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100 Video Game Tattoos For Men – Gamer Ink Designs

Have you ever stopped to consider how many awesome video game tattoos are in the world? If you haven’t already realized the glorious potential in this niche, then we’ve got you covered.

Video games and tattoos both have a lot in common, especially since both went from niche to mainstream within the last 30 years.

Therefore, video game tattoos are merely a natural progression for suave millennial men everywhere.

Obviously, it all starts with the arcade classics like Pong and Pacman. From this point, it transitions to the frenzied world of Nintendo characters like Mario, Link and Donkey Kong. Afterwards, the industry exploded to included thousands of franchises like Halo.

Now, we have more titles than ever, and all of them feature crazy original designs that can make exquisitely hip tattoos. Seriously, nothing amps up the nerd cred more than a well-designed video game piece.

Avid gamers know that video games aren’t just a hobby; instead, they are a lifestyle and an obsession. Therefore, video game tattoos are simply a natural progression for today’s wired culture.

Whether you are pursuing the charm of eighties arcade games or today’s hyper-realistic titles, you will certainly find a design to your liking in the guide below!


3d Luigi Video Game Character Tattoos For Guys On Leg

3d Mario Video Game Male Tattoos

Abtract Watercolor Male Video Game Tattoos In Black Ink

Aku Aku Mask Crashbandit Video Game Mens Wrist Tattoos

Amazing Halo Video Game Tattoo On Males Leg

Ash Pokemon Cool Video Game Bicep Tattoo Design Inspiration

Assassins Creed Half Sleeve Guys Video Game Tattoo Design

Back Of Leg Calf Guys Vide Game Tattoos

Bioshock Guys Video Game Sleeve Design

Bloodhound Video Game Tattoos For Guys

Charzard Mens Video Game Pokemon Gameboy Tattoos On Arm

Cool Creative Video Game Themed Pokemon Guys Tattoos

Cool Dead Pool Shaded Ink Male Video Game Tattoo

Cool Luigi Jumping Over Turtle Shell Video Game Guys Tattoos

Cool Mario Realistic Mens Tattoos On Legs

Cool Masked Man Video Game Lighting Tattoos For Guys With Blue Ink

Cool Megaman Guys Video Game Leg Tattoos

Cool Mens Video Game Black Ink Pokemon Tattoo Designs

Cool Pixalated Duck Hunt Inner Arm Male Video Game Tattoo Designs

Cool Shaded Ink Star Wars Video Game Tattoo For Men On Foot

Cool Upper Chest Black Ink Video Game Tattoos For Guys

Crashbandit Mens Upper Arm Vide Game Tattoo Design

Creative Fallout Guys Video Game Leg Tattoos

Dark Souls Video Game Guys Tattoo Sleeves

Diable Mens Leg Video Game Tattoo Designs

Dragonballz Male Tattoo Video Game Design On Leg

Dragonball Z Mens Shaded Video Game Tattoo On Forearm

Fallout Shaded Video Game Black Ink Tattoos For Guys

Fallout Small Male Video Game Tattoo Designs

Fallout Video Game Themed Tattoos For Guys On Leg

Final Fantasy Video Game Guys Bicep Tattoos

Flying Fire Breathing Dragon Video Game Pokemon Tattoos For Guys On Upper Thigh

Full Mario Video Gamed Themed Sleeve Tattoos For Guys

Full Mens Sleeve Tattoo Of Bioshock Video Game

Gentleman With Vegeta Dragonball Video Game Tattoo Designs

Gentleman With Video Game Tattoo Sleeve

Guys Final Fantasy VII Video Game Tattoo Sleeve Designs

Guys Hand Tattoo Of Assassins Creed Video Game Skull Design

Guys Iron Man Video Game Bicep Tattoos

Guys Thigh Deadpool Watercolor Video Game Tattoo Ideas

Guys Video Game Naruto Bicep Tattoo Design Ideas

Guys Video Game Spiritual Stones Zelda Lower Forearm Tattoo

Guys Video Game Tattoos Of Subzero Mortal Kombat On Leg Calf

Guy With Star Wars Video Game Tattoo Watercolor Ink Design

Halo Upper Arm Realistic Guys Video Game Tattoo Designs

Halo Watercolor Video Game Shaded Male Tattoos

Incredible Final Fantasy Upper Arm Video Game Tattoo For Guys

Juggernog Bottle Video Game Call Of Duty Mens Tattoos

Lego Themed World Of Warcraft Video Game Bicep Tattoo

Luigi Video Game Themed Mens Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Male Video Game Dinklebot Foot Tattoos

