Dreadlocks With Bald Fade

Best Hairstyles for Black Men in 2020

2020 is a great year for hairstyle trends. Individuality is the theme, so now is the perfect time to try a new look or bring an old fad back. The styles below offer an insight into some of the hottest hair trends going on right now.

For the sides, the fade style is in! A fade is basically hair length graduation from longer lengths to shorter, the hair appears to “fade” in from nowhere. It rivals the taper fade.

The fade is currently an insanely popular request and is dominating black men hairstyles, it fits a multitude of different haircuts and provides the wearer accessibility as many of the styles can be worn for both work and play.

Black men’s hair requires proper moisture to stay healthy. Some of black men hairstyles below rely on tension to get the desired look. Make sure to deep condition and moisturize when trying new styles to keep your natural hair healthy!

1. Uniform Buzz Cut

Uniform Buzz Cut

Uniform Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a timeless haircut. Easy to sport and simple to maintain, this short hair style simply adds elegance to the wearer. The facial features will be greatly accentuated which provides a masculine aesthetic.

The short hair is one length all over the entire scalp. Keeping the haircut vanilla and not adding any fades or tapers allows the hair to hug the head which projects a professional appearance. The uniform buzz cut is both easy on the wallet and easy on the eyes.

The addition of a beard, or well groomed facial hair definitely amplifies the uniform buzz cut look by adding another dimension. See our article on the best beard styles for black men.


2. Buzz With High Fade 

Buzz With High Fade

Fades look excellent on all natural hair types, so introducing a high fade haircut to the short hair on top is a stellar haircut combination that is currently very popular.

The buzz with a high fade is an overall short hairstyle and is perfect to combat the summer heat.

Make sure that the fade line is straight and doesn’t dip down. The key is to find a patient stylist. Ensuring that the line is straight makes for a sharp transition and palpable square outline which is very desirable.


3. Drop Fade

Drop Fade

The drop fade haircut is a blessing. Itt matches almost any haircut type and can blend seamlessly into any style on top. The drop fade follows the contours of the head. The outline begins its journey near the temples and travels around to the back of the head, dipping down just below to ear only to resurge again.

This fade is an excellent choice if there are any ridges or bumps near the back of the head that need covering up. The drop fade is a safe style choice as it can match any hairstyle on the top. The opportunities are endless with the drop fade.


4. Cornrows

Source: @cookiethehairqueen via Instagram
Source: @eloseeoh via Instagram

The cornrow style will never fizzle out. The tight intricate braiding on the scalp is the result of time and passion.

The cornrow is essentially scalp artwork. Simple lines extending from the fringe to the nape create this amazing style. Deciding to go with the cornrow is an easy decision.

The most important factor is finding a proper stylist. Braiding is an elaborate process and a skilled hand is absolutely necessary to achieve the elegant look. Long hair is easier to cornrow, but short hair is doable as well.

The sides look sharpest with a skin fade and adding a beard or facial hair is an extra style choice. The beard can follow the cornrow fashion and be wrapped in braids. The longer beard style suits any face shape.


5. Line Up

Line Up Haircut
Source: @mfatiaa via Instagram

The line up is possibly one of the hottest trends on the market right now as it edges out the natural hairline only to replace it with razor sharp straight lines. The finished outline represents a square that is visually appealing. The line up focuses more so on the perimeter, but it can blend into the top and sides.

The line up can be matched with many haircuts, but it is commonly seen with shorter to medium length hair. A great example is to pair the line up with the short all over haircut, the result is a piercingly sharp do.


6. High Top High Fade 

High Top High Fade Haircut
Source: @lyndell_44 via Instagram

Short sides combined with a long top is the best way to describe a high top. This look is a classic. The contrast between the faded sides and upright hair makes for an aesthetically pleasing haircut that is perfect for everyday wear.

The faded sides definitely make this haircut stand out, with a skin fade being the optimal choice. The shorter the hair length, the “tighter” the overall look will be, especially around the ears.


7. Curly Afro

Curly Afro
Source: @cutzbyj.cortez via Instagram

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what makes curly hair so desirable. The texture is unique and the natural curls seem to have a personality of their own. The curly afro is a game changer for many men.

It makes the face glow. The curly afro is best worn at short to medium length. This haircut can be worn with tapered, faded, or layered sides. A curly hair afro fade provides a strong appearance.

Choosing to go with a low fade makes the hairstyle appear longer. The low fade is great for any face shape. Opting to go with a high skin fade makes the cut square and tight as it shows the most skin, thus highlighting your facial features.

Keeping the sides short makes this haircut modern. A longer beard is an excellent match for the curly afro becasue it accents any face shape nicely.


8. Sponge Twists

Sponge Twists Haircut
Source: @instagrandpa15 via Instagram
Sponge Twists Haircut
Source: @lushtrendsng via Instagram

The sponge twists look uses a hair sponge to get curly hair. It is a unique style that is currently trending. The key in achieving a healthy twist haircut is to keep the hair clean prior to applying the curling product by shampooing and rinsing thoroughly.

Once the hair is almost dry begin running either a pomade or curl cream throughout the hair. The goal is to get even distribution over the entirety of the head. Using the hair sponge, vigorously rotate your hand in a circular motion to activate the curly hair.

For extra moisture apply a leave in conditioner prior to using the holding product.


9. Wave With Medium Fade

Wave With Medium Fade Haircut
Source: @real_life32 via Instagram
Wave With Medium Fade Haircut
Source: @harold.lamour via Instagram
Wave With Medium Fade Haircut
Source: @_feellikelio via Instagram

A good wave takes commitment, but patience pays off when it comes to this haircut. The medium fade is an excellent option for the sides because it augments the waves on top, making them appear to pop.

Quality waves come from a quality brush. Don’t skimp on products when it comes to the wave. If your natural hair is untrained, regular visits to the barber must be established to train and cut the hair. Thick hair may require regular brushing to lay down properly.

The wave cut pairs nicely with a well groomed longer length beard.


10. Dreadlocks With Bald Fade

Dreadlocks With Bald Fade Haircut
Source: @rastas.dreadlocks.rasting via Instagram

Dreads are an imposing men’s hairstyle that draw attention to the silhouette of the face. The dreadlocks with a bald fade is a modern look that is trending. The juxtaposition of the short hair on the sides and the long thick hair on top is vital for the style.

Keeping the top length in the medium to medium long range is optimal. If the hair is too long on top it subtracts from the overall look.


11. Mohawk With Burst Fade

Mohawk With Burst Fade Haircut

The burst mohawk fade cut is a striking hairstyle. The two styles combined form a sharp crescent on the head. In this hairstyle the hair appears to emerge from the nape, rise to its apex in the crown, then settle back down in the fringe area, mimicking a sunrise and sunset.

The burst fade features a burst fade around the perimeter of the hairline, softening the overall look. The mohawk can also pair with a taper fade as well that preserves some length. A low taper fade will match the mohawk nicely, as it adheres to the overall crescent shape. This is a striking men’s hairstyle.


12. Surgical Part (Hard Line)

Surgical Part Hard Line Haircut
Source: @bigg.the_.barber via Instagram
Surgical Part Hard Line Haircut
Source: @kaos_da_barber via Instagram

A surgical line (or hard line) can be introduced to the sides of the head to add visual interest.

Creativity is a must when going with the surgical part and keen eyes and steady hands are definitely required. Surgical parts can range from simple lines that are cut in effortlessly, or long design lines that weave in and out from each other.

Facial hair can also have a surgical line cut into the natural lengths for a jarring appearance. The simplest way is to etch straight lines into the beard. Do not overdo it, or the lines will take away from the overall hairstyle.

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