Uniform Buzz Cut Military Hairstyle For Men

Best Military Haircut Ideas in 2020

Deciding to equip a military haircut is an excellent choice. Almost all military men’s haircuts are classified as short and many men prefer them because they require little to no styling, yet they still look razor sharp.

Regular visits to barber shops or salons are required to keep the lengths at an appropriate level, but many of these cuts are doable at home. The use of a hair clipper is generally used to achieve the close styles.

Military haircuts are also a great way to highlight your facial features, especially if you decide to rock facial hair! All the haircuts listed below lack bangs so your face is greatly projected.

The styles are also greatly optimized as they are not avant-garde in any way and provide the wearer both security and versatility.

1. High and Tight

High and Tight Haircut
Source: @_alytristan_ via Instagram
High and Tight Haircut
Source: @nicos.cuts_ via Instagram

If you’re looking for a signature army haircut, look no further. The high and tight is the ultimate military style haircut.

This style has a commanding presence and appears to almost stand out on its own. The shaved sides are remarkably short, the remaining top lengths are snipped very close to the scalp just barely longer than the sides.

The higher that the hair is shaved on the sides, the tighter the haircut will be. A high fade is a military fade for this army style men’s haircut and will have you feeling like a military man in no time.


2. Crew Cut

Crew Cut

Crew Cut

The crew cut paired with tapered sides provides a dazzling look. The hair length in the fringe is a tad longer, but as it progresses to the crown it transitions into a shorter length seamlessly blending into the sides and back.

Keeping the fringe long is a must if you desire to style the hair in a certain direction. The sides are connected where the head rounds, giving a perfect blend.

The hair is tapered as the length progresses down towards the cheek. The tapered sides allow for a more contemporary and professional look. You can opt for a low fade as well. It matches the military aesthetic and follows the contour of the head which produces a nice men’s cut.

If you want to rock some facial hair, adding a well groomed beard solidifies the army crew cut look.


3. Buzzhawk

Buzzhawk Haircut

Buzzhawk Haircut

Making the sides shorter than the fringe will add some ingenuity to the buzz cut. The buzzhawk is tight around the ears and arguably projects the facial features more than the bread-and-butter buzzcut.

The sides are all cut one length, preferably one guard length to one and a half guard length shorter than the top. Basically, if you went with a 3 guard on the fringe area you would take a 2 or a 2.5 on the sides.

The buzzhawk mimics a mohawk, the outline being noticeable and flashy. The buzzhawk is a sharp military haircut.


4. Spiked Fringe

Spiked Fringe Haircut

Spiked Fringe Haircut

The contrast between wearing a spiked front and uniform hair length sides creates textual interest to those looking at it. This style takes minimal effort!

To achieve the spiked look, just push the front lengths up with your hand or comb and hold it with your favourite product. The more texture that is placed into the fringe the sharper the cut will be.

Choices may vary from person to person. Some men only want the front texturized, but the option to texturize to the crown is there as well. Going with a skin fade on the sides is another option and it will definitely draw attention to this military hairstyle.

A skin fade also defines the top hair as well. A properly styled spiked fringe projects an image of power and authority. A stubble beard matches the spiked fringe and is an excellent choice if you want to look more militarized.


5. Ivy league

Ivy League Haircut

The military ivy league haircut is very similar to the crew cut, the main difference being that the hair is longer in the front and sides. The longer hair in the front allows for it to be styled to the left or right.

In addition, the sides are also blended into the top to give an all around regal and professional look. A low fade or a high fade can be established to man this a contemporary men’s haircut. If you are not a fan of how short the crew cut is, go with the ivy league.

This look is timeless and can be a great military haircut.


6. Uniform Buzz Cut

Uniform Buzz Cut
Uniform Buzz Cut

A crisp, uniform buzz cut is a staple military hairstyle, it is also known as an induction cut. The hair length is the same all around the head.

If you decide to wear the buzz cut style, your eyes will appear to “pop” since the hair is so short the facial features are greatly exaggerated. If you have a strong square jawline this is the absolute perfect haircut for you.

Any clipper guard less than or exactly 2 is the best bet when going for a uniform buzz cut. The shorter the guard used, the less hair remains on the head.

Since a guard is used it ensures equal length around. There will be no tapering or fading of the sides.

One of the benefits of a buzz cut is that it is relatively easy to do at home and there are plenty of videos available on the internet that demonstrate how to do it properly.

