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23 Best Bald Fade Haircuts in 2020

Even if the “bald fade” haircut doesn’t ring a bell, chances are you have come across this trend in your everyday life. In fact, this hairstyle, which features a cropped back and sides with longer hair on the top, has climbed so high up the popularity ranks that it can be found on men in both professional and casual settings. 

What is a Bald Fade?

In this article, we present to you a collection of bald fade variations that will work with a range of styles and personal preferences. If you are considering a jump into the world of bald fades, but are unsure of exactly where to start, then this list is for you. Without any further ado, here is a list of the 23 best bald fade haircuts to rock in 2020.ALD BARBER IS TRIMMING THE HAIRCUT OF HIS BEARDED SERIOUS CLIENT. HE IS USING A HAIR CLIPPER

1. Faux-Hawk Bald Fade

For years, men have appreciated the versatility of a faux-hawk, and it’s easy to see why. It gives the alternative touch of personality that a mohawk gives without all the maintenance or excess product. The faux-hawk bald fade is the perfect combination of two trends, with smooth, shaved hair on the sides, and styled textured hair on the top. This style works best for men with naturally thick, long hair.faux hawk bald fade with brown hair and neck tattoo

faux hawk bald fade with blond hair

2. Bald Skin Fade With Curls

Fear not, all of you men with natural curls – there is a bald fade haircut just for you, and it’s a great one. At the barber, just ask for a classic fade around the sides of your head, and leave the top of your curls uncut. For most men, it will be enough to just let their curls fall naturally. Otherwise, a small touch of product can add some texture and personality to the top of your hair.Curly Bald Fade haircut

3. Pompadour Bald Fade

Although the pompadour gained huge popularity in the 1950s after being adopted by Elvis, did you know that the origins of this hairstyle dates back to the 1700s, to the time of King Louis the 15th of France? History lessons aside, there is a reason why this upswept hairstyle is so timeless. It’s somehow both trendy and classic. For a more natural look, ask for a loose pompadour. Chances are that your barber has a trick up his sleeve that can make this popular hairstyle all your own.Pomadour Fade Haircut

Pomadour Fade Haircut with Mustache


4. Top Knot Bald Fade

For the man whose personal style bridges the gap between “surfer chic” and “big city”, we present to you the top knot fade. Not quite a man bun, the top knot is made with a small amount of hair pulled together on the top of your head. As the top knot does not require as much hair as a full-on man bun, it is a great option for men who want something different but do not want to have to wait months to grow out their hair. A great thing about this hairstyle is that it works with a variety of hair types, from coarse to thin.Top Knot Fade Haircut

Top Know Fade Haircut with Earring


5. V-Shape Bald Fade

For those who are looking to show off their creative side, the V-shaped fade is a great option. With the V-shaped fade, your barber will shave the hair in the back of your head in the shape of – you guess it – a V. There is a nearly endless possibility of variations that can be taken with this one, including intricate designs that can be drawn within the V. Although you cannot see the pattern of the back of your head, be rest assured that everyone else can – and it looks great!V Shape Bald Fade Afro Haircut

V Shape Bald Fade Haircut Back


6. Bowl Cut Bald Fade

Think that bowl cuts were left behind in the kindergarten classes of the 90s? Think again! It’s no secret that our favorite trends from this decade are coming back, and among these are the bowl cut in the form of the bowl cut fade. This cut looks best in the form of a long to short fade that starts at your neck. This style is particularly great for men with bangs or guys with naturally voluminous or textured hair.Bowl Cut Fade Haircut Back

Bow Cut Fade Haircut Asian


7. Crew Cut

Ah, yes, the illustrious crew cut. A short cut with its roots in the military, it seems the crew cut is as common on men’s heads as hair itself. However, a crew cut with a tapered fade is a bit less common, and is a trendy variation on a classic short cut. This is the perfect choice for men who want to indulge in the fade trend, but aren’t willing to take too big of a leap. For something even more unique ask for the “regulation”, where the left side of your hair will be left a little bit longer.Crew Cut Fade Haircut

Crew Cut Fade Haircut Frontal


8. Quiff Bald Fade

Considered by many to be a variation of the aforementioned pompadour, we believe that the quiff deserves its own spot on this list. The quiff is the polar opposite of a buzz cut or crew cut – this is a style that embraces volume and styling for a look that appears effortless. One word of the wise, though: it isn’t actually effortless, and this hairstyle actually does require a fair bit of styling, so it may not be the best choice for beginners.Quiff Fade Haircut


