How To Get A Girl To Like You Ways Every Man Must Know

How To Get A Girl To Like You – 29 Ways Every Man Must Know

You’ve got to sell yourself, the best version of yourself! It doesn’t matter if you’re a car salesman or a regular Joe. Life is all about selling!

Even the worst, first-time salesmen of this world learn by doing.

Practice, practice, practice. You’ve heard it a million times, and yeah, I know it gets old after a while. However, all-star salesmen of this world continually take bigger risks, step on their own d-ck, and learn from their mistakes so they can keep pushing forward.

In time their emotional bank account is like a mountain, it’s massive! Eventually, they learn to trust their gut and act as if they have no limits to their ability. They can sell anything to anyone, including themselves.

Through all the fear, there is one thing they had to do continually: Pull the d-mn trigger and take action.

Now, this guide on how to get a woman to like you isn’t just about taking action. Though, that is primarily how you get the job done, to begin with. I’m sure some of you gentlemen are up for any challenge and aren’t afraid of failure.

Below you will find 25 ways every man must know in life when it comes to getting girls to like you. From what you say to how you dress and beyond. This isn’t your ordinary, run of the mill list you can feel good about. I don’t have time to write about that kind of nonsense. This is the definitive guide, one that I hope makes you realize how f-cked up you are at the end.

If you can’t figure out how to get a girl to like you after reading this, then you need to step back and understand one thing: Not every woman out there is going to like you.

Not all girls are the same! Period. Don’t get fixated one just one and reek of desperation like so many men today do.

You have plenty of options; millions and millions if you would just f-cking believe it to be true. You don’t need a Ferrari or castle to make it happen, though, they help.

How To Get A Girl To Like You

1. Talk to her. Women are not mind readers!

How To Get A Girl To Like You Talk To Her

Do it today. Not tomorrow. Not when she’s away from her friends and all alone. Not when you feel the moment is just right as if you’re in some fairy tale Disney storybook. Not after you’ve gone over what to say in your head or even strategized on how to approach her.

Let’s face it; women want a man with balls. Having balls means taking action and pulling the d-mn trigger. Virtually all couples in this world talk to each other in a relationship. If you can’t even do that, then I seriously don’t know what to tell you. Either you’re going to accept the risk or avoid it! Period.

I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it again: You know instantly if a woman is hot or if she is not! Act immediately, don’t be a stalker who waits around. Never second-guess your gut!

If starting a conversation is painful for you, then see: How to start a conversation with a girl. It will address all your issues and give you conversation topics to help you along.

2. Dress to impress you slob!

How To Get The Girl You Like Dress Well

Your clothing choices matter.

It comes as no surprise that the majority of women on the face of this planet prefer a man with money: not all, but most. Your graphic tees and raggedy jeans should be saved for when you’re acting like a d-mn peasant at home. If you want to come off as a man who isn’t a bum, have a little respect for yourself by taking note of what you wear. Put on a crisp dress shirt and, at the very least, jeans without any stains.

There are these things called washers, dryers, and irons. You should try them. Please don’t mask odors with cologne or, worse, body spray. Be an adult.


3. Groom like a God

How To Get Any Girl To Like You Groom Yourself

No one wants to kiss someone with bad breath. Believe it or not, but there’s a lot of men and women out there who forget about things like brushing their teeth. Gross, I know, but it doesn’t end there. A lot of guys ignore the responsibility of trimming their beard, taking a shower, combing their hair, trimming their fingernails, and so on.

In fact, it goes beyond the basics. Do you even use moisturizer? Are you confident enough to use concealer under your dark eye circles or perhaps an eyebrow gel? If the phrase eyebrow gel makes you go, “what the h-ll is that?” then you need to stop and learn how to actually f-cking groom yourself.

It’s not about coming off as metrosexual; it’s about looking and feeling your absolute best. While clothes and cologne do wonders for a man, they mean nothing if a guy doesn’t know how to groom himself. Even the thickest, most masculine beard can look like total and complete sh-t if a man refuses to trim it.

It becomes the dreaded neckbeard. If that wasn’t enough, just imagine a woman’s reaction to kissing a man with a brillo pad on his face. That’s what happens when you don’t maintain your beard; it turns to sandpaper and leaves a big red rash on her face.