If you’re going to add a beard, make sure that it is well groomed. A messy beard displaces the look.


7. Burr Cut

Burr Cut

Burr Cut
The burr cut is a safe version of the buzz/induction cut as it preserves the most length.

To achieve a burr cut, slap a 3 or 4+ guard on your clippers and remove the length. The look is very similar to the buzz cut, but many people prefer the burr over the buzz because the scalp isn’t as visible.

Some men have protrusions on their scalp that jut out when the hair is cut too short. Make sure to feel around your scalp and pay close attention to the back of the head before cutting short!

Remember, you can always go shorter in length, but never longer. If you are deciding whether to go for a buzz or a burr, start with longer lengths and work down from that.

The burr cut pairs nicely with a beard or stubble and it definitely adds to the army aesthetic. Another way to spice up the burr cut is to introduce a low fade or a skin fade on the sides.

The fade and facial hair combo is a knockout. Combined with the burr cut for the top hair it produces a high grade military style haircut.


8. Comb Over With Faded Sides

Comb Over With Faded SidesThe comb over isn’t much of a gamble as it is a cut that looks good on everyone. The typical comb over generally has longer length in the front that makes a well defined sweeping motion, but you’ll be able to pull off a military version of this haircut if you keep the front length short.

To really solidify this army haircut, have your sides skin faded. The military fade addition on the sides makes the haircut square and masculine. If you don’t want to skin fade, a mid fade or a high fade matches nicely.

A medium length beard that adheres to grooming standards really promotes the comb over.

A comb over does require styling products to stay in place. A pomade is a great choice and is easy to use because a dollop of product is all that is needed. Make sure to apply the pomade evenly in damp hair, then style it in the direction you want the hair to lie.


9. Flat Top

Flat Top Haircut
Source: @vasiljanto.hair_ via Instagram

Square is a masculine shape for men, and the flat top is as square as haircuts come. The absolute best way to showcase the flat top is to keep the sides clippered as close to the skin as possible, thus all the attention is drawn to the front.

A clean looking flattop has the lengths graduated from longest in the fringe to shortest in the nape. However, if you’re looking to make a statement, keep the lengths uniform.

A flattop is difficult to achieve solo so it is best advised to visit a barber. Creating the square outline takes time and precision is needed. Pomade and hairspray are your allies, use them to hold the flat top in place. A crisp flattop is a men’s hairstyle that definitely delivers on the military aesthetic.


10. Short Undercut

Short Undercut
Source: @Thatcrazyartistcass via Instagram

A short military undercut is an excellent option if you’re looking for attention. Establishing a “hard part” on the side that fades down is the optimal choice if you’re chasing the military look. The fringe length for the undercut style must be kept longer, the hair needs freedom to sweep over or to sweep back. If you have curly hair this is an excellent choice for a men’s hairstyle The dichotomy between the short lengths on the side and long lengths on the top defines the piercing undercut. Heads will turn when you decide to don the short undercut since it projects a confident aura.


Military Haircut FAQs

Do I need to purchase hair products if my hair is short?

No. One of the benefits of these men’s haircuts is the lack of styling products. Using a little bit of wax or pomade will help if you want the lengths to stick up, but if the hair length is miniscule don’t even worry about it.

How difficult are these cuts if I am cutting it at home?

Many of these cuts are achievable at home. If you are trying to be frugal I would definitely look into attempting the buzz cut styles yourself.

Attempting the fades and blending techniques requires practice, so for styles requiring those seeing a hair stylist is recommended because it is difficult to get a good blend.

The buzz styles are straightforward, they are perfect to begin with. See the tutorial below:

Do I need to shampoo and condition everyday?

No! Depending on your hair and scalp type shampooing should only be done once or twice a week, conditioning can be done the same amount or more, depending on how you like your hair.

Be wary of the shampoo and conditioner hybrids (2 in 1). They often leave the scalp dry and irritated, and with short hair that is the last thing you should be worrying about.

If you’re looking for a healthier scalp you need to invest in both a high quality shampoo and conditioner.

If I am shaving my hair at home what clippers should I use?

If you’re looking for quality cuts, the Andis Master Cordless is an amazing purchase. This clipper is not bulked down by any chords and smoothly glides over the scalp. They can be a little pricey though.

If you’re looking to save money, Wahl also offers great clippers as well that are easier on the wallet. A DIY haircut kit can be found on Amazon here.

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