Manly Video Game Tattoo On Guy Cool Shaded Ink Design Ideas

Man With Cubone Video Game Hand Tattoo Shaded Ink

Man With Ghastly Video Game Watercolor Tattoo On Inner Forearm

Man With Shaded Star Wars Video Game Tattoo

Man With Tyrael Video Game Leg Calf Tattoo Design

Man With Video Game Starwars Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Mario 3d Optical Illusion Video Game Tattoos For Guys On Thigh

Mario Nintendo Video Game Themed Leg Calf Tattoos For Guys

Mario Video Game Guys Tattoos Forearm

Masculine Skorpion From Moral Kombat Male Video Game Upper Arm Tattoos

Mens Black Ink Video Game Shaded Leg Tattoos

Mens Cartoon Style Video Game Fallout Tattoo Design

Mens Mario Plant Forearm Video Game Tattoos

Mens Pokemon Video Game Cool Tattoos

Mens Pokemon Video Game Tattoo Design Ideas On Arm

Mens Skeleton Mario Video Game Forearm Tattoos

Mens Video Game Tattoos Inner Foream Pokemon Gas

Mens Yoshi Video Game Bicep Tattoos

Moral Combat Dotwork Mens Video Game Tattoos

Mortal Kombat Video Game Guys Leg Calf Tattoos

Mr House Bethesa Fallout Video Game Green Ink Shaded Thigh Tattoos

Murder Of Crows Vigor Bottle Video Game Bioshock Infinite Tattoos For Guys

Neo Traditional Geralt Video Game Tattoo On Man

Playstation Buttons Video Game Tattoo For Guys On Inner Forearm

R2d2 Star Wars Video Game Wateroclor Leg Tattoos For Guys

Realistic 3d Gasly Pokemon Male Tattoo Design Inspiration

Realistic 3d Halo Video Game Guys Tattoos

Realistic Halo Vide Game Male Tattoos

Realistic Incredible Detailed Video Game Leg Calf Tattoos For Guys

Realistic Mens Video Game Tattoo Leg Calf Designs

Realistic Zelda Video Game Upper Arm Guys Tattoos

Retro Duck Hunt Video Game Mens Wrist Tattoos

Scorpion Video Game Mortal Kombat Male 3d Tattoos On Wrist

Shaded Deadpool Male Video Game Bicep Tattoos

Shaded Realistic Sonic Video Game Mens Leg Calf Tattoos

Shadow Sonic Mens Upper Arm Video Game Tattoo Design Ideas

Skull Yoshi Video Game Mens Small Tattoos

Sleeve Mortal Kombat Male Tattoos Video Game Themed

Small Simple Video Game Pokemon Male Tattoos

Small Video Game Ankle Bowser Tattoos For Guys

Super Mario Video Game Guys Leg Thigh Tattoos

Thigh Male Video Game Tattoo Design Inspiration

Thigh Mens Yoshi Video Game Tattoo Designs

Traditional Pokemon Video Game Male Tattoos On Arm

Uranium Fever Male Video Game Chest Tattoos

Wario Nintendo Video Game Guys Tattoos

Watercolor Keyboard Keys Video Game Inspired Tattoos For Guys

Watercolor Pokemon Male Video Game Tattoos

Watercolor Shaded Halo Arm Video Game Tattoos For Guys

Watercolor Shaded Mens Leg Video Game Tattoos

Watercolor Street Fighter Video Game Sleeve Leg Tattoos For Guys

Watercolor Video Game Guys Bioshock Leg Tattoos

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