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Top 103 Best Stomach Tattoos Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Aside from the back, the stomach welcomes colossal art with ease; there’s plenty of space to ink. However, the moment you start inching towards your hip bones, belly button and rib cage, you’re in for a real treat.

When the tattoo machine starts vibrating all over the stomach and poking you in the gut it’s enough to well, literally make you stomach sick while sitting in the chair. Sure, this area is generally higher in fat than most, however that doesn’t mean it’s less sensitive!

Though, the pain and uneasiness alone shouldn’t prevent any man from choosing that spot on the body. In truth, the suffering will fade away as a distant memory within time.

On the bright side of things, both the upper and lower stomach areas are completely concealable. Aside from in the bedroom and out at the beach of course.

To help you visualize what’s possible on this giant body canvas, I’ve put together a collection of the top 100 best stomach tattoos for men. From smaller designs that drift over onto the rib cage to full chest and stomach designs that are awe-inspiring with talented artistry, there’s countless ideas to admire.

1. Awe-Inspiring Stomach Tattoos 

When you have the amount of space available for a tattoo as you do on the stomach, the smart thing to do is to go all out and create a jaw dropping, awe-inspiring tattoo. These designs can be etched in a myriad of styles and applications and utilize full color or black and gray. The main factor to be concerned with here is making them look as dramatic and intense as possible.  

2. Terrifying Stomach Tattoos 

A truly dark and terrifying tattoo takes on a new dimension when applied to a canvas space as large as the stomach. This extra scope allows your artist to increase detail, shading, and make greater use of color in a way that can turn a creepy design into a living nightmare. These examples show the effects, whether full color or black and gray. You and your artist should be able to craft a strikingmacabre design that makes sensational use of the space available.  

3. Illustrative Stomach Tattoos

These tattoos make use of several artistic styles to create images that are high quality. Borrowing design techniques like a bold outline strategy from American Traditional and the attention to detail and shading you might find in realism; a truly well-done illustrative tattoo creates an image that is reminiscent of fine art in many instances. 

4. Full Color Stomach Tattoos 

A good quality color tattoo makes an amazing contrast to the natural colors of human flesh. This is what makes them so eye-catching. A full color stomach tattoo is even more impressive when colored expansively, thanks to the large scale an artist can work with to affect an arresting image. A good use of color theory is important in these pieces, along with an ability to really punch in and saturate with a wide range of ink to give the tattoo strength and depth. 

5. Epic Detailed Stomach Tattoos 

When it comes to application of tattoos you can get an amazing piece of art done with very little detail, or you can hammer in those details with precision.  Your artist can get creative with depth and the level of detail they punch in, because the stomach offers such a large canvas. This technique makes for great realism but also applies to any style requiring fine line work, rich shading and clever use of light, shadow, and negative space to craft a meticulous tattoo. 

6. Realistic Stomach Tattoos 

Realism works best when your artist has the space to punch in those fine details and shading that make it look like an actual photograph. The stomach is a great place for a realistic tattoo, affording your artist the room to work on fine detail. Shading, negative space, fine line work and attention to detail when applied with precision and skill will make your stomach tattoo come to life.  

7. Traditional Stomach Tattoos 

Traditional tattoos are deceptively complex despite their apparent simplicity. They make use of a precise color palette that most often includes red, green, and yellow. The outline must be clear around the whole image, and is generally thicker than the outline found on other styles. The design should be clean, clear, and legible, and the colors should have good depth of saturation to make them stand out. You can use this style to make a stomach piece as large or small as you like.

8. Beastly Stomach Tattoos 

The stomach and chest create the optimal canvas on the human body in terms of size and location. It’s a great space to go wild with a big, beastly feature tattoo. The space allows your artist to dive into intricate detail, bringing any animal image to life regardless of the style and application method chosen. The natural musculature of the stomach can make an animal head or a bird with outstretched wings fit the area exceptionally well.  

9. Subdued Stomach Tattoos 

A stomach tattoo doesn’t need to cover your entire torso to be effective. These smaller, more subdued designs make excellent use of the space without being overpowering. Any design style or color choice can work, it’s just a matter of understanding where to place it effectively, and how to be restrained in the design and application.

10. Lettered Stomach Tattoos 

Tattoo lettering demands clarity more than most other styles. If your tattoo can’t be read, then it fails in what it has set out to do. Artists need a steady hand, and the ability to pull lines that retain the same weight and style all the way through for a lettered tattoo to be applied with success.

The stomach demands an extra layer of skill because the flesh is so elastic and malleable. Depending on how you sit, stand, or bend you can drastically change the way a stomach tattoo looks, so you and the artist need to keep that in mind when exploring quote concepts.

Did you find these stomach tattoos interesting but looking for more inspiration? Click on the links below for other galleries exploring the upper body.


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