9. Design Fade

Getting a design shaved into your fade is a great way to show off your personality and unique tastes. Like a tattoo that you can shave off, the possibilities for fade designs are really endless and can be chosen by you. While geometric patterns are popular, you could also get words or any other drawing of your choice, which makes this a great option for special occasions or events where your hair could be used as the perfect accessory.Geometric Design Fade Haircut


10. High Top Bald Fade

With a high top fade, like the pompadour or quiff, the top of the hair is kept very long and the sides of the hair are shaved. It is similar to a crew cut, except that there is generally much more hair left on the top of the head (sometimes even around 2-3 inches). This look first was popularized in the “golden age of hip-hop” in the 1980s and 1990s. However, it holds up trend-wise, and would not look out of place today.High Top Fade Haircut


12. Side Part Bald Fade

It’s amazing what a simple part to your hair can do to change the look of your entire facial structure. With the side part bald fade, your barber will part your hair unevenly towards one side. This could either be the right or the left, as it really depends on the individual and personal taste (of course, some of us have pesky things called cowlicks that prevent us from being able to part our hair in a certain direction). The resulting look is an indie take on the popular fade haircut that looks great with a beard!Side Part Bald Fade Haircut


13. Buzz Cut Bald Fade

For men who prefer to keep their hair very short, we suggest a buzz cut bald fade. What sets this apart from your typical shaven head is the short blanket of hair that is left on the top of your head. The result is a hairstyle that looks like it requires a good amount of effort, although you can rock this one by simply rolling out of bed and out of the shower – no product necessary!Buzz Cut Bald Fade Haircut


14. Afro Bald Fade

The Afro bald fade is a popular choice for black men who are looking for a hairstyle that presents the trendiest elements of the Afro hairstyle without any of the maintenance. While you can pull off this hairstyle with a varying level of tapered fades, we love the layered look of a bald fade. The rigid bang cut in the front helps tie the hairstyle together to give it that polished look.Afro Bald Fade Haircut


15. Wide Mohawk Bald Fade

A less common version of the classic fade, a wide mohawk bald fade is a great choice for somebody with a lot of hair, and maybe a little bit of indecision. The way that this cut combines a tapered fade with a generous collection of long hair at the top of your head is an ode to both short and long hairstyles, and we love it for its fashionable duality.Wide Mohawk Fade Haircut


16. Textured Crop Bald Fade

This low-maintenance bald fade looks great on just about any face shape. It is ideal for men with thick hair that they may find unruly and hard to manage. When a barber cuts out a textured low bald fade, they will use a razor on the side of your head and then switch to scissors for the top of your hair, to give it that “messy yet kept” texture that is all the rage right now.Textured Crop Bald Fade Haircut


17. Bald Fade with Long Beard

Ah, a hairstyle of contradictions! In this fade, while your hair may be cut as short as can be in some places, your beard is still hanging majestically off of your chin. This may sound a bit weird on paper, but we promise that in practice it goes together swimmingly.Bald Fade Haircut With Long Beard


18. Bald Fade With Slicked-Back Hair

If you’re a guy who likes to feel more put-together, we hear you and we’ve got you. The bald fade with slicked-back hair is another take on a simple slicked backed hairstyle. Instead of treating your entire head of hair with a product, the bald fade restricts the side of your hair so that it is only the top of your head that you have to worry about. And it looks great!Slicked Back Fade Haircut


19. Ducktail Bald Fade

Another hairstyle that first gained popularity in the 1950s, the ducktail is stylish if a bit high-maintenance. However, it may be a great option for those who own a good comb and do not mind a little bit of grooming in the morning. To make a ducktail, you will need a thick tuft of hair and a lot of product for holding it together. The bald sides of this fade add a nice contrast.Ducktail Bald Fade Haircut

Ducktail Bald Fade Haircut Color


20. Bald Fade Combover

Speaking of combs, have you considered a combover? If the answer is no, this bald fade with combover might just entice you to reconsider. In this hair cut, the sides and back of your head will be shaved, leaving the top of your head available for a combover.Bald Fade Combover Haircut


21. Mohawk Bald Fade

We covered the faux-hawk, but what if you want to go all out? A mohawk bald fade is certainly possible – in fact, it is a sight to be seen. This is the perfect option for those looking to turn heads in the best possible way.Mohawk Bald Fade Haircut


22. High Bald Fade

As its name would suggest, this fade relies on a barber that can use utmost precision to bring you a fade that breaks gradually, resulting in a transitional look. Other variations are the high bald fade, and the medium bald fade.High Bald Fade Haircut

23. Bald Taper Fade

The “taper” element of this fade makes it different in that it is not only clippers that contribute to this hairstyle. Instead, your barber will use a varying type of grades and then finally will use scissors. The result is a classic look that you probably already associate with the concept of a “fade”.Taper Bald Fade Haircut

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