Top 80 Best Skull Tattoos For Men

Top 80 Best Skull Tattoos For Men – The Seat Of The Soul

You’ll be surprised at the meaning behind skull tattoos.

Most assume on first glance their scary, morbid, and intimidating form symbolizes one thing: Death. The truth is, skulls can symbolize everything from celebration of life to serving as a way to ward off evil spirits.

Take for instance the ancient Celtics, who believed skulls were the seat of the soul. The motivation of the mind; constantly creating and cycling the power of life.

Exploring the Renaissance time period reveals that they were a tribute to earth’s delicate nature. Every man dies, as the nature of life is only a temporary one. It’s a reminder of how chasing greed will eventually come to an end.

Under alchemical symbolism, skulls were an icon of higher intelligence, consciousness, forethought and judiciousness. They are what separated mankind’s brilliant mind from that of the irrational beast.

And I’m sure you’ve seen skulls being touted by pirates; literally every pirate movie incorporates them. To pirates they have a meaning of power, strength and protection. But also triumph and rebellion. Some even collect skulls as trophies to say without speaking, “don’t even try us”.

During the Mexican Day of the Dead, sugar skull tattoos have taken lively symbol of being one to celebrate the lives of lost loved ones. They are a tribute to those that have passed.

Last but not last, skulls can mean a significant life change. Combine them with roses and you have the perfect idea of what good and evil looks like. It’s an interesting way to showcase the contrast and balance of life.

Now that you know the history behind the skull itself, take a glance at these top 80 best skull tattoos for men. In terms of innovation, they are beyond creative ad should give you plenty of ideas and designs.


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Traditional Skull Tattoo

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