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Top 63 Family Tattoo Ideas [2020 Inspiration Guide]

Are you ready to experience the ideal confluence of style and subtlety? If so, then there is nothing finer for your future than a commemorative family tattoo.

Because ink is meant to last for life, body art has to carry significant importance.

To instill the maximum amount of meaning in their designs, a lot of fashionable men are showing their sentimentality with sweet family tattoos. There are countless ways to pull off these emotionally charged pieces, but the touching impact always remains.

Because every family is a unique unit, the same must be true about tattoos received in their honor. Whether the imagery reflects a shared experience or rare bond, this kind of ink always carries the air of insider knowledge. To dabble on the side of hyperrealism, you can also acquire lifelike portraits of spouses, children and parents.

Numerical and literary tattoos are extremely prominent in this field too. Dates are exceedingly common, especially when they are intended to celebrate a lost loved one’s lifespan. Quotes from important conversations can also be immortalized in this unconventional manner.

Masculinity requires guys to appear hardened at all times, so the following assortment of familial tattoos will really give gentlemen a chance to express their softer side!

Family Tattoo Ideas

3D Father And Kids Family Tattoo On Forearms

This tattoo conveys the same emotions of love, strength, and compassion that watching social media videos of servicemen returning to their families after being away at war do. It really is almost a snapshot transferred on to skin.

Affectionate Dad And Daughter Near Castle Family Tattoo Mens Full Sleeves

This is a great sleeve tattoo in three parts. The top piece is a mirror to the photograph of his child, while the Disney style castle symbolizes children and helps tie the top tattoo in with the father and child in play on its’ steps at the bottom. It is beautiful art, emphasizing shading to communicate depth and transition across the piece.

Amazing Grey Black Father Hugging Son Family Tattoo Mens Upper Arms

The awesome use of film to convey a photographic/storytelling element is unique. The tattoo itself is top-quality portraiture, but the borders of film call to a home movie, or family camera. It’s exquisitely executed.

Baby Footsteps Tattoo Mens Forearm

This tattoo amplifies the traditional D.O.B tattoo by adding well done depictions of the kids’ feet under their D.O.B, with time of birth noted below them.

Baby Hands Over Dads With Clock Family Tattoo Mens Forearms

Another tattoo that cleverly uses theming – this time of each persons’ hands – to create the notion of family. The baby’s hand is folded in the mothers’ hand, and clasped by the father, and drawn with great eye for detail. The deftly drawn pocket clock is set, presumably, to the baby’s time of birth.

Baby Valeria Holding Hand Of Parent Family Tattoo Mens Forearm

This piece is similar (to the previous captain) although here the baby is gripping her fathers’ finger with one beautiful tiny hind. The baby’s name, Valeria, is drawn in Chicano style script.

Beautiful Family Inside Clover Tattoo Guys Chest

This fantastic chest tattoo enjoys a clear and crisp design. The leafy border creates a different dimension, while within this leaf the man’s wife and children a drawn in flat black to create grand contrast to the detail of park and tree to the edge and bottom. As is often the case, the tattoo is etched close to his heart.

Black Family And Sharp Knife Tatoo Male Lower Legs

A different take on a north American classic tattoo, the only way to describe it is ‘unique.’ The word family is what gives the ink its designation, as the rest of the imagery doesn’t really go with any standard familial definition because it’s an upside-down Octopus clutching some type of jewel.

Black Family Tattoo Mens Forearms

This small, minimalist tattoo provides a unique take on the D.O.B tattoo. It’s just a year, with the dates (not separated) underneath on notebook paper strung together. Either there’s another baby on the way, or the man is good at predicting future parenting outcomes with the small square left for number 4.

Black Grey Ink Family Tattoo Mens Hands

This is a Chicano style tattoo with family emblazoned on it in flowing script, supported by simple black and gray shading.

Black Printed Font Family Tattoo Male Back

Chained Clock And Rose Touching Words Family Tattoo Guys Forearms

Colorful Anchor And Family Ribbon Tattoo Mens Forearms

A family take on the traditional Sailor Jerry tattoo favored early in the 20th century. The colors, while simple, really complement each other well and and the lines are drawn crisply.

Compass With Family Quote Tattoo Mens Chest

This original piece has three separate stylistic elements. It utilizes the trash polka style of meshing together black, sweeping red shadow work, and the slightly avant-garde look to create a piece of art. However, its veers away a bit because it incorporates the cool use of font with a realistic style compass that is the dominant image in the artwork.

Dad Daughter Family Tattoo With Palm Tress And Beach In Heart Guys Forearms

Daddy Love And Pistol Family Tattoo Male Chest

This piece offers a new wave development of classic themes. The gun is about as old school as they come, with other tradition in the display of the flower and bannering. The quote is funky and well-drawn with most likely a narrow, single needle piece of kit.

