21 Best Mid Fade Haircuts In 2020

21 Best Mid Fade Haircuts In 2020

A mid fade, also popularly known as a medium fade haircut, strikes the right balance between a low fade and a high fade. In this haircut, the hair is tapered and ends between your ears and temple.

The haircut is not only gratifying, professional, and effortless to create and maintain; it is ridiculously versatile. That implies you can create it in a myriad of ways, depending on your preferences. For instance, if you want to rock an old school look while ensuring you enjoy a bit of modernity, you can pair your old school style with a mid-fade and a side-part.

We have compiled some of the best mid fade hairstyles in 2020 that will transform your looks completely. Check these styles and choose your preferred look.

1. Mid Fade Undercut

A mod fade haircut with lightly long hair on top and short sides and back

You know you have sported one of the best haircuts for men if your haircut combines two or more coolest cuts for men. One of those haircuts is a mid-fade undercut. It is a cool combination of an undercut and a mid-fade.

The mid-fade haircut is styled very short, and long hair is styled on top. Long locks are swept forward to create a voluminous fringe in the front. If you wish, you can allow some bangs to fall off your forehead, but make sure they are not too long to disrupt your sight.

This is a great look for guys who want to experiment with various styles. Besides, ladies like men with chic hair!

2. Mid Fade with Slick Back

Slicked back haircut with medium fade sides and back

Undoubtedly, if you are keen on men’s haircuts, you have, on several occasions, seen a mid-fade with slick back. It is an amazingly flattering hairstyle since it lightly frames your face while making it appear elongated and more composed.

Besides, ladies say slick back is one of the charming hairstyles for guys. In addition to the beauty element, it is quite effortless to style at home since the shape is embedded in the haircut itself. The only thing is a good styling product such as pomade, and you get a haircut that is ideal for office, Friday night-out, and when you want to steal the show.

3. Mid Fade Haircut Wavy Hair

Wavy texture hair on top and mid faded sides and back

Do you have naturally wavy hair and wondering which haircut to wear? Take advantage of the natural texture of your hair and rock this mid fade haircut for guys with wavy hair. Guys with wavy hair struggle when it comes to managing it compared to those with straight hair. That is because wavy is naturally thicker. So, to get a manageable style, styling a mid-fade would go a long way.

The rationale behind choosing a mid-fade for your wavy hair is that it gives your hair some structure and diverts attention to your facial features. Besides, you will be able to control your curls with some hair defining spray.

4. Mid Fade Comb-Over

A haircut with front-swept manes and medium fade sides and back

This mid fade haircut variation provides a fashionable update to the old-fashioned haircut.  The comber cut incorporates a swept-back front and a hard part that offers the entire style a structured finish.

For a chic, neat, and polished look, ensure you utilize a good pomade.

5. Mid Zero Fade

A medium haircut with long top hair and shaved sides and back to reveal the neck

The name of this mid fade haircut tells us everything about the haircut. The mid zero fades feature shaved sides. Popularly known as a razor fade, this is an ideal hairstyle for guys who want to expose tattoos hidden on their necks.

When approached from the back, the combed back style appears even more glam with shaved hair on one side.

6. Mid Fade and a Fohawk

A fohawk haircut combined with a mid-fade cut and beard

Combining a faux hawk with a mid-fade is the best way to experiment with a faux hawk subtly. Whether you don’t want your faux hawk to be more dominating or you want to start somewhere as you grow out your faux hawk to a real thing, pairing it with a mid-fade will come in handy.

The key distinction between this look and the standard faux hawk lies in the disconnection. A mid fade makes it possible to taper the faux hawk into a constant gradient, giving it the same cyberpunk feel while maintaining its casual effect. Besides, you can include a razor parting if you need an extra attitude.

7. Mid Fade with a Quiff

A forward combed quiff paired with a mid-fade

A quiff haircut appears flattering on all face shapes but looks explicitly great on guys with a round face since it has an effect of drawing eyes up, giving an impression of a longer face. When paired with a mid-fade, it has the same impact. Apart from elongating your face, it makes your hair appear thicker.

A mid fade paired with a quiff is a common haircut for footballers, who, in most cases, complement it with highlights. So, if you are looking to achieve that soccer start appearance, this is the right style to choose.

8. Mid Fade Haircut for Black Men

A black man wearing textured hair on top and medium faded sides paired with beard

Yes, it is possible to style waves on your short hair and pair it with a mid-fade. To achieve this look, tell your barber to give you clean shave and neat edges around the head. Complete this look with distinct waves, and you will be good to go.

9. Mid Fade Haircut Curly Hair

Mid length curly hair on top paired with mid-faded sides and back with a clean line slightly above the ear

Neat cut arcs create an incredible podium for mid-length curly hair to look unique. Ensure to cut the hair on sides short to enhance hair texture and then creates curls on top hair. Make sure the hair on top is slightly longer compared to the tresses on the sides.