Remember, acne treatments for pimples, shampoo for greasy hair, a razor for the beard, etc. don’t cost much. It ultimately comes down to responsibility. Either you’re going to take care of your body, or you’re not. If you want to know how to get a girl to like you, it’s simple: Show her the best version of yourself.


4. Be a gentleman and have manners.

Be A Gentleman With Manners How To Get A Girl To Like You

Don’t be a pig. Chivalry isn’t dead.

When you head to the car, open her door first. When you walk into a restaurant, give her a little push on the waist from behind while allowing her to enter first. When you sit down at the table, you pull and push in her chair first. When she goes to the restroom and comes back, you stand up until she sits down. You don’t eat until she has been served a plate first.

Some of you guys probably need a reminder that purposeful burping and farting are rude and unattractive. You need to make her feel special.

It doesn’t matter how much the meal costs or how much you order, or she ordered. You, the man, pay for the f-cking dinner. I don’t want to hear about your equality bullsh-t. Men have done this for generations, and nobody has ever died! Money is earned and the result of our time. It’s a small sign of respect towards a woman. Don’t be a greedy or submissive c-nt about it.


5. Take charge and initiate.

How To Get A Girl To Like You Take Charge

Don’t be afraid to touch playfully; it’s called flirting.

It becomes a problem when you are overly aggressive and start taking RSD bullsh-t they teach to heart. When you make a woman feel uncomfortable like that, you become creepy and offensive.

Some of you guys are afraid of contact. For a great deal, I’d imagine you think it’s just as risky as kissing a woman and making that first move. Here’s the reality: Two people in a relationship don’t just talk the entire time. If they did, it would be incredibly boring. You’d call those two individuals: Friends. The truth is, touching takes things to the next level.

In the bedroom, a lot of women love to proclaim things like: I don’t sleep around, I don’t sleep with men on the first date, I’m not like other girls, and so on, as an excuse to not have sex with you. It’s a game, a test of sorts, and a form of flirting that most men totally overlook.

In reality, she’s checking to see if you’re a submissive c-nt who’s too lazy for work for anything. Either you come to bat when you’re faced with a challenge or give up a loser. We all know the difference between right and wrong, so don’t cry over the fact above. If she’s at any point feeling uncomfortable, you walk away. Period. Remember, she needs to feel comfortable.


6. Don’t be a doormat

How To Get A Girl To Like You Back Avoid Being A Doormat

It’s the fastest way to get friend zoned. Don’t fall into the nice guy syndrome trap.

Women don’t want a clingy, needy man who can’t make their own decisions in life or think for themselves. The truth is, you must be able to stand your ground and up for yourself. You’re not going to agree with everything she says or believes in. Weak men simply agree to it all and act like her best friend. Yeah, they are her best friend all right… One who doesn’t get laid!

Have some respect for yourself, and don’t be so agreeable. You don’t have to be a “yes” man. In the opposite regard, don’t be so timid that you can’t take any risks. If she wants to go skinny dipping at two in the morning at a place you probably shouldn’t be, don’t cry about it. Just have fun and stop worrying so much.

If she wants you to take her to the mall and buy her things, don’t be a money bag she can milk whenever she pleases. Some women will take advantage of you when it’s easy for them to do so.


7. Have goals for yourself

How To Get Girls To Like You Have Goals For Yourself

Don’t be that guy who has absolutely nothing going on in life for himself. Women don’t want to date losers unless, of course, they believe a man has potential and they can change him for the better.

If you work as a bagger at a grocery store, that doesn’t mean every woman on the face of the Earth will refuse to give the time of day. It doesn’t mean you should feel terrible about yourself either. If you dream of being a CEO at a Fortune 500 company and are actively working at it, then you have something going for you.

Everyone one way or another starts off in life doing something they don’t want to do in order to get to where they want to be. You should never feel embarrassed about where you work. What you plan to accomplish is all that matters, as long as you are working towards it!


8. Create an exciting life

How Can You Get A Girl To Like You Have An Amazing Lifestyle

Hobbies help tremendously. You can only “Netflix and chill” so much before it gets boring. Men without hobbies find themselves with nothing to do other than to spend the majority of their time with her. Eventually, she’ll get bored with sitting around.

