Small Chest Tattoos For Guys

Top 51 Small Chest Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

There are many popular places for men to sport tattoos. Some, like the back and inner forearms, which are more traditional approaches to ink. Others, prefer full sleeves which are more recent, though no less breathtaking for it.

A few are edgy and taboo; no matter how much is said about face tattoos, people still get them.

The small chest tattoo is different, however. Just take a look at our gallery of designs featuring awe-inspiring and meaningful small chest tattoos for men below!

Under normal circumstances, a small chest tattoo isn’t on display. It carries with it the sense of something a bit more personal than many other tattoos. Certainly, an enthusiast finds meaning in all their ink, but a small tattoo over someone’s heart usually reflects something special carried within it. The sharing of such — as with a romantic partner, perhaps the only person to see it regularly; can be something really special.

Any design can be a small chest tattoo. Popular designs now include Chinese characters for qualities the bearer finds virtuous, tribal designs, roses, and short, inspirational quotes. Others might include animals, like in a medieval knight’s heraldry or crest. It’s also a common location to have tattooed images that reflect some dangerous career or service, such as time spent in the military, or as a fireman or deep-sea fisherman.

Every tattoo should tell a story about the gentleman wearing it, something that reminds them of who they are, and which will help draw those important to their lives even closer.

1. Small 3D Chest Tattoos 

Guys Small 3d Cross With Bible Quote Tattoo On Chest

Mens Chest Atom Small Tattoo Ideas

Small Mens Colorful Skull Chest Tattoo

3d Puzzle Peice Mens Small Chest Tattoos

An interesting trend is growing in the tattoo world that really highlights the skill and creativity of the artists who can achieve this effect. Through a variety of techniquesincluding drop shadows, textures and forced perspective, skilled artists can create a three dimensional effect that gives these pieces the appearance of depth and makes for one of a kind tattoos.  

2. Nautical Themed Small Chest Tattoos

3d Realistic Anchor With Ocean Wave And Lighthouse Small Mens Chest Tattoos

Chest Mens Compass Abstract Small Chest Tattoo

Cool Mens Banner Micah 6 8 Compass Small Upper Chest Tattoo

Manly Small Simple Mens Mimalistic Anchor Chest Tattoo

Out of the American traditional school of tattooing and its nautical themes arose modern Western tattooing. Thanks to the powerful imagery associated with the sea—and the ships and men who ride her swells—nautical tattoos continue to remain popular. Whether taking an American traditional approach with bold lines and vibrant colors, or using a more photo-realistic strategy, the sea makes for some powerful tattoos that are sure to turn heads.  

3. Small Script Chest Tattoos

Mens Small Quote Upper Chest Tattoo Ideas

Male With Small Veni Veni Vici Words Upper Chest Tattoo

Veni Vidi Vici Script Lettering Mens Upper Chest Small Tattoo Designs

Bible Verse Small Chest Tattoos For Guys

Script is an excellent choice for those that want their tattoos to clearly and precisely represent their feelings and attitudes: there is little room for interpretation of a tattoo that explicitly says “I love my family”. However, script is not without its own beauty. Many tattoo artists specialize in script work, spending years honing their skills and are practiced in applying a variety of different fonts and typefaces to the skin.  

4. Technical Small Chest Tattoos

Dotwork Flower Rune Male Upper Chest Small Tattoo Designs

Amazing Mens Sun Outer Space Small Chest Tattoo Designs

Black And Grey Ink Small Praying Hands With Rosary Chest Tattoos For Men

Detiled Mens Shaded Small Upper Chest Tattoo Design Ideas

Small Origami Male Crane Geometric Tattoo On Upper Chest

Boat On Lake With Night Sky Guys Modern Small Chest Tattoos

Some people prefer more restrained designs that use a limited amount of line work to create interesting designs. For other people this just simple isn’t enough.

These tattoos demonstrate a number of different methods for applying ink, from the meticulous application of thousands of tiny dots to create a smooth gradation of tones, to bold line work that is reminiscent of lithographs. The technical skill is impressive and the painstaking attention to detail is extraordinary. 

