in this tattoo.  

For some people a classic sensibility is what they strive for in their body art. People have been recreating the world around them since the first humans drew animals on cave walls millennia ago and we continue this tradition to this day. Almost every famous artist, from every school and style, has used natural landscapes as subject matter, and it makes sense. The levels of detail that can be achieved in these intricate pieces give artists ample room to create entire worlds on canvas.  

Once again, these designs display the endless potential that alpine scenes have in creating vibrant, eye catching tattoos. The subtle variation of colors, the opportunities to create different layers and impressions of depth and the variety of styles that can be utilized all work to together to provide artists the perfect subject for these tattoos.  

6. Mountain and Waves Tattoos 

Here are some great designs that incorporate the contrasting elements of waves and mountains to create meaningful tattoos.  

Shoulder Masculine Mountain Tattoo Designs For Men

In this exceptional piece the artist uses several different techniques—stylized roiling water, realistic tree silhouettes and a simplified mountain—to perfectly capture the variation in the alpine environment and at the same time show off their range of skills.

Creative Men's Mountain Tattoo Outline Style

This is an interesting piece that uses fine line work and negative space to create the waves crashing against the mountains, and while the concept is sound this piece does suffer from shaky lines and an inconsistent application. 

Outdoors Nature Mountain Tattoo For guys On Upper Leg

This piece uses clean black and gray shading along with negative space to create this Japanese inspired scene that highlights the contrasting nature of ocean and mountains.  

7. Black and Gray Mountain Tattoos

These designs demonstrate what a talented artist can do with a meaningful subject matter and a limited color palette.   

Unique Men's Colorado Mountain Tattoos

This clean, black and gray piece uses a variety of tones and shading, along with expert negative space, to create a simplified depiction of a mountain scene, complete with fir trees and ambling stream that is reminiscent of comic book art.  

Tattoo Mountain View For Males

Here, the artist takes a restrained approach to a mountain scene, using a gentle gradation of black ink to create a brushstroke effect that is reminiscent of the Japanese watercolor paintings from the Muromachi Period of the 14th century. 

Stomach Men's Mountain Man Tattoo

In this stunning, stomach and chest tattoo the artist uses a limited number of bold lines to create the outline of the mountain as well as the jagged lightning bolts, while a more subtle use of gray wash and whip shading are used to give this towering peak depth, creating a more dynamic tattoo.

Mountain Tattoos Designs For Men On Arm Half Sleeve

The artist here uses black and white ink along with negative space to increase contrast and create the alternating layers that give this piece a surprisingly detailed sense of depth while maintaining definition. 

Mountain Men's Tattoos On Shoulder


Half Sleeve Man With Mountain View Tattoo

Wrist Guy's Mountain Tattoo Designs

There are few things that convey a sense of timelessness and maintain a classic sensibility the way that black and white photography does. Whether it is a subtle gradation of tones or stark contrast, this artistic medium seems perfectly suited to convey a sense of drama that is difficult to match in color. It is interesting how everyday objects can take on a deeper significance when shot in black and white compared to a similar image captured in full color.  

Tattoos are no different. While there is no mistaking the appeal of bright, vibrant colors in certain tattoo styles, the dramatic effect of black and gray is undeniable. The smooth gradation of tones that can create depth as well as the ability to create fully saturated black and increase contrast in a piece are put to excellent use in mountain tattoos. The majestic peaks and ambling rivers are the perfect subject matter for these clean tattoos. 


Mountains have fascinated man since the beginning of time and these rugged pinnacles have been the stage for countless dramas, both in myth and in reality. In the ancient Greek tradition, Mt. Olympus—the tallest mountain on the island nation—was thought to be the home of the gods, with myriad stories and myths told about the perilous journeys of heroes and villains played out on this craggy peak.   

In New Zealand the Taranaki people based their entire lives around their sacred Mount Taranaki. Not only do they draw sustenance from the rivers and streams that run down from the mountain, but it also plays an integral role in the creation myth that serves to define their way of life.  

In more modern times mountains have come to represent obstacles and an intense desire to conquer hurdles, both physical and mental. While these massive features are so commonly thought of as unmoving and insurmountable, to others they represent a test that life has placed in their path.  

For still others, mountains represent a freedom from the daily grind of everyday life in the modern world. This land of high peaks and sprawling forests inspire nostalgia for a simpler time when nature provided everything a man needed, and for some regular trips to the wilderness are required to stay sane.  

Whatever the symbolic meaning that  individuals assign to these majestic geological features, there is no doubt that man’s ancient fascination with mountains still stirs deep emotions and these lofty pinnacles continue to make for dramatic tattoos.  

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