It doesn’t matter if you go to the shooting range or paint things on the weekend. Both create interest. Invite her to be a part of your hobbies. They will add fun and excitement to an otherwise boring life. Remember, women are attracted to men with amazing lifestyles. You can’t have one sitting on your bum all day!


9. Surround yourself with other women

How To Get A Hot Girl To Like You Up Your Social Status

Welcome to the power of attraction.

Most guys today think jealousy is the only way this works. You’ve seen the movies where the guy has a hotter, better-looking woman at his side to make another girl envy her. However, let’s be real here. If you’re looking up how to get a girl to like you, then that isn’t going to work for you!

What does work is talking to a woman you would have totally ignored. I’m talking about an elderly or young woman who you have absolutely no interest in romantically. In reality, it’s about displaying how well you treat women to other women, aka her. The moment you get into a conversation with a woman or group of women, other women around you will notice. It’s like magic.

You create this glow around you. It reminds me of how celebrities have flocks of fans around them, even though their music or talent could be rather terrible. The truth is, it’s all about perception. If you want to appear likable to her, then be liked by others, regardless of your connection with them.

Just imagine a guy in a coffee shop who orders a drink, sits down, and approaches a woman. Now imagine another man who walks in a coffee shop, has a great conversation with the barista; she’s laughing, smiles and seems happy around him. The man sits down and approaches a woman. Which of the two men do you think will fare better at getting a girl to like them? Number two you, c-nt!


10. Relax and have fun

How To Get A Girl To Like You Relax And Have Fun First

Dating shouldn’t feel like a business transaction. Not all deals work out, be willing to move the f-ck on!

So many of you guys stress out over things that don’t even matter. So, what if she ultimately doesn’t end up liking you or it doesn’t work out? It doesn’t matter. There are millions and millions of women out there. Not everyone is going to be “the one.” Don’t stress out over the what if’s and what could be’s.

When you go out on a date with a woman, don’t focus on exchanging your resumes. It happens all the time when people go out to a restaurant to chew on food. Make your dates fun for both you and her. Do something exciting or different, and let loose a bit.

I’m sure some of you will try to plan an entire date out. A word of advice: Don’t. Things don’t always go as planned, and that’s the fun of dating. It’s about being open to new experiences and things with someone entirely new in your life.

Just relax and take it easy. There’s no reason at all to be nervous or worked up over things that don’t matter. If it’s not going to kill you, then what do you have to fear? Nothing.


11. Pay attention to her body language

How To Get A Girl To Like You Body Language

Women throw out a lot of clues; most men overlook them.

The direction of her legs, hand movements, eye gaze, how she walks, etc. can tell you a lot about how she’s feeling. Use that information to your advantage, don’t ignore it because you’re too lazy to and refuse to be in the present moment.

See: How to tell if a girl likes you for more on the subject.


12. Go easy on the compliments

Compliment Her How To Get A Girl To Like You

Yes, compliments are great when they come from the heart. If she looks beautiful, you should have balls to say that honestly. However, there’s a fine line between a few and far too many. For the love of God, please don’t validate her and give her so much attention that she literally drowns in it.

The same can be said of gifts. A man who sends rose flowers is kind and sweet. A man who sends flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, jewelry, a hand-knit sweater, and so on after a first date is rather sketchy and reeks of desperation. Imagine if a woman did that to you. You’d be in a total panic, probably need to get a restraining order mode.


13. Pay attention and be in the present moment

Be Present How To Get A Girl To Like You

Some of you guys act like you have ADHD on when you go out on a date or try to talk to a woman. You ignore everything she’s saying as if it doesn’t even matter. Look, I get it, conversations with the ladies can be incredibly tedious and mind-numbing from time to time. However, that doesn’t mean you should just drift out and daydream beyond them.

Listen to what she’s saying, and you will pick up on things that are invaluable. I’m not just talking about things to keep the conversation going with that keep her engaged. I’m talking about next date ideas, things to talk about afterward, either over text or on the phone.

You’ll gather data that helps snowball future conversations and activities. Slowly you build up that Disney storybook fairytale she’s been craving. It all compounds at the end like interest.


