Lion Chest Tattoo Designs For Men

Top 73 Lion Chest Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

When considering a tattoo design to represent the embodiment of power, confidence, and courage, nothing comes close to the symbol of strength that the lion represents.

Legends and mythology from around the world have portrayed lions as kings throughout history, placing this fierce animal in a category of royalty, symbolizing the highest level of authority.

As with the symbolism of the lion itself, the zodiac sign, Leo, or The Lion, emphasizes characteristics of leadership, loyalty, passion, and confidence in the individuals possessing this star sign, which is ruled by the sun.

Considering how far back lion folklore dates, it’s no surprise that the lion tattoo is one of the oldest tattoo designs, possessing a rich history of innovation and creativity. The evolution of the lion tattoo and the diverse meanings that each design represents is fascinating as well as educational.

The chest piece takes the lion design a step further in promoting the symbolism of strength and leadership. Hailed as the king of the jungle, the lion resides in no better place than on the chest of a man, showcasing the intricate beauty of this ferocious creature.

If you’re considering adding a piece of ink to your body that portrays the masculinity and courage that you feel, a lion chest piece may be the perfect fit.

1. Pectoral Lion Chest Tattoo

Show your love of the lion with a pectoral lion chest tattoo. Depict the lion over your heart or roaring towards it. The curvature of the pectoral muscles makes for an ideal position for the circular face of a lion. You can even extend the mane over the shoulders to incorporate your piece into a full sleeve.

This is also a great position to consider if you’re looking to incorporate a lot of detail into your piece, due to the flatness of the chest. Explore different styles to find the most that best expresses you! With such a spread of unblemished skin, consider using the negative space technique to bring the waves of your lion’s mane to life.

The pectoral is also a great position for a smaller piece that’ll always have a great reveal in the summertime. Whether you’re thinking of using color or sticking to grayscale, it’ll surely be a piece that you can wear with pride. But as with all chest pieces, make sure to lotion especially well if you’re spending a lot of time under the sun in order to prevent fading and keep your lion chest tattoo looking clear and crisp. 

2. Artistic Lion Chest Tattoos 

Explore your creative side with an artistic lion chest tattoo. The face of a lion and its flowing mane offers a great deal of artistic exploration. One great example is the geometric style, which you can use to break the lion’s face down into a series of shapes that come together to depict a noble beast. Use a mixture of a watercolor technique along with an illustrative style to add a different dimension to the lion’s mane.

The shape of a lion’s face is incredibly versatile so there are a great many options to consider in terms of stylizing your particular feline. Include an optical illusion for a truly eye-catching piece or integrate another animal into the design. Take imaginative leaps with your illustrative lion chest tattoo! Whether you want your lion to be fierce or friendly, don’t pass up the opportunity to unleash its wild side. 

3. Linework Lion Chest Tattoo 

Investigate intricacy with a linework lion chest tattoo. Linework is always a great option whether you want an ornate piece with a great deal of detail or a simple depiction. Linework also gives you the option of potentially filling in the surroundings with color if you desire. The hairs of the lion’s mane provide the perfect place to go wild! If your artist is especially talented, talk with them about freestyling the mane and seeing where the lines take you.

Let the exquisite beauty of the lion speak for itself or incorporate a series of abstract patterns to give your beast the true look of an ethereal monarch. Mix in some dotwork to add shading or dimension. If you want to incorporate words or lettering into your lion chest tattoo, consider using the linework style in order to have a smooth flow from the visual to the verbal depictions. A linework lion chest tattoo works especially best using black and grey ink, which also makes it a great option if you’re looking to save on costs while retaining your idealized detail. 

4. Illustrative Lion Chest Tattoo 

Bring your beast to life with an illustrative lion chest tattoo. The illustrative style is known for being one of the most popular options for tattoos and for depictions of lions it’s no different! Find inspiration in one of your favorite photographs or a visual from your favorite book. Mix together a series of warm colors to depict a lion’s face shining in the sun. Use a mixture of black ink and greyscale shading to add depth and dimension to the noble creature. Blend together illustrative and realistic styles and your piece can even resemble a fine art painting.

This style offers a great deal of range whether you want your piece to be close-to-life or a statuesque recreation. A statue of a lion is said to bring prosperity, so why not have one with you always? Include multiple members of the big cat family for a full-on family portrait. Since this style often uses a great deal of shading, it will most likely be labor-intensive and be a little more expensive price-wise, since many artists charge by the hour.  

5. Lion with a Crown Chest Tattoos 

Underline your majesty with a lion with a crown chest tattoo. As king of the animal kingdom, the crown fits appropriately atop the lion’s head. The combination of a crown with the image of a lion is often used to connote sovereignty and ultimate might.

You can also incorporate a crown with your lion in the form of a crest across your chest, whether you have your own family chest or are coming up with a new one to pass down. Take some time to flip through books on heraldry to find the components for your perfect seal.

In Christianity, the lion is also used to depict the power of Christ, who was himself a kingly descendent. You may notice that some crowns incorporate a cross on top in order to underline its Christian connotations. Regardless of the particular design you choose, there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the true king of beasts has arrived.  

6. Full Chest Lion Tattoos 

Show off your main piece with a full chest lion tattoo. Take advantage of your bodily canvas and expand your beast as far as your skin allows. The dimensions of your body offer ample space for your piece to evolve and grow as time goes on as well! Allow the lion’s mane to whip around your shoulders and arms. Draw the lion’s jaw down your torso as it exhales a mighty roar. Expand your lion over your pectorals as a protector of your heart. With all that available space, throw in some roses to underline nature’s fecundity.

The traditional style is a great option to look into if you’re looking to include flowers, whether it’s just for the depictions of the flowers or for the full piece. Or for the other end of the spectrum, integrate a series of skulls as a reminder that death and danger are never far behind. Talk with your artist about mixing and matching styles for a truly mind-blowing effect! Nothing makes a better emblem for strength than a full chest lion tattoo.

Lion Chest Tattoo FAQs 

What does a lion tattoo symbolize?  

A lion tattoo is often used to symbolize strength and/or royalty. It is associated with justice, courage, and the earth. In addition, the lion can symbolize with military might. 

What does a lion tattoo with a crown represent? 

The symbols of the lion and the crown together signify power as well as love. The association with royalty can also be used to underline the lion as the king of the animal kingdom or the spiritual kingdom in Christianity. 

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