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14 Best Mod Haircuts for Men In 2020

With different varieties of mod haircuts for men, it can be a daunting task to choose just one. Nowadays, it looks like men have become more fashion-forward and creative with how they style their hair, and as such, there is no limitation in styling different styles regardless of the face shape, hair type and length.

What hairstyle lovers should know is that the coolest hairstyles nowadays are not always new haircuts, but typical haircuts with some twist. These are usually men’s hairstyles that were popular in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. These haircuts have overcome the test of time and, with some modifications, became the mod haircuts we see nowadays in most barbershops.

Regardless of the way you want your hair to be styled, either parted at the center/side or flipped up to create a front pompadour look, without a doubt, you will find something that suits your styling preference here. Go ahead and choose your best mod haircut in 2020 below

1. Page Boy Mod Cut

Textured Hairstyle

What do a rock-star share with a page boy? This men’s haircut. If someone told you this Sunday-suitable hairstyle would be a preferred mod trend, you would have rejected that idea without a second thought.

However, it is true now, and this haircut is being sported by some of the popular rock-stars across the world. One thing is sure about this haircut is that not everyone can wear it. It requires confidence to wear it, and if you have that, it is the right haircut to choose if you want to stand out from your peers.

To create this look, grow out your tresses into a bob haircut and cut a short fringe and add a lot of texture all over your hairstyle. This is a suitable style for guys with oblong and oval faces.

2. Caesar Mod Haircut

Ceasar Haircut

The Caesar mod haircut is, without a doubt, one of the trendiest men’s hairstyles in 2020. This radical hairstyle can be styled in different variations, and it is effortless to manage.

It is commonly rocked with choppy fringe and extended sideburns, but you can choose to wear it with a straight fringe and leave out sideburns. Similarly, you can opt for a blunt cut that looks more of a crop style.

One aspect that makes guys admire Caesar’s mod haircut is its texture spread across the entire hairstyle. However, if your hair is straight and thick, you would want to add texture to achieve that messier look. To give your style shape, use a small amount of wax.

This cut is ideal for all face shapes. However, for guys with a round-shaped face adding a fringe may give your face a more circular appearance.

3. Liam Gallagher Buzz Haircut

High Fade Cut

The buzz cut didn’t last for long among the masses. However, this stylish haircut has made yet another come back in 2020, and this time it is big and promising. Some of the notable celebrities who have chosen to cut off their hair and embrace this hassle-free haircut is Liam Gallagher.

You can easily shave your head at home, but if you need better results, it is advisable to visit your barber, at least for a buzz cut. To rock Liam Gallagher style, you would want to maintain your hair one length all over and shave your hair clean.

While you may neglect your hair because it is short and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, make sure to condition your scalp and hair to make it well hydrated.

4. The Mod Crop Haircut

Crop Fade Cut

When it comes to flexibility, crop haircut offers it all. You can style your hairstyle and rock any style you need. This trendy men’s hairstyle combines fade, fringe, and texture perfectly. If you like including hues on your hair, the fringe gives you a good platform to experiment with any color of your choice.

5. The French Crop

Crop Haircut

The typical French crop, also called a textured crop, features short hair on the sides and back, with minimal choppy length left on the top for styling. There is no doubt that the French crop has wooed the hearts of many celebrities, including Zayn Malik, who wears it on most occasions. The reason is apparent; this haircut is eye-catching and doesn’t need a lot of effort and time to create.

And when it comes to maintenance, you won’t believe that a beautiful haircut like this would require you to visit your stylist only once a month! A textured crop is an ideal cut for guys with high cheekbones and defined jawline.

6. High and Slick

Clipper Comb Hairstyle

This is a modern take of the mod high and tight. Just like a textured haircut, it is characterized by short hair at the back and sides. It is a great look for men who love short, clean, but refined style. It is also preferred by the guys who are growing out their classic high and tight from the previous year.

For a killer look, tell your stylist to style a neat fade and apply some wax to maintain your hair sharp and lustrous. You would want to match this mod haircut with a beautiful suit or for casual events pair it with vintage jeans and t-shirt. This is undoubtedly a head-turner haircut.

It fits perfectly for gents with the square jawline. Those with a round face can also try it.

7. Mod Haircut Long and Straight

Long Hair Mod Cut

Do you have straight locks and looking for the right mod haircut to rock in 2020? Well, this mod haircut long and straight got you covered. One thing that you would want to do to rock a modern long hairdo is to ensure it is well-textured all-over and avoid creating middle parts.

8. The Neo Mod

Neo Hair Cut

Best suited for nostalgia guys, the neo mod haircut is a perfect look for men with short tresses and wanting to experiment with hairstyles from a few past years.

To rock this look, tell your barber to start by cleaning your hair and then apply sea salt spray on it. Finally, mist your manes and then blow-dry it unevenly towards the face. Make sure the iron is set at mid-speed heat-this will ensure the natural movement is easily achieved. Finish the look with lightweight cream to give your hairstyle shape.

9. Loose Curls

Curly Men

This is the best mod hairstyle for guys with long and naturally curly hair. Apart from being ridiculously low maintenance, this hairstyle still looks amazingly stylish in a polished and rugged way.

10. A Classic Redux

Messy Hair Cut

A smart men’s hairstyle, the classic redux, is not a complicated mod haircut as it sounds. To rock this look, wash your tresses with shampoo and subtly mist it using sea salt spray. Complete your style by blow-drying your hair backward to achieve a sleek finish.

11. Grunger

Fresh Pomade Cut

Grunger may not be categorized as a haircut, but it is more of maintaining a certain vibe. The vintage messy Grunger look is making its comeback, and this time it is hotter than before.

This look features longer locks and deconstructed layers thanks to lots of sea salt spray and less shampoo. This is an ideal look for men who want to hide that stranger-shaped face and highlight their facial features.

12. Peaky Blinders Hairstyle

Clean Cut Hairstyle

This haircut really deserves its own page to exhaust everything about it. The peaky cut, briefly described as an undercut with short trimmed hair on the sides and back, and long length on top, which is flawlessly swept to the side, is a dream haircut for every guy.

It borrows a lot of aspects from the textured crop, but its elements are more defined. One thing you don’t want to do is DIY this haircut. It can be tricky if you have not rocked it before. As such, always look for an experienced barber to style it for you.

13. Slicked Back

Slicked Back Hairstyle

Mod haircuts don’t need to be new to make it into the list. Slicked back haircut, for example, is vintage as well as contemporary style. To recreate this style, grow your hair to medium or long length and slick it back using a comb.

With this haircut, you will need to invest in quality products, but don’t apply so much of it to avoid weighing down your hair. Ensure your locks are always clean for maximum appeal.

14. Fresh Fades

Faded Mens Cut

Hairstyles keep on coming and going, but fades remain and keep on getting more fascinating. Fades are essential in creating a unified transition from hair to skin. The best thing about fades is that they can be incorporated in any haircut.

Depending on where you want the transition from hair to skin to start, you can opt for a high, medium, or low fresh fade.


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