14. Be yourself

Be Yourself How To Get A Girl To Like You

It doesn’t matter if you’re not the most confident man in the world or the most interesting. Every man out there, one way or another, is working to better himself. Not everyone is perfect. There is so little time in this world; why waste it being someone you’re not?

You can’t put on a show forever. Eventually, it will run its course, and you’ll end up a fool. Sure, a little white lie like a good salesman does is fine here and there, but don’t lie your way into her pants. It’s not even about being ethical. Instead, it’s really all about being okay with accepting who you are.

Show her the real you. Be honest. Remember, you can always focus on being a better man or like someone you admire in the future. Just don’t attempt to play that role when you don’t even believe it in yourself. You can never go wrong with authenticity and being a genuine gentleman. Most women will respect that far more than some made-up version of someone you’re not.


15. You don’t need a mother f-cking script

How Do You Get A Girl To Like You Without Pick Up Lines Or Scripts

Look, I get it, if you want to get a girl to like you, then you have to talk to her. For most of the socially inept world out there, it’s a real problem. A giant problem. They don’t even know where to begin.

The truth is, starting a conversation is absolutely without question, nothing to worry about. Some of you guys make it out to be this huge ordeal; it’s not!

You don’t need to use pickup lines. You don’t need some RSD tips, in-field documentaries, or mother f-cking case studies. Do you think your grandfather used that sh-t when he was picking up your grandmother? No! He had balls, something most men in today’s times lack.


16. Note body posture and movement

How Do You Get Girls To Like You Slow Down

Don’t hunch over like a depressed c-nt who’s sad and moping around. You should feel high on life when you talk to a woman or go out on a date with one. It doesn’t matter how embarrassed you feel, how nervous you are, or if it’s your first or five-thousandth! You are taking a risk one way or another, and that’s always something to be proud of. Win or lose; it’s a deposit in your emotional bank account.

If you haven’t noticed, women tend to walk slower than men. It’s more apparent when they are trying to run in high heels. Slow things on down a little bit and walk at her pace. If that means strolling on the sidewalk like a turtle, you do it!

Truthfully, it’s a lot like sex. Most men want to rush in as fast as possible to proclaim victory. Women want to be teased and gradually build up from slow to full speed ahead. Slow can create some serious romance. Understand that men and females operate on two different paces. Consider her for a change and stop focusing so much on yourself. It will open your eyes considerably.


17. Be sure of your words and your actions

Trust your gut. Never give into doubt or announce it! Be confident in what you say and believe it. Women want a man who doesn’t just convey his words strongly but is d-mn sure of them.

Don’t be the: Well, I don’t know… Or the, I’m not quite sure… Or you should decide… Kind of guy. Be willing to lead her. If you think something is a good idea, don’t be too embarrassed to say, suggest or do it. Your gut will tell you what to do next. For once in your life, please just trust yourself and stop letting fear get the best of you.

Never share your doubts with her. Don’t tell her she’s too beautiful for you or out of your league. Don’t worry or stress out about how much she likes you; let alone ask her endlessly. She doesn’t need to validate that every weakness you have is okay and doesn’t matter.


18. Tease her back

Don’t be afraid to push her buttons if she’s pushing yours. It’s fun, flirty, playful, and creates plenty of good humor. Too many men today act as if doing so will ultimately piss her off, and their chances with her will be completely shot.

Remember, dating and relationships should be fun. You should know the difference between having a good sense of humor and being a total and complete dick.


19. Never bring up your ex in a negative light

How To Get Girl To Like You Avoid Talking About Ex Girlfriend

I don’t care how bad the relationship was or what you or she did wrong in it. You don’t go into a thirty-minute story complaining about how she was annoying the living h-ll out of you. You don’t mention how she is a total nut job who happens to be the craziest girl in the world. None of it.

When women ask things like that, they take note of your answer in either a positive or negative manner. They consider how you will talk about them should they ever become one of your ex-girlfriends. Imagine how a woman would feel if she knew you badmouthed all your exes? She gets an insider view of how you treat and view women the moment you talk about your past relationships like that.


20. Don’t over-apologize

How To Get A Girl To Like You Avoid Constantly Apologizing Over Every Mistake

Unless you live in Canada, where it’s the norm. Sorry!

If you spill a drink on her, you apologize and bring her something to dry off with like a gentleman. If you slightly bump into her or saying something slightly stupid, you don’t apologize endlessly. If she hates a passion or hobby of yours, you don’t apologize for enjoying it.


