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Best Disconnected Undercut Hairstyles for Men in 2020

Highlighted features, sharp lines and enhanced masculinity are three simple reasons to look into wearing a disconnected undercut style haircut.

The disconnected undercut is highly customizable. It can be a simple, slight disconnect that provides the wearer a more contemporary style that still teeters on the edge of frivolousness, or it can be tailored to be completely avant-garde and edgy.

Any face shape can hold a disconnected undercut hairstyle, the key is to wear it with confidence. Holding hair products such as pomades and waxes are necessary for some of the styles, the disconnected undercut look is generally not a low-maintenance hairstyle, but it is fashionable and fits all the criteria for a modern men’s haircut.

1. Man Bun

Man Bun
Source: @chaitanya_bhendkar via Instagram
Man Bun
Source: @jonastheger via Instagram

The disconnected undercut man bun look provides a hipster-esque look. All the hair is swept back and wrapped in a neat bun near the back of the crown.

The lengths need to be longer in the top for this style to work. Keeping the sides one length provides a regal look while tapering or fading gives it a more fashionable style. It is important to keep the hair healthy. Make sure to not wear the hair in a man-bun 24/7 or else traction alopecia might occur.

Allow your long lengths to relax often, and keep the hair properly conditioned for the best and healthiest look. A long beard can really add definition to this haircut and accentuate the undercut aesthetic. A properly worn man bun is an excellent undercut haircut.


2. Quiff



A great voluminous style, the quiff satisfies many desires when it comes to hairstyles. It enhances the overall look of the facial features without being too exuberant.

The quiff style needs to have a defined fringe that is either swept over or styled up. Bald side lengths do not match well with the quiff.

A basic quick quiff look can be achieved with a blowdryer and some product. Apply mousse thoroughly throughout damp hair, and blowdry with medium heat in the direction you want the length to sit. Make sure to blow from the roots up to create the most volume.

Hold the quiff in place with hairspray. A quiff undercut projects a very sharp image.


3. Disconnected Combover

Disconnected Combover

Disconnected Combover
Source: @thegentlemennick via Instagram

The disconnected comb over is the edgier version of the regular comb over. The sharp sides can be in a faded haircut form, taper faded or stay one uniform length. T

he sides contrast nicely with the longer hair lengths on top to give a jarring appearance that is pleasant to look at. The disconnect can be sharp by having a deep cut near the part line or just be barely visible for a more contemporary look.

When styling the combover it is essential that you keep the hair neat. Messy hair will ruin a good comb over. Add a medium hold product (preferably with some shine) throughout your hair, then comb it slowly in the direction you want it to go.

For volume at the fringe comb up then over while applying heat. Thick hair may be hard to settle down, so extra products may be used.


4. Disconnected Long Swept Over

Disconnected Long Swept Over
Source: @jsandburger via Instagram
Disconnected Long Swept Over
Source: @wa11y_d via Instagram

The long hair swept over juxtaposed by the short sides is an absolutely striking style that will have heads turning. The hair sweeps over like a waterfall in one direction showcasing your luxurious hair.

Longer hair is required to rock this style, there needs to be a distinct flowing motion that short hair doesn’t achieve.

The best way to wear the long swept over look is to wear it neat. Tons of messy and wispy hair will disrupt the aesthetic. The hair needs to arc over in one uninterrupted motion.

The best looking swept over look requires a brush and blowdryer to set the hair, and a clay or pomade to hold. A matching long beard is a great addition to the disconnected long swept over look, the long hair on the bottom matching the longer hair on top is a dramatic hairstyle.


5. Slicked back

Slicked Back Hair

Slicked Back Hair

Probably one of the most iconic disconnected undercut looks. The disconnected slick back is akin to what Brad Pitt donned in the action movie Fury.

This sharp look provides the ultimate contrasted look. The shorter that the sides are cut, the more edgier the haircut will appear. To style, begin by brushing the hair that you want to slick back towards the crown. The hair should be damp.

