Patio Fireplace Ideas

Top 60 Best Patio Fireplace Ideas – Backyard Living Space Designs

The timeless ambience of fire paired with the natural splendor of the outdoor patio is truly a match made in heaven.

While the fireplace is a well-established mainstay within the home, once removed outdoors it becomes both a work of art and unforgettable year-round implement.

With the patio fireplace guests can warm themselves by the crackling flames during chilly autumnal gatherings and likewise bask in the decadent glow of languid summer evenings.

A patio fireplace perfects your patio’s design scheme thanks to the many materials and styles at the ready. A stucco-finish model adds a touch of the rustic Roman, while round stones and herringbone brick lend a comfortable familiarity no matter the season or occasion. White painted brick and unadorned stone are both ideal choices for the minimalist at heart, as is the simple linear fireplace. Wherever your outward tastes fall on the spectrum, the patio fireplace is your chance to leave the ultimate signature on your personally curated habitat.

The consummate outdoor space welcomes guests throughout the year with its blending of comfort and personal nuances that separate your space from any other. Here is a space to gaze up at the stars with a glass of wine that never seems to find itself empty, or laugh with old friends beside a fire that only goes out long after they’ve departed.

These top 60 best patio fireplace ideas are more than just another decorative accent piece; they’re where memories are forged and the uncertainty of the outside world is kept at bay with the oldest and most awesome element ever discovered by man.


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