21. Let her speak!

Don’t gab on and on about yourself while telling your entire life story day by day. She doesn’t want to hear all of that sh-t. Give her plenty of time to tell you about herself, her day, and so on. Don’t be a good listener; be a great listener. In fact, be the world’s greatest listener. Show an interest in what she has to say.

Let’s face it; women love to f-cking talk. Give her enough time to do so. It’s not all about you, you, you! Some women out there will literally talk your ear off. You can answer a few questions here and there over the span of an hour, and before you know it, she’s attracted to it. f-cking magic!

What a lot of guys today don’t realize is that a lot of women out there will keep the conversation going. There’s no need to stress out over what to say. Most women will do the majority of talking and question asking if only you would let them!


22. Know how to text a girl properly

How To Get A Girl To Like You Over Text

You don’t need to hear from her every morning, afternoon, and night. Give it a rest! She’s isn’t Facebook or Instagram; don’t unload your life on her! Aim to text her as much as she texts you so you can avoid going overboard.

Take note of the conversation length. Don’t send her a thousand-word text about how you feel if she’s only sending you back a sentence or two at a time. The truth is most guys today get too eager over text. They rush the process trying to win her over. They certainly aren’t casual about it and take it far too seriously. Most get hung up on what they say and worry over and over if they should have said this instead of that. It’s ridiculous to worry about those things of things.

As a general rule in life, when it comes to big announcements, achievements, or important things, don’t text call. When you text, it’s like saying, it isn’t all that important that I tell you specifically; you’re probably not the first to know either. Please pick up the phone and dial.


23. Don’t ask your guy friends for advice

Unless they are crushing it with women, most probably don’t know what to tell you. At most, they’ll give you a little pep talk or confidence boost. Let’s face it; most are simply average when it comes to actually know how to get a girl to like you. Surely, you wouldn’t take advice on how to engineer a structural bridge for cars to pass over from an airline pilot, would you? It would fail within a day, assuming you could even build something, to begin with!

My point is unless you’re in the company of a high-performance person who is a master at romancing women, it’s far better just to trust your gut. Don’t take sh-t advice from sh-t people, especially when they refuse to take risks themselves.

Now, plenty of men today sit at the bar with their group of friends and wait for the moment a hot woman catches their eye. They’ll consult with friends asking all sorts of nonsense: Is she looking at me? Do you think she’s single? What do you say my chances are? Should I get up off my miserable, lazy bum and talk to her? On and on…

The truth is your guy friends probably don’t know her. They aren’t you. They aren’t God. They don’t know the d-mn answers. The only way to find out if a girl likes you is to take a risk and see for yourself. Period!

After a date or breakup, a lot of guys reach out for advice. They will recap an entire date or relationship with another gentleman or group of friends and try to determine how things went or what went wrong. Truthfully, no one can speculate on it accurately. No one went on a date with her except for you! The same applies to relationships that fail. Nobody has the full story, except for you.

With that said, don’t rehash things and let them plague you. Let the what if’s and should I have’s go. If a woman likes you, you will know it within time. If she doesn’t, the answer will eventually present itself.


24. Manipulation is toxic magic

How To Get A Girl To Like You Manipulation

Personally, I don’t encourage you to use manipulation to your advantage. It’s unethical when it comes to romance; this isn’t business here. However, this wouldn’t be a complete and full guide if I didn’t include it. It works wonders, toxic wonders… The problem is, it requires practice, and the skill is more than often build up over a considerably longer period. A great deal of born into a life where manipulation is an everyday occasion to survive.

You see it in action when a woman stays with a man who treats her like garbage. She loves him, and you wonder why in the world? To the outsider, it makes absolutely no sense. To the manipulator, it is merely a game of chess where one cannot be defeated, regardless of how many games are played.

Some of you might see this as the classic “bad boy.” But that’s primarily lust and envy in action. Sure, manipulation plays on those emotions, but it is quite different and complex. It’s a lot like the salesman who can get anyone and everyone to buy a car off his lot. If you walk in the door, you’re leaving with a car, period.