5. Black Ink Small Chest Tattoos

Rune Mens Small Chest Tattoos

World Map Mens Small Black Ink Tattoo On Chest

True Friends Stab You In The Front Mens Small Quote Chest Tattoos

Tree Of Life Male Small Chest Tattoos

Masculine Negative Space Sun Mens Small Simple Center Of Chest Tattoos

Geometric Mens Small Chest Tattoos

Mens Black Ink Outline Small Geometric Heart Tattoo On Chest

Like the subdued elegance of a black tuxedo, there is something inherently appealing about black line work tattoos. It never ceases to amaze, the variety of techniques and styles that can effectively utilize bold black ink to create interesting tattoos. These pieces demonstrate what is possible with the most basic of color palettes. 

6. Animal Themed Small Chest Tattoos

Small Bald Eagle Male Chest Tattoos

Egyptian Bettle Guys Dotwork Small Chest Tattoos

Cool Small Deer Antlers Small Chest Tattoos For Men

Flying Sparrow Mens Small Chest Tattoos

Simple Small Wolf With Heartbeart Guys Chest Tattoos

Watercolor Small Dog Paw Print Male Chest Tattoos

People are fascinated with animals. The cats and dogs we spend our lives with are only a small cross section of animals that people choose to ink on their bodies. Many people associate different wild animals with personality traits that they feel represent them: for some a tiger is the perfect way to represent their tenacious nature. For others a hummingbird might signify their appreciation of the beauty of nature. The possibilities are endless when it comes to animal inspired designs.  

7. Black and Red Small Chest Tattoos

Geometrical Mens Dotwork Star Pattern Small Red And Black Ink Chest Tattoos

Guys Repeating Knot Black And Red Ink Small Upper Chest Tattoos

While commonly associated with the Trash Polka style in the tattoo world, black and red is an ink color combination that has some specific connotations. Red is an aggressive color although it can sometimes have trouble showing up certain skin tones. Black is perfectly suited to add contrast and help make for an interesting design that will better stand up to the test of time.  

8. Black and Gray Small Chest Tattoos

Guys Sketched Rose Flower Shaded Black And Grey Ink Small Chest Tattoos

Male With Small Origami Paper Bird Dotwok Upper Chest Tattoo

Mens Revolver Small Cool Chest Tattoo Design Ideas

Ornate Letter S Mens Small Chest Tattoos

Toronto Skyline Maple Leaf Small Chest Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Triangle Flame Small Chest Tattoos For Guys

Some of the best tattoos are created using the classic black and gray color scheme. From the bold fully saturated blacks at one end of the spectrum, all the through gray tones and negative space, the smooth gradation that a talented artist can achieve with black and gray ink is impressive and be effectively utilized in a number of styles.  

9. Minimalist Small Chest Tattoos

Celtic Tribal Knot Mens Small Black Ink Tattoo On Chest

Gentleman With Cool Small Soundwave Tattoo On Upper Chest

Simple Chef Mens Small Cooking Themed Chest Tattoos

Sometimes it is surprising how appealing designs that utilize a minimalist approach can be. A talented artist can use a clever composition that uses the minimal number of lines to perfectly capture the quintessential elements of a design with no superfluous ink.  

Small Chest Tattoo FAQs 

How much does a small chest tattoo cost? 

In a perfect world we wouldn’t have to worry about price; artists, designs and personal significance would be the only factors that shape the tattoos that people choose to get. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and price is a major factor when considering future ink.  

When it comes to small chest tattoos like the ones featured here, they can be completed in a single session, which means a lower starting price right off the bat. Most shops have a minimum rate, so even if you are getting a tattoo the size of a nickel, expect to pay over $50 USD (likely more depending on the city and state).  

As of this year, the national average for small tattoos is about $250. Obviously averages allow for wiggle room on either end, but expecting to pay around $250 is a safe bet that will help prevent sticker shock when walking into a shop and consulting with an artist. 

Did you enjoy these small chest tattoos but need some more ink inspiration. Click on the links below for more cool small tattoo imagery:




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