Greaser Hair For Men

Greaser Hair For Men – 40 Rebellious Rockabilly Hairstyles

Men’s fashion would never be the same after the 1950s had rolled around. This decade of change inspired by rock and roll played over the jukebox and radio, led the way for the birth of new, rebellious rockabilly hairstyles.

All of which came with one thing: Attitude.

The original look: During the time period there were many, however the most prominent included styles like the duck tail or aka duck ass, pompadour, slicked back, jelly roll and of course, a mix of more conservative cuts among gentlemen.


The history:

For any man living in the 1950s, it was a great time to be alive. By alive, I mean truly alive as the popularity of rock and roll shook you straight down to the bones.

With artists like Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Gene Vincent and more, there was a good reason everyone was glued by the hip to the jukebox and radio. From the noise and legacies left behind, a new subculture emerged called the Greasers.

Along with the phenomenon came all sorts of masculine hairstyles with attitude, and of course, lots and lots of pomade (wax too)! During the time grooming products like Murray’s, Royal Crown and Brylcreem where a name to be known.

Hairstyles aside, the greasers had an obsession with the leather jacket when it came to men’s fashion. It was iconic among the culture and viewed as a symbol of daring adventure, much like the pilot heroes who wore them during World War II. You could see the trend among a great deal of motorcycle gangs as most greasers were younger and of the poorer working-class. I’m mentioning this so you can get a better idea of where the rebellious style stems from at the root of things.

Over time, things died down considerably during the 60’s, however the trend saw a sharp rise back in popularity during the 70s and 80s.

With that in mind, spend some time exploring these top 40 best grease hairstyles for men below. Most are true to the classics while other cuts feature more modern approaches to bring the old-school back to life. If you’re a fan of everything rockabilly, you’re sure to appreciate these stylish masculine ideas.


50s Mens Greaser Haircuts

Classic Mens Greaser Hairstyle Short Length

Cool Greaser Guys Rockabilly Long Hair Slicked Back

Greaser Male Rockabilly Style Hair Pompadour

Greaser Rockabilly Hair For Men

Greaser Rockabilly Hair Men

Greaser Rockabilly Hairstyles For Short Hair

Greaser Rockabilly Hairstyles Short Hair For Men

Greaser Rockabilly Short Hair

Hard Part Greaser Short Hairstyles For Males

Long Length Thick Greaser Mens Hair

Male Greaser Rockabilly Hair Cuts Comb Over

Man With Greaser Hairstyle Curly

Man With Leather Jacket And Greaser Hairstyle

Masculine Mens Greaser Rockabilly Hair Styles Hard Part

Medium To Long Greaser Rockabilly Hair For Guys Pompadour

Mens Rockabilly Hair Greaser Slicked Back

Messy Guys Rockabilly Hairstyles Greaser Medium Long Hair

Messy Mens Greaser Haircut Look

Old School Greaser Hair Medium Length For Guys

Old School Greaser Rockabilly Hair Style For Guys

Pompadour Greaser Male Rockabilly Hair Cut

Pompadour Rockabilly Mens Greaser Hair

Popular Mens Greaser Haircuts

Rockabilly Greaser Hair For Men

Rockabilly Greaser Hair Mens

Rockabilly Men Hair Greasers

Short Cool 1950s Greaser Hair For Males

Short Rockabilly Hair Greaser Style

Short To Medium Mens Greaser Messy Hair Look

Side Part Mens Thick Greaser Hair

Slicked Back Dapper Greaser Haircuts For Men

Slicked Back Greaser Hair For Men

Slicked Back Manly Guys Greaser Haircut

Stylish Mens Short Greaser Hairstyle Ideas

Vintage 1950s Mens Greaser Hairstyle

Wavy 1950s Old School Greaser Haircut For Guys

Wavy Male Greaser Hairstyles Medium Length

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