10. Mid Fade Pompadour

A pompadour with back combed hair paired with mid-faded sides and back with tattoo below the ear

This mid fade haircut is a stylish combination of a pompadour cut, mid fade, and a side part. With a hard part trimmed into manes, the typical pompadour is changed into a contemporary version. This haircut is very versatile, and if you can rock it, we recommend you also include a pomp fade.

11. Mid Drop Fade

A mid-haircut with uniformed trimmed top hair and skin mid fade paired with thick beard

The styling of this mid fade haircut specifically pays attention to the back and sides. The mid fading usually begins on the temple of the head, but rather than cutting hair uniform all the way round, the fading is reduced as it reaches the back. What begins at the temple can end up reaching the nape of the neck.

12. Mid Fade + Hard Part

A medium fade cut featuring a hard part and short hair in front

If you are in search of a standout mid fade haircut, you would hardly find a unique haircut like a combination of a hard part and a medium fade. Getting its styling motivation from the 1920s, the haircut features an edgy, broad, razored parting and neat fade.

To create a sharp contrast between hair and skin, it appears great on men with fair skin and dark hair. And since it is such an eye-appealing look, you would want to utilize pomade to make sure every tress is in place. In addition, you will need to visit your barber regularly to make sure the haircut remains super neat and distinct.

13. Mid Top Fade

A haircut with thick side swept hair and mid-faded sides and back paired with beard

Regardless of the angle where you approach this haircut from, it appears great from all angles. With seamless fading of hair at the back and sides, a swept side, and thick combed back tresses on top, this sophisticated haircut for men is number one haircuts for men guys for good reasons.

The shiny finish in this haircut is due to the use of a high-quality gel that also improves volume the volume of your hair and makes it weightless.

14. Mind Fade Long Top

A haircut with long tresses on top matched with a mid-fade cut and beard

This medium fade haircut features long hair on top paired with a mid-fade cut. And because long haircuts and mid-length haircuts are currently trending, matching a skin fade or a mid-fade with extended locks on top will allow you rock some of the coolest haircuts in 2020. This haircut featuring thick texture spiky mane, shape up, and the neat fade cut is trendy and modern.

15. Mid-Bald Fade

A haircut with extended hair on top and mid fade sides and back with faded hair connecting to the beard

If you are searching for a clean haircut that is easy to create and maintain, then you cannot get it wrong with a mild bald fade haircut. What that implies is that the hair on the sides would be shaved to the skin.

The bald fade gives your style a sharp contrast and edginess and can be combined with a variety of men’s haircuts. For instance, you can pair your bald fade with a French crop or a buzz cut. Similarly, you can choose to have long hair on top and create a slick back, quiff, or a comb-over style. Either way, you will have a show-stopper haircut.

16. Mid Taper Fade

A hairstyle featuring a high fade and tapered sides to reveal the scalp

This is one of the most fashionable and timeless hairstyles for guys. As opposed to the low fade, which leaves a lot of tresses on the sides and back, or the high fade, which reveals the entire scalp virtually, the mid taper fade can be rocked for both formal and casual events. For casual settings, you can cut a line up on one side.

17. Mid Fade + Mohawk

A Mohawk paired with a mid-fade

There are many reasons why Mohawk has managed to remain so popular among men. It has an intensity, attitude, and style and roll vibe that no other men’s haircut has. When you pair it with a mid-fade haircut, you make the Mohawk unstoppable and timeless.

The haircut appears specifically trendy and attention-grabbing if you complement it with a beard, as this links the two styles flawlessly and fantastically. Pairing your Mohawk with a mid-fade cut gives it a stylish feel.

18. Mid Fade + Blowout

A blown out hair on top paired with mid faded sides and back with clean hairline extending to the beard

The striking contrast between a mid-fade a blowout will make you a center of attraction. This haircut combination is all about adding volume and height at the top and then pairing your style with distinct faded sides.

As such, it is an ideal look for guys with more angular facial features. To make the style more structured, the hair on top should be kept substantially long and then apply pomade to keep it in place.

19. Mid Fade + Fringe

A mid-haircut with forward-swept fringe and medium faded sides and back

A mid fade with fringe is a contemporary take on the 70s bowl haircut. However, in this haircut, the hair on top is kept long but still ends at the same level as in a typical mid fade. To achieve a perfect combination, you would want to style a forward-swept fringe. This comes up with a symmetry impact that balances your facial features alongside making your face appear squarer.

20. Mid Fade + Lineup

A haircut with slightly long hair on top and lines at the back

This mid fade haircut is not for the faint-hearted. It is an ideal haircut for guys who like to be noticed wherever they go. The haircut allows you to exercise your creativity by creating different lines and shapes to come up with an ultimate effect.

However, complementing your lines with a mid-fade implies a haircut that is more structured and will appear even more outstanding when you look at it from the back than from the front.

21. Mid Fade Haircut With Design

A mid-fade haircut with long textured hair on top and designs on the nape of the neck

Though a mid-fade might appear rebellious when combined with a design, it is a casual look you would want to try this year. It is a complete bad guy style that features volume and flow. You may also include a faux hawk fade for a more badass look.

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