However, it’s toxic love. Most, if not all, of you gentlemen reading this, don’t want to be in that kind of relationship. The truth is, it’s just not worth it. Now, I know some of you will have a curiosity on the subject, and I don’t have time to write it all out myself. If you’d like, there’s a book called The Art of Manipulation. In it, you’ll find a lot of fascinating things to digest. However, you honestly won’t be able to find a copy.

Unfortunate, I know… I’m not talking about the modern-day version. This one was written some fifty or seventy-odd years ago and was rumored to be a book they had to ban physically. After reading it, I can sort of see why. Regardless, you don’t need it; below, you will find out why:


25. Get healthy

How To Get A Girl To Like You More Get In Shape

Do you even lift bro?

It’s not just about muscles. It’s about being healthy. When you’re healthy, you feel as good as you look! You walk around like you’re high on life. If you’re skinny and slim, gain weight and pack on muscle. If you have a fast metabolism, don’t sweat it; I’m not suggesting that you must become a full-time bodybuilder here. If you’re overweight and obese, cut the fast food out of your life in exchange for gym time.

Remember, if you want a girl to like you, it’s about more than just appearances. Being fit and in shape goes a long way when it comes to building confidence too. The key is to be the best version of yourself. Not some lazy c-nt who doesn’t want to put in any effort, or at the bare minimum, muster up a single ounce of respect for themselves.


26. Make Eye Contact First

When you do this, it shows her that you might actually be friendly along with interested. So instead of taking too much stock in rehearsing how to approach a girl you like or practicing body language, simple eye contact is the best place to start.

Position yourself near her before you even speak to her. If you are at a bar, walk up like you are about to place a drink order, and then when she catches your eye, smile. You then opened it up to say hello. So, easy.


27. Say Hello

It seems obvious, but way too many men spend way too much time rehearsing their simple hellos ahead of time. Instead of taking cues from others and overanalyzing, just be yourself, keep it original, and say hey.

You can choose to be clever if that fits with your personality as well. If the line you give seems too rehearsed and too practiced, it is definitely going to raise some red flags for the girl, and she is going to book it.


28. How’s Your Posture?

Need to find a way to exude more self-confidence? Well, how’s your posture? Having good posture can actually boost a person’s self-confidence as well as attractiveness. So, it affects the way the cute girl sees you for the first time and makes her subconsciously already like you – at least a little bit.


29. Conversation Starters

So, you were able to make eye contact and say hello. What other conversation starters are you working with to gain her attention and keep her interested? Find some common interests to talk about.

If you are in a restaurant, for example, start the conversation out by talking about your favorite drink or entrée. Keep it simple and light. It will lead you to find common interests between the two of you and will give her some time to really warm up to you. Check out our list of questions to ask a girl.


Staying Out of the Friend Zone

And now the dreaded friend zone. You are trying to get this girl to like you and not just land squarely in the friend zone, right? If you find yourself trying to claw your way out of the friend zone, then you have obviously done something wrong. If you don’t know how to attract women and you don’t follow our easy and simple tips and advice, you will need to do some serious work to get yourself out.

Remember the old saying, “don’t work harder work smarter.” You need to first accept your position and realize that your actions up until this point are what put you there. You need to change your thinking, your actions, and your habits to become the guy she will be attracted to. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, pick yourself up, and put the work in if you think the desired results will be worth the effort.

It isn’t that you are just a good guy, and most women are looking for the opposite. Women crush, fall in love, and love attention. Being an alpha male with an ego boost isn’t going to help claw your way out either. However, being a real man and owning up to your faults is a much better way to start.

Don’t worry. We have all the ways you can help yourself out of the friend zone if you find she just isn’t interested in you romantically. You are not alone, my friend. We have all been there at some point.


If you want to know how to get a girl to like you:

How To Get A Girl To Really Like You

Ultimately, I have three simple words for you: Just f-cking do it.

Women want a man who isn’t afraid to pull the trigger. One who is sure of both his words and actions. One who’s willing to dominate and act as the leader. In other words, best the best version of yourself possible and actually believe it. It all boils down to taking a risk and overcoming fear.

The woman you are interested in has the answer. It’s literally your move. Go figure out what it is, by doing, not by dreaming and decision making. Not every girl is going to like you back, that’s just a fact of life. Don’t waste time worrying about the things you cannot change!

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