High Fade Haircut For Men

30 High Fade Haircuts For Men – A Cut Above The Rest

Like a fine suit and tie, the high fade pairs exceptionally well with virtually any short to medium length cut.

When it comes to the high fade, you can think of it like a strong coffee in a sense too.

It’s bold, rich and a considerable step above the others like a classic, low and mid fade and so forth. The cut is more aggressive, yet still downright tasteful in terms of style.

The original look: While not a true haircut itself, like the pompadour for instance, the high fade does play an important role for the sides. The look features hair that suddenly disappears generally two inches below the top of your head. However, like every type of fade, some men still consider it to be high, regardless of the precise length. In other words, your results may vary barbershop to barbershop.

Sure, it’s more suitable for the younger male considering it’s a bit edgier than a classic fade. Yet, that doesn’t mean older gentlemen or more business professional males can’t get away with sporting one. In reality, this style has really been catching on in terms of popularity across men from all walks of life for quite awhile.

To see what I mean, just explore this collection of 30 high fade hairstyles for men below. You’ll discover how well it can pair with everything from the faux hawk to the slicked back cuts and more, regardless of length. Plus, see a handful of cool variations ranging from truly trendy to subtle, modern takes on the old-school classics.


Awesome Medium To Short High Fade Guys Hair

Buzz Cut Mens High Fade Hair

Classy Mens High Fade Hair

Cool High Fade Haircut For Men Wavy

Cool Medium To Long Mens High Fade Hairstyles

Curly Mens High Fade Hair Style

Dapper High Fade Mens Thick Hairstyle

Dapper Mens High Fade Hairstyles

Fashionable Medium Thick High Fade Guys Hairstyles

Manly High Fade Haircut For Guys

Manly High Fade Undercur Hairstyle For Men

Masculine Guys High Fade Haircuts

Masculine Mens High Fade Haircut

Medium Wavy High Fade Hair For Gentlmen

Mens Long To Medium High Fade Hairstyles With Beard

Messy Medium Thick Mens Hard Part Hair Look

Pompadour High Fade Mens Hairstyle

Short Faux Hawk Mens High Fade Haircuts

Short Length Mens High Fade Hair

Short Pompadour High Fade Mens Hair With Beard

Short Wavy Hairstyle For Men With High Fade

Slicked Back High Fade Guys Haircut Ideas

Slicked Back High Fade Haircut For Men

Stylish Medium High Fade Hairstyles For Men With Beards

Thick Medium Long Mens High Fade Haircuts

Trendy Popular Mens Short High Fade Hairstyles With Spikes

Trendy Thick Medium High Fade Hairstyles For Males

Undercut High Fade Mens Short Hairstyles

Wavy Medium Length Guys High Fade Hairstyle Ideas

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