Once a direction has been established, begin drying with a blow dryer and start and the back, combing the ends down as you dry. The hair might floof up when it is dry, but running an ample amount of pomade throughout the hair will calm it down. The slicked back style is difficult to achieve with thick hair and curly hair.


6. Spike Blowout

Spike Blowout Hairstyle

Placing tons of volume on top is an excellent way to create interest. The hair lengths need to be longer for this style to work, and a proper blowout requires the use of a blow dryer.

The blowout is unique because everybody puts their own personal spin on the style. When getting your haircut to match the spike blowout, ask for layers that stack upon each other, or point cutting.

The more texturizing that the stylist does the more “spikiness” there will be! An easy way to get the spiked blowout style is to blow dry damp hair from the roots up.

Once the hair is dry, mold the style with pomade or wax using your fingers. Using a brush whilst blow-drying will amplify the style tremendously. The disconnected hair on tops pairs nicely with a taper fade on the side.


7. Pompadour

Pompadour Haircut

The pompadour is an elegant style that has volume placed at the fringe. The lengths do not have to be extra long, a pompadour look is doable as a short hairstyle The pompadour looks best when it is organized.

If you are going for a messy look, follow suit and keep all the lengths disorganized. If you’re seeking the neat look, make sure all the hair is properly set with no strands poking out.

Consistency is key for the undercut pompadour. This style is high maintenance and for good reason. As long as there is volume and lift in the fringe area you will get the pompadour aesthetic.

An undercut taper or undercut fade haircut matches the pompadour style nicely. The gradual increase of lengths in the taper complements the overall style.


8. Twists

Twist Hair

The disconnected hair paired with twists provides the wearer a look that is timeless and sharp. The overall form takes on a square shape providing a masculine haircut.

The tight short sides match nicely with the longer twists on top. A safe starting length for the sides is about 1/4” in length or 6mm, but opting to rock a skin fade is also a great choice!

The twists on the top hair provide freedom. Styling can be however you choose. A standard style is to wear them up, but they can follow a multitude of directions. Experimentation is crucial when it comes to the twists. Some men prefer to have them arc over to one side or both!


9. Undercut Braids

Undercut Braids Haircut

The visual appearance that braids give is unparalleled. Combined with the undercut gives this style a gallant look. The braids should be established near the hair recession line (widest part of the forehead) and not any lower.

Opting to rock a braid comes with a plethora of style freedom. The braids can extend all the way down the head, they can stop at the crown and form a man bun with the remaining free lengths, or they can be a nice addition to an already established haircut.

One drawback is that the hair length needs to be longer. Extra care must be taken with the hair as well. It will be twisted and pulled, so keeping the hair properly moisturized is an excellent idea.


10. Disconnected Curly

Disconnected Curly Hairstyle

Introducing curly hair into the disconnection gives a distinct look. The curls add a smidgen of chaos that creates lots of visual interest. The best way to achieve a messy curly look is to diffuse wet hair because the diffuser attachment allows the hair to dry in a wavy pattern.

Simultaneously scrunching and relaxing the hair while diffusing produces the most natural curly texture. The disconnected curly on the top hair is generally matched with a fade, it is a very popular look.


Disconnected Undercut FAQs

What side length matches best with these styles?

There are three options: fading, tapering or keeping the lengths a uniform length. Fading is very popular right now with the bald fade being chosen the most. Tapering provides a modern appeal. The uniform lengths on the side are usually paired with the slicked back, as it matches seamlessly.

How much product do I need to apply to my hair to make it stay?

When it comes to men’s grooming, knowing how to properly use products is essential. The goal is to get hair that sticks without looking like it is caked with product. Scooping your index and middle finger inside the container roughly gives a dime-size amount of product which is ample for most hair types. Rub the product vigorously throughout your palms to activate it. Product placement is the most important, it needs to be established throughout the entirety of the head not just the areas you want to style.

What is a good styling brush?

The Denman 9 row brush is an excellent choice when it comes to styling with a blow dryer, it allows for quick drying and builds volume. When wanting to add extra bounce to your hair look into a round brush like this Conair Pro Hair Brush as well. When properly used the two combine for killer styles.

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