Dad With Kids On A Beach Family Tattoo Mens Forearms

Devoted Male With Family First Tattoo On Forearms

A huge, interesting take on traditional font work, this tattoo combines elements of tribal flow with graffiti. It’s an outsize statement piece that melds together it’s line work deftly with the tracing.

Family First Tattoo Mens Hands

Family Forever Black Printed Tattoo Guys Back

Family Is Blood Tattoo Mens Forearms

This a good take on a realistic style of tattoo. The shading is well developed, with the grayscale in particularly flowing nicely through the detail of the hands, where it’s support by fantastic use of flat black in the creases and crevices. The simply drawn font sums up the message with little fuss.

Family Of Black Birds Tattoo Guys Torso

The family of blackbirds in this piece is a great twist on the family motif.

Family Of Four Inside Red Ribboned Frame Tattoo Guys Hands

Family Of Three Late Night Outing Tattoo Mens Forearms

Wow. This is an intricate piece, that again uses black to show the family ‘together’ in the image. The rest of the setting – everything from the clock to the flagstones – is then done using intense detail, which further accentuates the skills used to put it together into an entire piece of art.

Fantastic Black Inked Family Words Tattoo Male Chest

Four In A Family Black Shaded Tattoo Guys Forearms

Gorgeous Black Family Tattoo Male Forearms

Gray Dotted Hexagonal Family Tattoo Mens Forearms

This is a lot to take in, as the half sleeve incorporates three distinct separate style. The angel is a neo-classical art piece, which is then used to link the huge outsize graffiti style family font by incorporating dotwork technique to provide pattern and shading.

Greek Letters Family Tattoo Mens Forearms

Grey Anatomical Heart With Family On A Beach Tattoo Guys Arms

Grey Colored 3D Family Tattoo Of Dad Watching Son Play Forearm

Grey Colored Father And Toddler Walking Toward Building Family Tattoo Male Upper Arms

Guys Ankles Ethnic Blade With Kids Names Family Tattoo

Guys Ankles Father Son Bonding Family Tattoo

Guys Chest Roses And Purple Flamed Family Tattoo

Guys Hands Suave Family Tattoo

Guys Upper Arms Green Leaved Family Tattoo

Guy With Doting Dad And Son Family Tattoo On Forearms

Guy With Family Letterings Tattoo On Upper Arms

Hindu OM Symbol And Family Tattoo Mens Chest

Jet Black Ink Family Tattoo Saying Male Forearms

Lovely Baby Footstep Family Tattoo Mens Arms

Male Arms Father And Son In Beach Family Tattoo

Male Chest Fantastic Black Shaded Family Tattoo

Male Elbows Hand Printed Black Stamp Family Tattoo

Male Fingers Family Worded Tattoo

Male Forearm Loving Family Of Bears Tattoo

Male Forearms Dotted Geometric Patterned Father And Son Family Tattoo

Male Sleeves Angel Watching Over Baby Family Tattoo

Male Torso Graphical Black Font Family Tattoo

Male With Family First Wordings Tattoo On Chest

Male With Pink Rose And Family Ribbon Tattoo On Hands

Male With Two Daughters On The Shore Inside Heart Tattoo

Male With Winged Skull Forever Family Tattoo On Chest

Man And Son In A Sun Light Forest Family Tattoo Guys Forearms

Man With Loving Dad And Sons Family Tattoo On Arms

Man With Wonderful Family Of Lion And Cubs Tattoo Full Back

Mens Arms Dice And Playing Cards Family Tattoo

Mens Arms Heart Tatto With Family In Beach

Mens Back Drawing Cartoon Family Tattoo

Family Tattoo FAQs

What does a family tattoo mean?

A family tattoo represents a permanent commitment; men etch into their skin the importance his loved ones are in day to day life and the need to carry them with him everywhere he goes.

What is the universal symbol for family?

There is no universal symbol for family, however there are numerous positions and tattoo styles a man can incorporate into their body art to recognize the people closest to them.

For some men, something simple like names of loved ones, and in the case of children their date of birth, are very popular. The growth in the portraiture style of tattooing means there are a lot more family photos transferred into tattoos as well, and quotes about family are also used often.

In terms of positioning, men often emblazon their family tattoos across their chest to exemplify how close to their heart they are, while the inside forearm or elsewhere within general line of sight or other considerably effective placements.

What animal tattoo symbolizes family?

No one type of animal symbolizes family, but there are numerous ones that you can use in tattoo design due to the strength of their bond.

Lions, who have a recognizable familial bond, are often incorporated into family tattoos. Wolves too are heavily utilized, as they are pack animals traveling unit with a clearly defined order.

Elephants are also popular in family tattoos due to their protective instincts when the herd is threatened, or the timeless images of them traveling trunk to tail in family groups across the wilderness.


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