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61 Gemini Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Gemini tattoo are the ultimate embodiment of a mutable dual nature. Gemini is one of the three masculine air signs and is symbolized by twins.

In that way a Gemini tattoo can at once represent a character that is both introverted and extroverted, intellectual and childish.

This easy to personalize tattoo is the exemplar of artistry and depth as far as ink goes.

Astrologically, Gemini is the third zodiac sign, starting on the 21st of May and ending on the 21st of June. In Greek mythology, Gemini is represented by twin brothers Castor and Pollux. Though the twins shared the same birth mother, Castor’s father was a mortal named Tyndareus while Pollux’s father was the god Zeus–hence Castor was a mortal, but Pollux was immortal. When Castor was killed, Pollux pleaded with Zeus to allow him to share his immortality with his dead twin to save him. Zeus agreed and the two brothers thus formed the Gemini constellation.

Keeping the history of Gemini in mind, it’s no wonder that Gemini tattoos have come to represent both a complex, paradoxical nature known for its devotion.

In short, Gemini tattoos are the perfect go-to tattoo for you to convey the unique nature of your constitution.

1. Small Gemini Tattoos 

Looking for a small addition to your body art? Your astrological symbol is quick and easy. This placement, as shown above, is perfect for a finger tattoo. Spots like the finger are a difficult area for your tattoos to live. This is due to the skin of the hand being different and highly used in your day to day life.

Something that requires shading or color is not suggested for the finger. Keep it simple: letters, numbers, or your horoscope sign. The second to last image is a great collaboration of tribal and the Gemini. It’s the perfect size to hold it’s true form throughout the ages. 

2. Gemini Word Tattoos 

It’s well known in the tattoo community that getting your significant other’s name is a bad omen. Relationships, hobbies, or even beliefs don’t always withstand the test of time. Your horoscope, on the other hand,  is your ride or die.  

Two things to know about getting words tattooed: know the spelling and choose a legible font. Knowing how to spell Gemini might be a given, but the font can still make it hard to understand. All of the tattoos shown above are spelled correctly, however, most require a long look to know what they say. Image two breaks the rules of simplicity when it comes to finger tattoos. Letters are a great choice, but an overly dramatic font will fade into inked oblivion. 

The final two images have a great use of imagery and 3D style to help the tattoo stand out. The first uses a 3D stone background making it seem as if the word Gemini is sculpted into the skin. While the final image has specific details within the word that shows off this Geminis’ passions. 

3. Gemini Abstract Tattoo 

There are plenty of Geminis in the world but that does not mean your tattoo has to be like any other. The Gemini has plenty of symbolism to work with. This zodiac is known for its dual nature.  

The fifth tattoo interprets this as having the balance of good and evil. Thick black line wok and geometric shapes gave birth to a devil and angel. These two images being on separate forearms is a perfect example of creative placement. While image four interprets “the duality” as a mask. This devil mask seems to be inspired by the Hannya style. Hannya is a Japanese style of tattooing a devil mask, cartoonish in its features, and often done in color. The rest of the tattoo is done with black line work and dark shading.  

The two sided Gemini does not always have to be seen as good and evil. It can simply be interpreted as putting on a mask to the public. The third tattoo does this effortlessly.  

A Neo Traditional style portrait done in black and grey is a favorite amongst many tattoo enthusiasts. Notice the addition of white highlight on the face, this adds a subtle duality of warmth to the black coloring. 

4. Gemini Twin Tattoo 

Geminis are the ‘two for one” special of the Zodiac world. They are represented as the twins and there are many variables of getting this tattooed. One can use dotwork and line work to form the shape of twins (shown in image three and eight). The first image is a favorite that is a simple yet creative black work tattoo.  

The second image is a line work chest piece. The hair of the twins and the roses are form fitting choices around the chest muscle. An addition of color would be recommended to make the tattoo stand out.  

5. Gemini Symbol Tattoo 

Do as the Romans did and get the classic Roman Numerals. Use grey shading and carve it out of stone (Images 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 18, 19, 20). A touch of white highlight surrounding the numerals gives it an even more Stoic effect ( see image 19). 

Image one is a great representation of taking the Gemini symbol as a focal point for a larger piece. The piece starts on the chest and turns into a Japanese style sleeve.  

Tattoo twelve adds a detailed tribal background. The lack of detail within the numerals actually helps it stand out. 

Gemini Tattoo FAQs  

What animal represents Gemini?  

A Gemini does not have a specific animal represented by it but often is deemed the characteristics of bird species for their individualism.  

Why is Gemini represented by the Twins? 

Gemini is represented by the twins because this zodiac is known to have a dual personality. This can be seen through their versatility, ability to adjust to circumstances, and mood swings. 

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